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    Basic Information

    Game Master: Setanta
    Genre: Super Human, Sci-Fi, Magical Modern Fantasy
    Mood: Serious, Super Action, Dramatic

    Currently Accepting

    Post Expectations:
    Minimum Intermediate Level
    Minimum Once a Week

    Flow: Open World

    1: Basic website and forum rules apply
    2: Show respect and courtesy to your fellow role players
    3: No god-modding, of course
    4: Mary Sues? Get outta here.
    5: The world is open. Feel free to add to it.
    6: You're heroes. Heroes take charge so don't be afraid to.
    7: Keep in touch with me and your fellows. Let us know when you're not going to be around and able to post.

    Character Death
    Death is bound to happen to our characters but not without a good plot reason to back it up, or if we don't hear from you for a couple of weeks (If such is the case, I'm sorry, but the story must go on). Should we get to a point were death is imminent I will pull the players involved aside and we'll work things out before hand before posting.

    Story (open)
    Five heroes from across the country are personally summoned by America's most revered heroine, Star Citizen, to the Patriot Headquarters in D.C. for a special assignment. These heroes are given the task of doing grunt work Star Citizen hasn't the patience for.

    The city is abuzz with rumors about once rival criminal gangs and their more than insane super villain leaders teaming up together for something big. The city is also going on and on about a new super team that's made a big name for itself in just a short time, by murdering one of the bigger threats to the city, a power hungry mutant by the moniker of Monolith and those loyal to him.

    It's the job of the five heroes to track down the source of the rumors and find any legitimacy to them and also to reign in the killing spree of these vigilantes who seem to be at the heels of every criminal connected to these strange stories of villainous alliances.

    World Information (open)

    Cataclysm of 1989: A magical explosion in East Berlin caused by mages loyal to the Third Reich that tore a hole in the natural veil surrounding Earth allowing for planar energies to seep through and become significantly more accessible to mages. This lead to mages abandoning society completely for a time fearing global witch hunts would arise to wipe them out. It's theorized that the invasion of planar energies into Earth's natural world has increased the rate in which mutations occur in humans.

    Heroic Patriot Act of 1995: Legislation passed that requires all super humans to register their powers as weapons. As technology advanced, it was later amended that those with cybernetic enhancements to far surpass average human capabilities and those wishing to use power armor needed also register. This law is barely, if at all, enforced out of the general public's fear of losing their super power and heavily armed protectors.

    1996, Super Human Incarceration Field Team founded: A United Nations initiative, SHIFT was founded on fear that super humans would inevitably stop protecting humanity and start ruling over them. SHIFT soldiers these days are equipped with a variety of advanced tech engineered to incapacitate super humans and render their abilities null. Over the years they slowly stopped being the Heroes watch dogs and began working along side them to stop super who are truly dangerous to society.

    2000, First Contact with Extra-Planar Being: Humanity made it's first contact with a being from another dimension, thus giving credence to the multiverse theory (Mages were long since aware of this, however). Queen Artoria was met in England from her astral plane of Avalon. She has since become England's greatest hero and is ruling monarch.

    Dimensional Immigration Act of 2006: America's law granting citizenship to dimensional beings who wish to reside in Earth's plane of existence and live in America. As most Extra-Planer beings possess powers or skills above and beyond average human capabilities they are automatically registered through the Heroic Patriot Act during their citizenship testing.

    2013 - 2025 Advancements in Technology:
    In 2013 the first power armor was made by military engineers and scientist. It quickly rose to popularity among first world countries and was quickly slapped down to limit construction and use during war time by the United Nations Security Council. Over the years novice and enthusiast engineers began tinkering with their own, thus America amends the Heroic Patriot Act to force citizens to apply for a special license and register their power armor as a weapon.

    In 2016, scientist figured how to contain energy within a concentrated beam heat energy. Original designs for energy swords were often clunky and impractical given that they needed a strong magnetic field to contain them. It wasn't until 2019 that the technology for energy weapons advanced allowing for practical energy melee weapons and guns which became the standard a year later. It wasn't long after that metal alloys started springing up for Power Suits and body armor that could withstand energy weapons.

