Are We Friends or Foes?

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  1. This Story is basically about two girls who are complete opposites. They have hated each other ever since kidnergarden. But when they are forced to work on a project together they realize they have more in common then they have thought. ((Check out OOC first! :3))
    ~October 15~
    Eva winced when she gently touched her black eye with her fingertip, waited for a moment then looked back into the mirror. She sighed and frowned to herself. Despite the black eye she was a beautiful young woman. She had long, beautiful black shiny hair with neon red underneath, golden brown eyes, full pale-pink colored lips fair but flawless skin, dimples and high cheekbones. She is punk. Yes, she does have piercing. She has black hooped snake bites, a small diamond stud nose ring on the left side of her nose, and a small black eyebrow piercing. She also has a ruby belly button ring, small red gages in both of her earlobes and for more ear piercings in both of her ears.
    She opened the cabinet door that had the mirror attached to it and above the sink and grabbed her make-up bag. She is excellent at doing make-up. She put on some concelor on top of the black eye to cover it up. Then she put eyeliner, then it was time for her favorite part, the eye shadow. She put dark brown eye shadow on the lids, then black eye shadow on the creases of the eyes then a little gold above the crease. Then she simply used her finger and lightly mixed the eye shadow together, creating a smoky eye look. Finally she added a little bit of waterproof mascara. She already had long black eye lashes but she figured a little wouldn't hurt. She looked at herself one more time before heading back to her room to change.
    Eva didn't live that far away from the school, in fact it was only a block away. she was happy with what she put on. she put on black skinny jeans, red midriff shirt, red converses, red fingerless gloves, and a chain attached to two of the belt loops. She also wore thick wrist bands which had he same color and design as a checker board. Those wrist bands cover a dark secret... a very dark secret. A secret she never intends on sharing to anyone.
    She adjusted her Gir back pack and walked into the school. She never used her locker, she just carried everything she needed in her back pack. As she walked into the class, the first thing she sees is HER and did her best to ignore her. Although that was kind of hard concidering her seat was right behind her! She walked over to her seat, shrugged off her backpack and sat down.
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  2. Riley had gotten to school early that day as always, avoiding her mother. It was implanted in her DNA it seemed to distance herself from the woman in an admittedly childlike way with the excuse being that if her father was 1000 miles away, then why should her mom get to be closer? Simply because they lived in the same house together? Hah, yea right. If she couldn't have both, she didn't want either.

    Her get up was simple. A pressed, white blouse, blue jean, pleated skirt, and white sandals. She liked the use of natural beauty. Her skin was not plagued by pimples and oils, because she didn't eat crap. That was the simple part as she was naturally sun-kissed. No tan needed. Her hardest hurdle was taking attention away from her annoyingly baby-ish face. Maybe it would be useful when she was 30 and wanted to look younger, but while she was still young, it was nothing but a pain. She always got asked for her id, and she really was eighteen! So she curled her hair. It had a natural wave, but that wasn't enough. She curled her hair, coils and super-coils all around her back and shoulders in a mane of elegant, eye-catching array. Then she curled her lashes. They weren't super long, but they were thick and that counted for something. Her lips were naturally pink, so she used a little gloss to pull attention there. And what was a girl without a good bra? Her breasts rode high, and with a figure that wasn't half-bad, she pulled off the "young adult" and went to school.

    She sat at her desk bored to tears in the early morning din of yawns and popping bones from the stretching of sleepy and sleep-deprived teenagers. A survey of the room told her that the gamer kids were half-dead, considering the new release of something or another. Of course she knew it was the newest installment of Dragon Age, but no one had to know she'd pre-ordered the thing and started playing it already. The prerds, also known as preppy nerds, were, controvertibly, completely awake looking alert and ready as the model students that they were, probably anticipating some pop quiz that no one else would have seen coming. And of course, the jocks and her fellow cheerleaders were nowhere to be seen as of yet. They'd slip in sometime between the last minute bell and twenty minutes after that spouting some nonsense or another, because teachers were always suckers for athletes.

