Are Mafia Threads a Thing Here?

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  1. Hi guys,

    So, I've been on this site for a while on and off. But one thing I was wondering is, are mafia games a thing? What I'm referring to are the forum-based mafia games where, at their core, it's the mafia vs the village. Or sometimes they're called Assassin's game and there's a killer vs a village.

    They can usually follow different themes (I've been involved in one that was Assassin's Creed themed in that there was a Townsfolk faction, Templar faction and an Assassin's faction.) but the premise is ultimately the same: one faction tries to win out over the other and there are nightly vote-offs of lynchings that happen to players involved.

    Is there an area for that here?

    Thanks guys!

  2. I've not seen it here, but as someone who loves the game and has played plenty of it, I'd love getting permission to start a game and do almost a test run of it!
  3. That's a shame to hear. I've been wanting to do one for so long, that I might just craft my own. I'd just need to search online how to set up one
  4. If the mods approve it, I'd be happy to help set that up since I've played and co-GM'd a few forum Mafia's <3
  5. You can probably open one up in board games :D And for future reference they're called day and night games ^.^
  6. I think it depends, where I played it was always called mafia ._.

    But it's a bit too organized for board games, and they last someyimes 100 pages <.< this game would be smaller though
  7. But that's actually the perfect place to open one o.o That's where most of those games are held on other sites. You can also probably create it into a chat roleplay. And they're called Day/Night games because they can be literally anything but with the same concept: players get voted off/killed during the night by a group/faction. Even if you reach the post limit you can simply create another part and continue.
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  8. I'll sort it out, but mafia would be what I call it and everything XD it's all the same though
  9. That kind of game is totally allowed and has in fact happened before

    It would go on Board Games
  10. Does the 10 page limit still apply that multiple threads would be needed, like one for each cycle of day and night?
  11. If you're going to do it full roleplay style, you can do it in the genre sections too. O_O We've had people run those kind of roleplays before.
  12. I may actually try that, since I'm more familiar with taking on characters to 'act' as, just for amusement~
  13. I think I'd stray away from giving it a full RP style. I don't like the idea of players creating a character for them as it stands right now. By assigning archetypes/characters from the theme to them, it saves them from having to make a character and saves me from having to wait on them make a character and then approve it.

    This has been a LOT of help! I'm so glad to learn that others have in fact done this kind of thing on here before. Now, it's time to search and see if I can find a set-up guide for it.
  14. I actually started a game in Board Games, and I'd be happy to let you help out to see how to run it!~
  15. Let me know if you start or find 1 I want to be Japanese mafia.
  16. There is one in Board Games now
  17. Whats the name of it?
  18. Iwaku Mafia V1: Testing the Waters