    By 2025 the first Artificial Intelligence is constructed by Harold Laserus, founder of Laserus Industries. His creations can be found in most homes these days as household assistants. His designs are also used extensively by the military, FBI, and SHIFT.

    February 26th, 2030: Washington D.C. Police and the local SHIFT agency get their first confirmed sighting of the vigilante known as Barghest in Tenleytown. Three dead found decapitated with their heads scattered among three separate television and radio towers. The victims were members of the cultist gang run by The Priest. Amateur footage turned in to the police show Barghest decapitating his victims with a large, metal blade.

    April 10th - 16th: Law enforcement and SHIFT officials encounter Barghest over the week. Every instance he was involved in also had The Priest and his cultist mixed in. The fight that broke out at the Treatment Plant in Ward 8 was the most interesting. Barghest can be confirmed for being either a mutant or a mage. Pyrokinesis, be it genetic or magic, is his forte. We can also confirm Barghest has allies. One unregistered A.I. assassin droid (We believe it to be droid of some kind) that answers to the name Aegis and a mutant who was told to retreat when fighting broke out between SHIFT, Barghest and Co, the cultist, and surprisingly enough, Chimera's misfit mutants. Fighting lasted twenty minutes with the Cultist and the Mutants suffering the biggest casualties. All SHIFT soldier's involve were left largely unscathed. Barghest and Co left SHIFT officers alone during the fight.

    May 18th: Stories continue to spread about D.C. the Priest and Chimera working together. Warehouses in neighboring Arlington and Bethesda hit by each. Millions of high-end tech stolen. Sightings of Barghest and his associates in each area at well, seemingly looking for clues at the crime scenes. Aegis is believed to possess cloaking technology.

    June 10th: Star Citizen has a brawl with the Iron Hammer vigilantes, as they've taken to calling themselves. Handed her ass to her on a silver platter. She was livid when news broke the next morning. Then again, it wasn't exactly a fair fight. One super against five. This happened in Arlington, Virginia around the same warehouses Chimera's group hit last month. Seems the Iron Hammer stopped an attempted break in. SHIFT officers found corpses of Chimera's abominations around the area.

    June 11th: Star Citizen, with a bug up her ass about the Iron Hammer incident, calls in five heroes from across the country to deal with the group. Says "she's got bigger fish to fry and won't bother wasting any more time with a bunch of punks". Sets up this new team to deal with them and investigate the Priest/Chimera alliance rumors and all the other rumors starting to spring up about D.C.

    The Patriots
    Led by Star Citizen, the Patriots is America's all-star super team. It was founded in 2000 by her and four other heroes and became the go to team for all things super power related in America. Today, the Patriots have roughly around 100 heroes under it's banner deal with problems both nationally and globally. Almost every hero in America is signed on with the Patriots and are regularly in and out of D.C. with the Patriot's headquarters located there in Downtown.

    Notable Members
    Star Citizen

    Super Human Incarceration Field Team (SHIFT)
    Founded in 1996 when fears about super humans were at an all time high, it was the United Nation's idea to help calm the world's nations down. Today there are SHIFT bases spanning the globe offering assistance to the world's heroes in bringing down super humans who are less than upstanding citizens. SHIFT has at it's disposal the latest high end equipment designed in house to tackle supers and bring them back down to a normal human level to be locked up. The best energy weapons, power armors, and gadgets that money can make. They own an extensive database of almost every super human around the globe with more than enough information to ruin your life. Despite working along side heroes, they still keep an unsettling close eye on them.

    The Iron Hammer
    A vigilante group consisting of five people who operate within D.C. Their exploits have caused quite a media stir and have heroes and general public alike with mixed feelings. Many are terrified, fearing this is exactly what would happen with those with super powers. A few are saying this is just what the world needs, heroes who can strike fear into the hearts of villains. They've already made swift enemies out of The Patriots and SHIFT along with many, if not all, of D.C's criminal organizations.

    Current Members

    Church of Unseen Glory
    Run by a man simply known as the Priest, this cultish group commits some of rather heinous crimes in the name of their "gods". A handful of citizens of gone missing only to be discovered as a rotting corpse in some sacrifice. Priest's followers call themselves the Enlightened.

