Are we friends or Are we more?

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  1. Are we friends or are we more? A question that asked itself inside his head, emerging in every second spent along with his vigorous friend. For the years they had been together, she never seemed to conclude his feelings, although she was the only one who understood his complex personality the most. Nevertheless, He hadn't confessed to her, preferring to maintain their friendship instead, and looked after her for as long as he could. He obligated himself to help her achieve her dreams, disregarding his own, but from behind the curtains if he could, not wanting a slight hint of his secret come to light. He had no aptitude for art and chose to sign up for it anyway to remain by her side.
    The murky fog of the night dispersed by the warm beams emanating from the azure sky sustaining the fiery sphere, telling the livings a new day had become, to raise their sleeping spirits and strive for another day in their life.
    Ring. Ring.
    His dream came to an end with a single ringing sound, resonating near his ears purposely to wake him up. An idly hand swung around the side-table in search for the source, grunting and grumbling in the morning. A hand caught a small box, the one disturbing his sleep, and threw it against the wall. Shut up The rumpled sheets coating the boy soon lost its will and pulled to the side. A yawn declaring he was awake rose up as his foot set on the wooden floor.
    'What time is it?' The boy slurred, stretching his body while eyes partially closed.
    Creaking could be heard upon his trudges toward the other room--The other's room which happened to be right to next to his--the doorknob spun in his palm and opened; he pushed back it to the wall.
    Today he hadn't any lectures or even his part-time job, waking up this early was for the other's good, knowing probably she was still asleep.
    He rapped the door and heightened his voice to ensure she would hear him.
    'Get your ass up or I'll come in there.'
    He rubbed his eyes and yawned once more, scratching his scalp and tucking his hair backward.
  2. From the day she had moved in with her friend she had been restless and she had been having trouble sleeping without knowing the reason why. Always feeling so hot and flustered, acting derpy and tossing and turning in bed, not being able to sleep untill late at night, she had noticed the changes in her. She had also grown to be more aware of her friend, which made her feel irritable. She found herself to be staring at him and even at times, dream about him, finding herself focusing on the little things he did. She could not comprehend the reason for they had been friends from very young. Not wanting him to know, she tried her best to act as normally as possible when she's around him.

    That night, just like every other night, she had tossed and turned a lot on her bed, not being able to sleep, listening to the creaks and the little noises that was emitted from the room beside her. As the noises ceased, she shut her eyes after changing her position; moving off the bed to lying on the bare floor as well as turning on the air-conditioner while leaving her fan at full blast, her oversized jumper thrown to the side, leaving her in a sleeveless cotton shirt and short shorts. Finally relaxing, she yawned and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of nonsensical stuff before revolving onto that one person who was her friend.

    Her dream was disturbed by the knock on the door and she groaned, opening her eyes slightly before lifting her head slightly to look at the time. She dropped her head on the pillow,nuzzling it before calling out to him, her voice muffled slightly by the pillow.

    "5 more minutes!"

