Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?



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As a child, I was quite a tomboy: my best friend was a boy a few years older than me and we spent our free time playing as little boys played, we had toy sword fights, we climbed trees, and we tormented my female cousin as well as his twin sister. I never felt like a girl, maybe because I had a very girly cousin to compare myself against, but maybe just because I didn't relate. I got in fistfights more often than I played with makeup.

In short, when I found out that I was never going to be a boy and my best friend was going to be a daddy but I had no choice and I was going to be a mommy, I was distraught. Fortunately for me, I've gotten over that and embraced the fact that I'm a girl... identity issues and all.

So, have you ever felt like you didn't exactly belong to your gender?
Yep. I cross dressed during most of high school and my family suspected I was gonna be a manly lesbian ever since I was 6. I also wanted a sex change for a couple of years. Although I am still very much a tomboy, I've given into the expectations of society by wearing women's clothing so I look "normal" with my boyfriend. I still don't feel right, but eh... I'm weird. :3

EDIT: Now that I remember! Gender doesn't exist. It's just a label, really. A person's sex can be female, but their gender can be male. A person's sex can be male, but their gender is female. That's from my perspective, though.
Nope. D: I am 100% girl. I can be a little nongirly sometimes, but most of the time I am super damsel girly girl. c_______c I just don't wear a lot of skirts and dresses. In fact I only own own dress and have no skirts. o_____o But I like pretty girly clothes and do girly things. >:D
<_<; >_>; <_<; tom boy for most of my life. I saw myself with both genders but both genders ignored me. So...I felt I didn't belong as a whole. As a human. I was odd. I was hyper at times. I was aggrivating and annoying. I was the... I was ignored unless people wanted to have someone to pity or make fum of. NOW LOOKIT THAT...YOU MADE ME GO ALL EMO. : O
I am a boy, love being a boy, I climb trees and like cars and fast things, I've been in fist fights but overall I have a lot of girly things to my personality but I don't ever really know if I'm being effeminate or if I'm just being hyper, chipper and altogether upbeat and that means I'm being femme? When I was little I was typically the quiet kid who sat off on his own or with a couple of friends so I wasn't really "manly" or "femmy" either. A lot of my friends say I'm a Japanese School Girl in a white boy's body.

As for the gay thing, I'm a gay man, not a woman trapped in my own skin and I've never had the urge to get a sex change nor cross-dress (except for fun for like Halloween or cross-plays but I'd never do drag to do drag)
I'm A fearless Man! I like cars (And driving fast cars too fast), guns, fighting,blowing things up, building muscle, Power tools....stuffs like that.

I have some less than manly traits too; Shopping for clothes and Shoes (I have a freaking shoe fetish), Adorkable jpop songs (thanks to Zyph ><), Cuddling...... But I'm confident enough to admit it and not really scared to show it <<< I guess those aren't really feminine traits though.
I am...neutral? haha dunno I have boy tendencies and girl tendencies. I don't mind getting rough and dirty (though often if i try to wrestle i lose because i'm so small haha) I grew up around boys mostly so I'm comfortable around them. I don't USUALLY get grossed out by things, and can have slight tomboy behaviors. However I also have a girly side as we all know ^^ I enjoy wearing dresses/skirts sometimes and getting all gussied up (minus make-up...i refuse haha). I mean when I was a kid it was pretty much me and my brother (not a lot of other kids our age in neighborhoods) so yeah...and I generally kept to myself anyways (my mom always got mad at me and sometimes had to FORCE me to invite friends over to hang out ^^;; )

physically I am definitely girl... >.>
Physically I'm a little shota boy, but I have both guy and girl traits! I love video games, I love kicking arse and the harder the game the more fun it is to play! I'm a bit of a girl too sometimes, I like cuddles and I like licking people and meowing and stuff, but I'm going to grow up to be a proper man so I guess I'll grow out of my shota ways soon enough!
Male. All the way.
I like getting down and dirty, working with power tools on long summer days to build makeshift furniture or starting the next step in my home remodel.
My love for fast cars is superseded by my absolute obsession with big freaking trucks. Mine, itself, is decent in size and is due for a modest lift along with some other utility packages.
I drink beer and drink my spirits straight.
Sports are what make up my TV schedule.
The games I play with my brother and nephews are rough.

And while I could go on about my masculinity, perhaps I could mention the fact that, due to the overwhelming female population of my family, I'm able to be gentle enough with my sisters and nieces.
Oh I'm girly enough. I prefer wearing skirts over wearing pants. I always enjoyed taking care of kids and even while a kid couldn't wait to be a mommy someday. I love cooking when I'm not dead tired due to work, and will read receipts to get new ideas or the Food Network (though you know most those chefs are men!), as well as gardening (but there's nearly as many men in my Master Gardener group as women!). I'm also a hopeless romantic, though I temper it with a realistic look at how things normally go. Oh, and then there's dancing.