    Chimera's Mutants
    Chimera's gang has no special name. Despite artificial DNA modifications to produce mutations being illegal, Chimera went hog wild with it and became somewhat of a abomination as did the people who wanted in on the action. Now at night citizens have to worry about humanoid beast and reptile men stalking them down.

    The Vandals
    Run by an complete lunatic by the alias of Disdain. Vandals are only a handful of mutants and humans but they cause a lot of chaos whenever they decide. Death and property damage follows in their raids. They take what they want whether they need it or not and unlucky be the soul who's unfortunate to get in their way.

    A one man army. Tyrant is a powerful mutant and dangerous scientist with an armada of machines under his command. Seldom is Tyrant seen unless he's executing some grand plan and seldom is he without an army worth of his robots.

    Magic (open)

    Magic has always been prevalent in the world. Many of the wild tales you'll hear about various places are most likely actual events. Until the Cataclysm, magic users were few and far between. Nowadays you have whole towns full of them. Despite that fact and a couple of heroes outright saying they're mages, the general public still has mostly no idea magic does exist even after the Cataclysm and mages would prefer to keep it that way.

    It takes a mage years to properly call on planar energies and use them responsibly so one doesn't backfire or summon something they shouldn't. A rare few are lucky, having some sort of connection to a planar realm from birth. It comes at a price that manifests over years of use but one might consider it a small price to pay to summon and command gratuitous amounts of energy. Though, you'll have a tough time fitting in to normal society with glowing eyes and that's if you're lucky to get just that. Even if one doesn't possess a natural connection such things still happen to the oldest and most practiced mages.

    Since Queen Artoria's arrival on Earth, slowly but steadily other extra-planar beings have come to Earth's plane of existence prompting countries around the world to decide whether or not they want these sometimes strange and exotic beings within their country. Not every planar being is human or has they same reasoning abilities as humans.

    They are three planes of existence known to mages.

    The Physical Planes
    Earth and the universe it resides in and every iteration thereof in the multiverse.

    The Astral Planes
    Realms of dreams, fantasy, the heavens and hells of our religions. Here a vast number of gods reside in physical manifestations as here they are born in to existence. Gods can not interact within the physical planes without being severely restricted in their prowess. It is also in these planes were many of the planar beings who visit Earth reside naturally and where the summons of mages are pulled from.

    The Cosmic Planes
    Planes of pure energy. Things beyond comprehension inhabit these realms. It's here where mages pull their magic powers from and where the things lurking on the other side try to use the mage as a way through to the physical world.

    Every mage has a mentor and every mentor a mentor above him and so on and so forth until you reach those who sit among the Council of Elders. The Elders, simply put, govern the magical world. If you're endangering the general populace expect the Elders to place you under witch hunt to be dealt with permanently.

    The hierarchy goes as so:

    Elders at the top who govern magical affairs and all mages over an entire country.

    Then their pupils, the Vizers, who manage over whole regions.

    Then their pupils, known as Illum who govern a city, or a couple if they're small in population.

    Then their pupils, the High Mages, who may govern over a small town.

    And then their pupils, your typical mage.

    If you want to climb the power ladder one must study hard and well and prove their worth to the mage society... Or just be very skilled and hope your mentor has an tragic accident... And pray they don't find out it was you who did him in!

    One doesn't need artifacts or words of power to cast spells. A mage calls out with their soul across the planes. Their will resonates with a being in a cosmic plane and that being might grant you some of it's power. Some beings are more malevolent than others. A mages soul must dominate over the will of the being in question else the spell may fizzle or worse, backfire. Worse yet, you may just let something through that you'll soon wish you hadn't.

    Artifacts do exist and can amplify one's power. Such things are usually left by a god who wishes to have some influence on the physical planes. Other times an artifact is simply a mundane item with an enchantment placed upon it made by a mage for the sake of convince.

    An important thing for all mages to remember is spells can be prepared and saved in memory for later. This takes up space in the mind, however, one is libel to forget any number of things if they save too many spells.