    She curled into a fetal position as she yawned, her hand covering her mouth as she did so, her eyes fluttered before closing as she tried to disperse the groggy-ness that had ser upon her due to the mere few hours of sleep she had gotten.
  3. A frigid air streamed out from underneath the narrow door crack and numbed his tips, sending chillness to his body. A hand rubbing his shoulder and a head hanging, sighing inwardly, coldness wasn't one of his favourite experiences, taking him down with a cold whenever the chance appeared. Flashing back on their younger life, he had never seen her abuse the air-conditioner this much; almost everyday she would use it, when the weather hadn't needed its use. Shivering winter or scalding summer, for him, it was forbidden to use it by any means in concern for his health, having frail immunity and strong tendencies to catch an illness.
    His skin not costumed to the artificial tides of extreme cold, his shoulders quivered a little on receiving the numbness sent from his feet and produced a small gasp in responding.
    Ignoring his reflexes and instincts to step back, opposing his self warnings, he stepped forward and rose a hand to knock on her door, speaking in a calm tone showing a stark tremble audible to the listener.
    'I'm coming in.'
    The knob inviting him in, he stared down at his feet in case the other was undressed, slowing checking the validity to shift his vision normally around the room. Safe... Unable to bear the climate inside this room, he hastened to her bedside table and picked up the remote, not yet noticing the spinning fan blowing air toward him nor that she wasn't sleeping in her bed and pressed the button.
    Clicking sound indicating closure echoed.
    Now hearing the fan, his gaze fell down at the wind blowing machine, losing his faith in his friend and her conduct, seeing she was wasting electricity, and soon their money. He turned it off and walked over to the other side, gripping the concealing curtain and splitting it, hopefully the light would stir her up. He opened the window and peered up at sun, wishing to embrace it between his arms, enjoying the warmth it gave him. Looking back the sleeping bum, he swallowed his throat; she wasn't there. He inspected the room with his eye and searched for her. He could have sworn to had had heard her asking for more time. Oblivious of his surrounding, he inched closer to the bed and bumped into a tender flesh, alerting him of an living human lying before his feet. Her image caught his stare for a moment, viewing her sleeveless cotton shirt and shorts that passed a flush on his cheeks and ear. He covered his mouth and cautiously distanced himself from her, only then seeing her jumpers thrown on the floor. Ciel bent down to take it and backed away from his potential source of destruction, folding the clothe for her and leaving it on her bed.
    As they grew older, it became more difficult for him to over see such details, drawing every discrete description of her in his imagination. Causally approaching turned into a death sentence for him, knowing he might lose control over himself and feeling his lips would spill out his suffocating emotions to confess.
    Safely moving back to the door, he stood and attempted to wake her up again.
    He sighed, packing his sparse pieces and called out to her.
    'C'mon, Janet, you'll be late and I will not take any responsibility for that.'
  4. As she tried getting back to sleep, she heard the door open and also the shuffling of feet. She tensed slightly as he moved around the room, switching off the air-conditioner and the fan. A frown set in, creasing her forehead, suddenly feeling hot and stifled. The opening of curtains did not help as the sun rays shone in. Grumbling slightly under her breath, she buried her face into the pillow.

    She could understand his aversion to air-conditioner because of his frail body that was prone to sickness, but she most definitely hated it when he barged into her room to turn everything off. She could not complain, however, with the fact that she was indeed living off of him. He was the one paying the bills for the house. She could only chip in once in a while, her wages from working at the bookshop was not much. Even though she was the one to suggest that they moved in, he was the one paying for mostly everything and she appreciated him for it. He was the only one who could stand her rash actions and would go with whatever she suggested without any qualms, spoiling her to no ends.

    Her train of thoughts were halted when he bumped into her slightly and she grunted. She turned over, her back facing him before curling back up. Her eyes flickered, before it shut back as his voiced rumbled. Waving him off with her hand, a sign of dismissal, she hugged her bolster before calling out to him.