On the less femme side, I enjoy action flicks. The more explosions the better! Though we can skip the gore, thanks. When I'm in civilization I like to be clean, but I have no problem with the idea of being out in the woods without such conviences as a shower, towlet and electricity. I don't understand trophy hunting, but would like to once kill my own meat.
I'm a straight up guy, the most feminine things about me are my love of cooking and above average fashion sense but for some reason people constantly think I'm gay. The kicker is they never know why! It's not my voice, it's not my mannerisms, it's nothing they can put words too. Even my gay/bi friends say I set off their gaydar but they can't explain it either. It's infuriating sometimes when I am making headway with a girl and I have to go out of my way to subtly demonstrate my straightness so they just don't think I'm a friendly gay guy.

With an emasculated dance.

Meh, if I don't fit in with my fellow human, it deals more more with their attitudes than any sort of gender thing.
...I'm a settled tomboy-- no more conflicts with self-identified femininity versus The Feminine and I enjoy the occasional high heeled shoe.

Oh, and I've embraced Hello Kitty and all her Friends with a vengeance.
No clue really. I'm still a mystery to myself. I like both masculine and feminine hobbies. I like heels and dresses, just not on myself? Most of my real life friends are guys and I always felt more comfortable hanging with them than the girls. *shrugs* Maybe I should have been a boy afterall... I'd probably be some stereotypical gay seme, lawl >_>;
For the longest time, I was offended and irritated when others made fun of me for my... less-than-manly habits, appearance, and likes (as children do). I grew out of it slowly. I've come to terms with who I am - just a guy. Always really have been, always will be.

Doesn't mean I don't like to mess with people now and then, though.
.... I'm balanced I think. Most of my friends STILL claim that if I had balls, they'd probably kick everyone in the face and alert everyone of my maleness...

But.... anyways, I mean, I am not inherently "girly". I hate dolls, I hate the color pink, I hate fashion/makeup/styles/shopping in most cases, I love cars, I love motorcycles, I NEVER mind doing dirty work or "Man's work" IE: If you have a project that needs help, like putting something together, or taking it apart, I LOVE THAT SHIT. Seriously. I get SO excited to screw something together, or pry it apart, or using wrenches. It makes me feel helpful and useful. I love action movies, and my favorite drink of choice is SCOTCH. Not some dumbass girly drink. OR MOONSHINE. That shit will KNOCK YOU ON YOUR ASS, KICK YOUR HEAD OFF AND THEN SMILE SO SWEETLY AT YOU BEFORE CARVING A HOLE IN YOUR STOMACH. I used to think I was a boy when I was younger. I was raised mostly by my brother and my father, I identify with males more than females.

ON THE OTHER HAND: I have an addiction to playing with makeup for fun, I love boots and dresses, I love getting mani-pedis, I HAVE AN UNHOLY ADDICTION TO PHYSICAL ATTENTION, I LOVE being cuddled, snuggled, hugged, kissed, anything like that. I talk. A LOT. In ways that confuse guys for some reason. I attribute that to having a vagina. I bleed. From my vagina. EVERY 28 DAYS. 0.0 I have bewbs. Although, every now and then, I look in my pants and check for a dick.

I love animals, I use purses, I love violent horror movies, I like animal print, I Like frilly underwear, I like being wooed like a girly girl. I HATE crying in front of others, I love metal, but I also love a lot of girly genres. I play guitar, like drawing elaborate dresses. When I'm feeling bad, I go to a mall and try dress therapy. I love getting into fights for fun, and just sparring.

Soooo.... balanced.
I am a man inside, and I am a man outside. I've always identified that way. However, it wasn't till a few years ago I started identifying as bisexual, and that has been troublesome.
I love this thread and think its cool how Celes nailed it for me. I mean most of it. I was born a girl, fine. But in my heart... to this day I do wish I would have been a boy. No Im not saying that I want a sex change. Im just saying that yeah.. Ive always wondered how my life would be if i was male.

See my dad wanted boys. But he got me and my sister so we were pretty much into every male thing on earth and just thrown into skirts to do it. I would cry though. I would be forced to ware dresses to church ect... and would ware pants under it. Yes funny looking but whatever. I hated, hated dresses. No days I dont hate them as much since Ive realized the power of a large chest and males weakness for celvage. Hahaha evil.

There are soooo many things I love. LOVE that is more guy then girl. Like, I took auto in highschool. I know my way around the engine better then my own kicthen. I can use power tools but cant work a mixer? Yeah.. explain that one. I love cars, trucks, sports, guns, explosions, hell even strippers are nice eye candy. What? You know you look too, ok.

Hee hee. But really Im ok withing being a girl, I guess. Lol I can change a tire in heels if I have too and drive guys crazy with my girls and all because I can! Not really that I would but its fun. A tomboy inside though. I much rather work on a car then cook or shop.

Oh and one last thing, between Disney and church its a mircle any of us survive either gender and the crap implied by the standards of socitey.
No days I dont hate them as much since Ive realized the power of a large chest and males weakness for celvage. Hahaha evil.

.....I'm going to be weary around you. Thankfully I think more with the head on my shoulders then the one in my pants.