Are We Friends or Foes?

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  1. This Story is basically about two girls who are complete opposites. They have hated each other ever since kidnergarden. But when they are forced to work on a project together they realize they have more in common then they have thought. ((Check out OOC!))
    ~October 15~
    Eva winced when she gently touched her black eye with her fingertip, waited for a moment then looked back into the mirror. She sighed and frowned to herself. Despite the black eye she was a beautiful young woman. She had long, beautiful black shiny hair with neon red underneath, golden brown eyes, full pale-pink colored lips fair but flawless skin, dimples and high cheekbones. She is punk. Yes, she does have piercing. She has black hooped snake bites, a small diamond stud nose ring on the left side of her nose, and a small black eyebrow piercing. She also has a ruby belly button ring, small red gages in both of her earlobes and for more ear piercings in both of her ears.
    She opened the cabinet door that had the mirror attached to it and above the sink and grabbed her make-up bag. She is excellent at doing make-up. She put on some concelor on top of the black eye to cover it up. Then she put eyeliner, then it was time for her favorite part, the eye shadow. She put dark brown eye shadow on the lids, then black eye shadow on the creases of the eyes then a little gold above the crease. Then she simply used her finger and lightly mixed the eye shadow together, creating a smoky eye look. Finally she added a little bit of waterproof mascara. She already had long black eye lashes but she figured a little wouldn't hurt. She looked at herself one more time before heading back to her room to change.
    Eva didn't live that far away from the school, in fact it was only a block away. she was happy with what she put on. she put on black skinny jeans, red midriff shirt, red converses, red fingerless gloves, and a chain attached to two of the belt loops. She also wore thick wrist bands which had he same color and design as a checker board. Those wrist bands cover a dark secret... a very dark secret. A secret she never intends on sharing to anyone.
    She adjusted her Gir back pack and walked into the school. She never used her locker, she just carried everything she needed in her back pack. As she walked into the class, the first thing she sees is HER and did her best o ignore her. Although that was kind of hard concidering her seat was right behind her! SHE walked over to her seat, shrugged off her backpack and sat down.
  2. Piper's breath hitched as she pretended not to notice Eva enter the room. This always happened. Every year the two would share at least one class together. God must have it out for the two of them because despite their attempts to avoid each other like the plague, they would have to see each other near every day thanks to the school system. Piper sighed, playing with one of the curls of her out of control hair, attempting to stay quiet....things always went better for her if she stayed quiet.

    She supposed that their whole feuding was her fault...if only she knew how to bite her tongue...or had some magical way to sense what would offend people, that way, she wouldn't have pissed off Eva back in kindergarten, she wouldn't have gone home with a black eye and a couple of bruises, and she might have gotten adopted that day and wouldn't have to go home every day to that man...if only she could go back in time.
  3. Eva tried her best to ignore Piper but lets face it... she hated her. Ever since kindergarten, Piper shouldn't have opened her big mouth. She still didn't regret beating her ass that day. Eva smirked when the flashback crossed her mind then remembered where she was.... right behind Piper. Her smirk changed into a frown. She crossed her arms, leaned her back against her chair and glared at the back of Piper's head.
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