    "Bring me some aspirin or something. I'm having a headache."
  5. Ciel huffed and lightly frowned, seeing a hand waving him off and demands beginning to fall. He deprived himself of sleep to wake her up, and in return he got a dismissing gesture. Staying up fatigued him and forced his eyes shut, limping his movements. Stepping backwards on the threshold he grumbled and turned toward the bathroom. Taking his leave, he tousled his hair and rubbed his neck, sleeping bugs whispering in his ears and luring back to sleep.
    Silence traveled in the air, echoing the tapping of his steps.
    Entering the bathroom his fingers flipped the switch back and the light flickered to life.
    He walked over to the cabinet, stood now in front of the mirror and stared at his reflection. Knowing she had probably dozed off and hadn't woken up yet, he thought to take his time and follow the daily morning routine: The tap opened and water flowed. He stooped his head under it, lifted his face up and let the refreshing liquid stream down; it was to kill the drowsiness in his eyes. Grabbing his brush and toothpaste, he closed the tap and opened the cabinet, picking the bottle up.
    With the brush now in his mouth, the light turned off and the door shut.
    He almost forgot to bring her water, halting and changing directions. Filling her cup a sigh found its way out, following his drooped shoulders, realising he had to make her breakfast or she would forgot to eat.
    He couldn't protest even if he wanted to, choosing to live here with her was his decision and not having any regrets meant no complaining. He accepted and went along with her idea to spend more time with her. What more could he ask for? Her wishes were to be fulfilled patiently with content.
    An advantage of staying up at night was preparing sandwiches for the morning, only needing to be microwaved. So with no delay he placed the aspirin on the counter and strode to the refrigerator, taking the plate to the microwave. He continued brushing his teeth and waited.
  6. When she heard his footsteps fade away and the door closing, her eyes flickered open as she lied spread eagle on her back. Her eyes were unfocused as she stared blankly at the ceiling, her lips slightly parted. She felt parched as she ran her tongue along her lips, wetting them slightly, in an attempt to lessen her thirst. A sigh escaped her lips, causing a disruption to her rhythmic breathing as her chest rose and fell. Taking a deep breath, her eyes fluttered before shutting as she was transported to the past.


    It was during her fifth birthday party when she first met him, who was standing there, hiding behind his mother as his little hand clenched upon his mother's clothing. She herself, was clutching hard on her mother's hand as their mothers talked to each other, catching up on the past. She tilted her head, looking at him curiously before giving him a small smile and waving at him slightly with her free hand. His eyes seemed to have widened at the gesture before he returned them. Encouraged, she let go of her mother's hand, making her way slowly to him.

    "Hello! I'm Janet. What's your name?" Her high pitched voice called out to him as she stood in front of him, with her arms outstretched, a big smile on her face. Hesitating slightly, he took her hand and shook it quick before releasing.

    "I'm Ciel."

    Giggling slightly, she took his hands in hers, her smile turning to a grin. "Ciel, Let's be friends"

    The other could do nothing as she dragged him away from his mother who laughed, along with her mother, dragging him along to mix with the other kids.

    //end of flashback//

    She woke up with a jolt, a small smile plastered on her lips as she dwelled in the past. Turning her gaze towards the clock on the wall, she sighed, knowing he was probably in the kitchen, heating up their breakfast. Sitting up straight and stretching slightly before standing, she clenched her teeth, swaying slightly as her head throbbed from the concentrated pain on the left side of her head. She walked out of her room towards the kitchen, slumping and slouching on the seat, her chin resting on the island as she watched her friend.

    "Where are the things I want?"

    Her voice scratchy from being parched, was mixed with a tinge of sleepiness. She yawned slightly, her left hand covering her mouth, her eyes never left her friend who was busy preparing their breakfast.

    Sorry for the late reply. I had a busy weekend.
  7. The microwave tinged. Distracted while his hand occupied, he stared at rotating plate slowly stopping and machine closing down. He reminisced the day they had met, and how quickly they got attached to each other. He begun wondering what life would have been like if they hadn't become friends. Would he still had fallen in love with her? A smile crossed his lips, brushing off the silly thought. Hearing a familiar tone had him realise a miracle descended from the gods themselves. Waking up and coming the all way here was a dream come true. She saved him the trouble of carrying her plate and aspirin while holding his brush and preparing for a method to wake her up.

    Ciel motioned to the aspirin left on the counter and slid the microwave open to grab her plate. Turning around to place the plate he noticed the drowsiness in her eyes, yawning and barely awake. You're not the only one. Figuring she won't get up that easily, he took the bottle with him and placed it beside her plate. He hadn't the appetite to eat so he didn't prepare himself a meal. He only wanted to return back to sleep. Ruffling her hair as he bypassed her, he stole his foot to the bathroom, gurgling and washing his mouth then walked to his room, shutting the door and slumping on the bed. His mission was a success, and now he had the right to cave in in his room, reward himself with a sufficient amount of sleep.
  8. Blinking slightly, she gave her friend a small smile as he placed her breakfast and medicine in front of her, pouting slightly when he ruffled her hair as though she was a little kid. She patted her bed hair before her hand reached out to take the pill. She popped it into her mouth, downing it with water a few seconds later when her eyes flickered towards the clock on the wall, just realising how late she was. She quickly shoved her sandwich into her mouth, taking big bites after another, finishing it rather fast for a slow person like her.