    Just before she finished debating whether or not, lying her head down for a few minutes would rumple her ruffled skirt and nice blouse, the entrance of the girl-she-loved-to-hate caught her attention. Well, at least something entertaining had come about before she simply ditched school for something infinitely more interesting to do. "Well if it isn't our lady of eternal darkness? You realize no amount of makeup can fix your face, right, dear?" Her tone was taunting, not quite malicious but definitely not kind in any way. Eva knew that Riley didn't like her. And Riley knew the fact right back. Theirs was one of the longest standing grudges in the entire school, and most had forgotten how it even started. It was a just another constant of the school day. Classes, lunch, Riley and Eva bitch at each other, Gym, and miscellaneous. However, not necessarily in that order.
  3. Eva rolled her eyes then smirked at her, "Har har, who knew a hoe could be funny? Speaking of which how many guys have you slept with this morning? 8? 10? Or did you just loose count?"
    ((Sorry about that XD. Eva is just getting back at her XD))
  4. Riley smirked and gave a short laugh, "I think all that eye shadow is blocking your vision. Sex wishes it looked this good. Plus, some of us like being virgins, not that a slut like you would know..." (So when verbal sparring do we get to make short comments? :P)
  5. ((I suppose XD))
    Eva rolled her eyes, "Yeah vir-"
    "That is enough you two!" their history teacher Mr.Brown said as he walked in.
    Eva scowled at him, "Then tell this bitch to get a life."
    "Eva!" he warned which only made her scowl even more. He sighed, "Ok everybody Eva and Riley are showing an example of what our next project is going to be about. It will be 80% of your grade."
    Eva arched an eyebrow at him. What exactly what her and Riley showing? she thought to herself.
    Mr.Brow set some papers down on his desk then faced the students.
    "Eva, Riley. Come up here."
  6. Riley scoffed, standing and elbowing past Eva to go toward Mr. Brown. Of course he had caught them. He was always good at coming in right when they were about to go at it. What she was more annoyed with is a project worth 80% of her grade. What kind of teacher made a project worth that much? This better be their final or she was going to complain to the Board of Teachers something fierce. Standing in front of the man's desk she waited to see what it was that he wanted with them. Maybe she would get detention? Not that she cared. All the proctor did was sleep in the middle of the classroom anyhow.
  7. Eva rolled her eyes and got up in front of the class. She sat on the top of Mr.Brown's desk and crossed her arms still scowling. Mr. Brown pointed at them, "We are going to be doing a project based on the Civil War. And these two are a perfect example of the Civil War..." Eva grunted, Great, she thought, figures he would make Riley and I be part of this lesson. Mr. Brown continued, "Even though their hatred for one another isnt as bad it is still a perfect example. Now I am going to be partnering you up. And Eva and Riley," he looked at them, "You two will be partnered up."
    Eva's eyes widened, "WHAT?!"
  8. Riley slammed her hands onto the old fool's desk immediately. Was he insane?! "What are you talking about?! I can't be partnered up with her; I'll fail!" She didn't know Eva and she didn't want to get to know Eva. Mr. Brown was pushing the wrong buttons. Riley would not stand for this one bit. She would demand a new partner until he switched her with someone else. Forget the Civil War! No one even cares about the Civil War. They learned about the same things in history every stinking year. For once could they do something that didn't bore the hell out of the entire student population?! He picked it on purpose. She just knew it. He wanted to put her and Eva together and watch the sparks fly!
  9. Mr.Brown glared at both of them, "You two need to learn to get along! I am tired of you two distrupting my class all the time. And if you two DONT even try to work together I will fail you immidiatly. Do you understand?!"
    Eva sighed, "Fine.... whatever." Eva could not afford to fail any of her classes... if she had one little F her mother would knock her into next week.
    Mr.Brown smiled slightly at Eva, "Thank you Eva."
    Eva rolled her eyes and kept her arms crossed, "Dont give your hopes up. I am only doing this because I can't afford to fail this class. And as much as I want to hurl at the thought of working with Riley, I am just going to suck it up and get it done."
    Eva was actually a really smart girl. She had mostly As and one B which the B just so happens to be in this class.
  10. "Yea, yea..." Riley started the day thoroughly content with life and now the whole thing was ruined. Why did he have to pick Eva? Couldn't he have picked some other girl that just so happened to not like her. The brown-haired girl headed right back to her desk. She would have to converse with Eva some time later, but at the moment she couldn't bare to look at the other girl. This was a stupid assignment and they didn't get an A then it would be hell to pay! She deserved and A-quadruple-plus for simply not throwing a fit of rage in the place. Shooting one last glare at her "partner" Riley went and took a seat, fidgeting and waiting for class to let out.
  11. Eva slightly rolled her eyes at the girl then looked at the clock, waiting for class to end. ~~~~ (Going to skip lol) Eva smiled as the last bell rang. "Finally." she said to herself and got out of the classroom. She glanced around the hallway in search for her, 'Partner'. The thought of her working with Riley made her cringe, but she needs to get a good grade. Where are we going to work? this question randomly popped into Eva's head.
  12. Riley was at cheerleading practice. Where else would she have been? It was kind of her thing. Spread out in the gym with all the other females and the few unfortunate--depending on how one looks at it-- boys, Riley stretched and pulled at her limbs, half-listening to the captain about some new routine or another. It was mostly bits she didn't care about until she heard her name and the word "toss" in the same sentence. Even if she wouldn't admit it, a part of her mind had been dedicated to her project with Eva since early that morning. Now... those thoughts were wiped clean, "Wait, you want to toss me? Not a chance, cap', I don't "do" tosses. You know that."
  13. Eva leaned against the wall and began lightly hitting the back of her head. Then her phone began ringing.
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