Are Health Hotlines Reliable?

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    In my opinion, I find that a joke.

    I know this sounds shocking, but why would I see senior citizens having a blast with their lives? I hate it when the commercials fantasize the benefits of their services, and when they change their phone numbers. How are you going to get A service?

    Free consultation, and then--BAM! Pay this with this and that!

    The last time I called their hotline, I was stuck with "all representatives are busy assisting others." I really don't understand Health care regulations. They interest me, for my mother said we needed this "Health" thing for doctor visits. I don't know what these benefits from Health care are, so I'd like some pointers!

    Do you think insurance should be mandatory for those who can't afford it?

    I don't think so; there are people on the streets, and other people who are on the edge of holding their house. I think we should be able to support those who can't afford insurance. How can they get well?
  2. Hm? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over my free public healthcare n_n

    I'm definitely glad I live in a country with public healthcare; it goes by your tax bracket; I don't so much do taxes as I fill out a bunch of forms that depict why I'm too poor to pay taxes, and then the government sends me back a letter essentially saying "it's okay sweetie, if you get sick just show the hospital your care card, and we're gonna send you back a bunch of what you paid in GSTs this year, okay?"

    I don't really know how the funding works for this, but we've been able to keep it up for pretty much forever and nothing's crashed so far!
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  3. You're a lucky duck.
    America kind of sucks with the IRS stuff. They require you to get Medicare advantages. Also, there happens to be nothing but Medicaid services. You know what One Source Medical Supply? Stop changing the phone number, and let me at this insurance!

    As a minor, I am on all kids Healthcare until my 18th birthday.
  4. I think the entire idea that for-profit companies are the ones dispensing medical care or funding therefore is absolutely terrifying. In the long run, the insurance company cares more about the bottom line than about the customer's health and we're all banking on the company making policies on the basis of "it's more profitable to keep the golden geese alive and working". O.O
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  5. I find it scarier that the healthcare offers to senior citizens or those who are 18 and older. Why not have Medicare cover everyone until they die? Besides, insurance should be voluntary. You should not even pay for getting sick!

    As melodramatic as that sounds, that holds true.
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  6. The entire idea of needing insurance is just so... messed up. The span and quality of one's life really should not be determined by income, imho.
    Insurance is designed so that you're not paying for getting sick, you're paying for staying healthy and they cover you if you get sick. In theory, you pay about the same amount whether you're in perfect health or you fell and broke every bone in your body.
    That's assuming insurance covers everything. Which, really, it doesn't. There's a laundry list of what it doesn't cover. Cancer means bankruptcy unless you're in the 1%. The things that insurance doesn't cover are enough to push a family over the edge even if by some miracle there aren't any lost wages. We had a family friend with an awesome health plan making ~90k a year. He got what his doctor described as "the best possible cancer". Perfectly treatable. One surgery, not requiring general anesthesia, and only six weeks of chemo. Two weeks missed work.
    Poof, there went retirement and daughter's college. Insurance only covered half of his chemo because they decided that the doctor was recommending too much. Anti-nausea drugs? Not part of the treatment so a big fat NOPE there. They covered the cost of surgery but not the fee for using the room; the anesthesia deductible was huge and the insurance company decided that the recovery room was unnecessary, ergo they weren't going to cover the charges. It literally sounded like a scene from The Incredibles. Thinking real long and hard about the shareholders, not so much about the consumers.
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  7. Thank you all!

    But some health hotlines are legit, in my opinion.

    But I don't know about that!
  8. the whole idea of government influenced healthcare is silly

    just treat it like any economic product

    free market economy will determine a reasonable price based on supply and demand in concurrence with competition in the absence of external influence
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