    She brisked walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower, opting out of washing her hair; the hot shower was enough to hinder her from showering as fast as she wanted. She went to the sink, brushing her teeth with vigour before wrapping herself in her pink towel. She exited the toilet, leading herself to her room and swiftly threw on a white jumper with polkadots and leggings over her undies, leaving her hair down. Finished and satisfied with herself, she ran, barging into Ciel's room and jumped on his sleeping figure while shaking his body vigorously.

    "Wake up! You gotta drive me to school. I'm late as it is. Please!!" She was prepared to give him her best puppy eye look she knew he won't be able to resist. She felt bad for disturbing her friend but she could only rely on him now, as she had no other friends due to her personality.
  9. Tucked in and counting sheep he shut his eyelids and drifted off, letting the closed curtain and door set the mood and guide him to sleep. He adjusted his posture until a suitable one was found. Ciel flopped his head on the pillow and yawned, letting himself go. Dreams awaited him. with a content smile on his lips and a relaxed expression drawn on his features, his breathing slowed down and hearing dulled. The glorious moment today was this moment. The smell of familiarity and safety cast him to slumber.

    It wasn't long before his rest had finished and his eyes forced awake. A small figure busted in and leapt on top of his stomach making him gasp for air and have a temporary mental shock. She couldn't spare him a minute of peace and almost drove his soul out of his body. Can't help it, he thought, sighing inwardly for the million time. Taking a picture of their position he averted his gaze and tried to look away. He outstretched his arm, absently felt for her head and patted her without speaking. she should have already known he wouldn't refuse to help. He had one problem though: whether or not she would admit it, her weight was crushing him. Knowing she, or any girl being told such words could lead him to his demise, he didn't care and managed to speak out the words.

    'You're heavy, too heavy get off of me now.'
  10. Pouting slightly as he ruffled her hair, she sighed and her hand reached up to fix it, parting her hair slightly and reclipping her bangs to the side. She truly hated it when he did that as it made her feel like a child. It somehow disturbed her, that feeling. It was as though he had drew a line with the way he treated her; her being nothing but a little sister to him. She looked down at him as he looked away from her, a frown setting upon her face, creasing her forehead, causing wrinkles to appear. She had realised that he seemed to be avoiding looking at her directly, causing distress and frustration inside her. Not wanting to confront him on his behaviour due to her cowardly self, she kept quiet, the emotions of fear that bit deep into her, poisoning her bloodstream, ruled her as her mind filled with thoughts of the answers he would give. Wiping the fright that gripped her from her thoughts, locking it up deep inside her, she gave him a small smile which turned into a frown once again as his words reached her ears.

    "You're heavy, too heavy get off me now"

    Her hand snaked out, reaching for his arms, her finger taking hold of the skin before twisting it, pinching him as hard as possible before slapping his chest, her bottom lip protruded out slightly in a pout before she opened her mouth, a high pitched, shrilly voice could be heard as she exclaimed,

    "I'm not fat! I'm even small. I don't even have those big boobs to weigh me down! You're just skinny. Why can't you just be like those hunk guys."

    She moved away, however, lifting herself up and swung her legs that reached the floor. She stood and straightened her jumper before turning back to him.

    "Well, anyway, I'll be waiting in the car. Be fast. I'm late as it is."

    She moved towards the door, her hand reaching out and gripped the doorknob, turning it then pulling the door open. She skipped away as she went out of the house, grabbbing the car keys along the way and headed towards the car at the ground floor.
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