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  1. Akari is a 17 year old girl who has had no friends all her life becuase apparently shes "strange" but new people move into the school well to akari this is just more people who find her freakish but will this change?

    please explain what you look like or put up a pic ^^ also your hobbies ext.
  2. akari
    doesnt talk much
    doesnt like the dark scared of it actually she loves cats and sleep

    hates loud noises being scared stupid ignorant immature people
  3. [​IMG]
    Seigi, 17
    Ignorant, talkative, immature, energetic, nerdy, Artistic. Loves Dubstep. Volcanoid Dubstep. Cat like and very lovable and soft.
    He just moved to the country from the city. He's not use to the slow pace.
  4. shuffles along the corridor with people pruposlely bumping tnto her she ignores them and gets to her locker and takes out a notebook,pens,pencils and colours
  5. shuffles along the corridor with people pruposlely bumping tnto her she ignores them and gets to her locker and takes out a notebook,pens,pencils and colours
  6. J[​IMG]James,17,Smart,kind,and trustworthy,calm in most situations. enjoys reading ,drawing and gentle music.

    James walks through the corridor and accidently knocks into a girl at her locker causing everthing in her hand to go flying.
  7. Not looking at where he was going Seigi bummed into Akari, "Oh, I'm sorry." The young man in the pikachu hoodie said bowing, "Up, can you help me find room 305G?" he said with a nervous chuckle.
  8. "oh uhh yeah" she bends down to pick up her books "go down this corridor and take a left"she says avoiding eye contact "i get bumped into alot so its fine"

    she starts walking to the school gardens
  9. "Are people that clumsy at this school?" he asked, "Do they at least apologize?" he asked curiously.
  10. "not anymore" she replied "anyway you look popular you dont want to be caught talking to me" she smiled and looked in his eyes for a split secound then looked down
    "well im going to the gardens, bye" she nods her head and starts walking away
  11. Like a curious kitty he followed her, "Why can't I talk to you? You seem like a nice person."
  12. James sat in the garden reading a book to avoid the large crowds of the school.
  13. she looks behind her while walking and then turns fully "well your new right? if you ant a good rep go hang out with tasha or some other idiot girl with huge boobs"
    she looks down then turn back round and goes through the garden entrance
  14. sits under a cherry blossom tree and takes out her notebook and notices james, she starts sketching
  15. He frowns and goes off to the office to get his schedule for the week. He had a lot of advanced class for some reason. He was just an average student at his old school. He guess their grading system was different. He went to his home room class, still not about the shake the judgmental girls words. It kind of made him angry that he was pushed into a category he had no interest in. He sighed and laid back in his seat and closed his eyes.
  16. "Hey again" James says still reading his book not bothering to look up from it.
  17. he started to sketch the boy in the pikachu hoodie and then the boy reading they stood beside eachother leaning on a tree she felt proud of her work and started to pack her supplies back up
  18. she looked up "oh hi" she started to walk but tripped over a tree root and her notebook fell "oof ohh dammit" she blushed and brought her self to her knees and reached for her notebook
  19. "Here" He said as he already had gotten to the notebook and was now handing it to her
  20. " thank you" she took it back and wrapped her arms round it "i better go if im late for class again im in trouble" nods her head thankfully and starts toward the door