Are there any specific guide lines for the adult libertine section?

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  1. What exactly are the cans and can'ts for libertine role-plays outside of having to be a specific age? I tried searching for the specifics myself but I can't find anything. ^^;
  2. Can't play a character younger than 13 years old.

    Can't play with -members- outside of your age group.

    Can.... everything else. >>

    Iwaku is all about creative freedom for your writing, even if that means diving in to places most people won't go! Our one and only hard rule about libertine content is no characters under 13 for those kinds of roleplays. It's child porn and very bad.

    So if people wanna play BDSM Water sports ponies in diapers, go for it! As long as those ponies are at least 13 or older. .____.;
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  3. What's the conversion of human years to pony years, I wonder...
  4. I'm sooo tempted to make an RP of that now, just for the hell of it.....
  5. Pretty sure that Diana brings up that example because someone actually did create it in the past.

    Not as a joke, either.
  6. I must search for this gem!


    Seriously, just the thought of it gives me the willies.
  7. Good willies?
  8. Not even close.
  9. How unfortunate!
  10. @fatalrendezvous

    You say that like it was just one roleplay.

    To be fair, guys, none of these RPs are hurting anyone and there will always be someone who thinks your kinks or writing choices are weird/gross. This is why we don't regulate beyond what we're legally required to.
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