    Character Sheet
    Name: (Your Character's Birth Name)
    Appearance: (Civilian appearance. Please, no pictures of real people)
    Age: (18+ please)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Race: (Human or Human Mutant)
    Civilian Bio:(How your character lives and acts out of the super suit, this includes their personality as well)

    Alias: (Your characters chosen moniker)
    Costume: (I don't want to see any Superman's or Wonder Woman's, got it? Be original.)
    (If they have one. Otherwise, leave it blank. And yes, power armor is a weapon.)
    Power: (If they have one. Otherwise, leave it blank. If magic, just leave as magic though you may wish to choose a specialization.)
    Rankings (From 1 to 9. One being way below average and nine being demi-godlike. You have 40 points to allocate amongst the six stats. Spend wisely)​
    Strength: (How hard you can punch and just how much you can lift)
    Endurance: (How long can you exert your body physically before getting exhausted)8
    (How skilled you are with your hands)
    Speed: (How fast you are on your feet)
    Intelligence: (How well you can learn and reason. Effects how many spells you can save at one time)
    Willpower: (How well you can preserve your sanity. A stronger will makes magic easier for mages)

    Super Bio:
    (How your character lives and acts inside the super suit, including their personality when they dawn their mask)​

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    >Story So Far<
  3. Character Cast

    Name: Rothgar Gunnarsvard
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 54
    Gender: Male
    Race: Extra-planar Human
    Civilian Bio:
    A battle-weary old man, Roth (As he goes by for short), spent much of his time roaming Earth upon his sudden arrival. It was his first real taste of freedom after more than forty years chained under the threat of death in his former world. He traveled, he learned, he grew to like his new home and the people in it despite not being well received by many. After spending ten years on the move, he finally decided it was high time to settle down and start the life he had always wished for. A peaceful one with a family, if at his age he could woo a woman. He became the friendly old man about town, always smiling and up for a good time, and with his natural connection to a plane of fire, felt it only fitting to turn his once destructive power into one that could help those in need.

    He hides a fair bit of himself and his powers while in civilian clothes. He won't pick up a weapon, nor summon his own through one of his saved spells unless it's absolute vital to his survival in a fight. He even refuses to bust out the flames unless his opponent is super human as well. Roth only knows how to street brawl having never studied any hand to hand combat styles but, if again need be, will use his pyrokinesis to amplify his fist and go so far as to rocket propel them for an extra impact. All that said, Rothgar, while a civilian will try and actively avoid fights.​

    Alias: Barghest
    Costume: [​IMG]
    Organization: The Iron Hammer
    Weapon: 5'6" long, 23lbs, mythril-titanium alloy greatsword with a hooked tip
    Power: Magic, pyrokinesis specialization
    Strength: 7
    Endurance: 8
    Speed: 5
    Intelligence: 5
    Willpower: 9

    Super Bio:
    Complications never cease to follow the old veteran. Much of his roaming the Earth was due to a not so small cursed placed on his kin long before he was ever born. Harboring a beast that demands bloodshed to be sated. It was the sole reason Roth signed on with the Iron Hammer. Not only could he satisfy the beast but, at the very least, possible do some good in the process with the burden.

    Thus, Roth dawns the helm of the Barghest, a savage, ruthless, and cunning younger looking swordsmen hell bent on seeing criminals suffer for their heinous crimes. By blade or by fire he swears to make them pay for their misdeeds. He leads the team on the field and leaves the planning before hand to his more capable comrades and never strays from the thick of the fight unless it's necessary for the task at hand. He stays on your heels, never giving you a route to escape him if he has any say about it.

    Roth's mastery of his elemental connection through years of application make him a threat at any range while he masquerades as Barghest. Pillars of flame to block your exits, a storm of fire balls to pin you down. A bit of a cocky bastard as well, Barghest will even shape usually four or more flames into the form of various swords and lock you into close quarters combat with himself and "ghost opponents" as his way of playing with an opponent he considers an equal in skill.​
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  5. Hm, this looks interesting. I may make a character. I'm still trying to process all the information posted right now though.
  6. Take your time. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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