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  1. What is Archeage?
    >A free to play themepark MMO with an optional sub that can be paid with in-game gold.

    What can you do in Archeage?
    >Compose sheet music
    >Open-world PvP
    >PvP Arenas
    >Guild drama
    >World Bosses
    >Capturing World Bosses Pokémon style
    >Sail the open seas
    >Ship combat
    >Castle building
    >Much much more

    When can I play?
    >September 16th (
    >Headstart is available now

    When does it officially release?
    >September 16th, with the 4 day headstart beginning on the 12th (

    Extremely long video, but answers a lot of questions you might have:

    >Links (outdated, but nice resource of prebuilt builds) (class tier-list) (borderless window fix) (interactive map)
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  2. I'm not really into MMOs, but this sounds like a pretty cool concept! Are you excited to play when you get home? :)
  3. I was, bought into the Alpha with 150$ because I was hopeful. Played for a few weeks in Alpha, which was really fun. Just sailing around and finding neat little areas was fun in itself.

    Also, there's a kraken.

    Show Spoiler

    And yes, he CAN and WILL destroy your ship in rapid order.

    Also, it can take a fleet of galleons each loaded with players to take him down.
  4. Oh hey, another Archeager. *waves* hi!

    I didn't buy into the alpha, but I played through a good chunk of the beta events (when time allowed) I can't wait for launch. My niece and I are stoked.

    What faction and race are you going to be playing?
  5. I'm currently playing a Nuian and an elf on Naimi. So west I believe!

    The head start is currently up, if you were in beta you can play right now!
  6. No I can't, I didn't pay for beta access, I just got lucky a lot...or stayed up to get a free key.

    Theres a good chance I'll have one character on each side. I like the western landscapes more than the eastern ones I think. However, I like listening to the cut scenes for the Firran race, the woman's accent is cool to me.

    Do you have a favorite aspect? A least favorite?
  7. Ah I see, that makes sense. Only a few days left of head start anyway.

    I haven't got to hear the English stuff for east quite yet. Hope to though!

    Personally I love the freedom, lots of exploration can be done. Least would be housing, it's full save for a few spots yet nothings fully built yet.
  8. One day, eleven hours, and eleven minutes. Someone actually made a countdown for it.

    I'm sure you'll get a chance to.

    I haven't actually messed around with the housing...or farming...or any sort of crafting yet. I never placed my scarecrow garden either. I wanted to find the perfect spot for it and never did.

    It's a very pretty world to explore, very very very pretty. But I think my favorite would be the classing system that's set up. I liked Rift's to, but I think Archeage pulled it off better. And gliders. I like gliders. I like gliders alot. After I got it, I spent a large portion of time just flying around and not doing anything constructive. I don't really like using labor to open coin purses or to identify objects. I don't mind its use for crafting/collecting/otherstuffing, but I think it's overkill to apply it to those two things. Boat steering is hard for me to. But that might just me. I can't seem to get the handle of it and usally give up after about five minutes and start swimming.
  9. I built a house in Alpha, had to stay up til 5AM and kill some people who wanted the spot as well with a buddy. But it was well worth it once we'd built it and I'd gotten some stuff in it.

    For the coin purses its not so bad, same with weapons. 1 labor isn't bad. The amount it takes to smelt and do everything else got ridiculous, especially when I had just enough labor every day to do my farm and burn it off with fishing worms.
  10. What kind of stuff did you put into it? What kind of house did you build?

    When you have fifty or more unopened coin adds up. (also, coin purses, at least priest ones, are 2 points, and weapons/armor are usually 5 if I remember right.) Maybe they'll remove the labor system in a future patch? From what I can tell on their facebook page, no one is overly fond of it.

    Is fishing fun? Or what's your favorite thing to do outside of combat?
  11. I didn't furnish it as much as I'd wanted to, mostly because it was my only goal in alpha beyond learning the basics. That and I ran out of gold. Buying materials to build the house rather than farming them myself.

    Never had that big of an issue, I tend to open them between quest hubs. But I can see what you mean. It's also unlikely they'll remove it,, it's there to keep people from flooding the market with tons of things. To slow things down essentially. It's been there since it came out in Korea, everyone just got used to it.

    Fishing is just idling really, you auto-cast and auto-catch fish. And need TONS of fishing to be able to do real sport fishing, which in itself is far more interactive. Favorite thing? SAILING!

    Incoming pics of the house.
    Show Spoiler

    And sailing
    Show Spoiler
  12. Do the beds actually serve a purpose? Or are they just kinda there? How much was it to buy the supplies instead of crafting them? When/If you rebuild, are you going to buy again or try farming them?

    Yea, I forget they come in coin purses that need to be opened, so I space opening them then click on my inventory randomly and there's a bunch of 'em.
    .......... To mimic an actual economy, I guess labor is kind of necessary then. I hadn't actually thought about why it was there, just knew that it was there, and irritating me with its existence.

    Fishing sounds kinda boring, and you cant just walk and leave your avatar there. Ocean is open PvP.

    Yay for pictures! Thank you for letting me see them. How did you get your interface to turn off? I managed to figure out how to unlock the camera to move it around. But I never figured out the interface.
  13. Yes! You can sleep in them for a gathering buff, it had a long cooldown or something I don't recall. They weren't TOO terrible. Mostly just iron which was pricey. I'd been stockpiling wood and stone for my house to make it a bit easier on my wallet. Managing an epic item and selling it for a few hundred gold worked. As for furniture, it wasn't much, a silver for that, some gold for that. Depending on how lavish you wanted it.

    It kind of is, but sport fishing was supposed to be lots of fun if the guilds dedicated to it were anything to go by. Dangerous and lucrative. But fun as well. Sort of like a minigame they said.

    Do know now its F12 to close your UI and F9 for screenshots, there's also a Camera style mode.

    Which lets you take upskirt shots of pretty women beauty pictures of your husbando nice screenshots!

  14. Oh, cool. They actually do, do something. It still sounds pretty expensive to me, but I never made it past level 25, so it might just be inexperience speaking there. What epic item did you manage?

    Minigames can be fun, did you ever get high enough to enjoy the dangerous and lucrativeness of it?

    I knew F9 was screenshots. But I didn't know about F12

    Heyyyyyyy i read that strike through! *glints suspiciously then bursts into giggles* I can show you some of the screen shots i took, but they aren't as fancy as yours. I was mainly trying to get picturs of scenery for a friend and of the characters my niece and nephew made and were playing.
  15. It was just some random axe I think, had high DPS and was made for melee pretty much, so it sold fast.

    Got to go fishing with a streamer's guild once and tried my hand at it, took some getting used to. The biggest threat was when a galleon full of the enemy faction rolled up on us. Spent an hour sailing away from them and keeping them from taking the ship, had about 500g worth of fish in the cargo thing.

    The scenery was amazing.
  16. You respond very quickly, you know that?

    Yea, High DPS is good DPS. Why didn't you keep it though?

    What's a streamer? That is a lot of gold.

    That picture is amazing. The prettiest thing I took a shot of was an underground cave that had a lot of glowy flowers and a sunset on one of the coastlines that took me by surprise....that's also when I realized the game had shadows. My own scared me. into the water to escape it.
  17. I try, its mostly cause I'm at home and between playing sessions.

    Because I was an archer with my own set of weapons crafted on my own. And I figured with the gold I could level my crafting even further with the chance of making my own good weapons. That and I didn't see myself playing long after that.

    Someone who streams playing the game, it's what got AA most of its early publicity in Alpha.
    That's also hilarious.
    My first time sailing was an experience.
    Yes, that is a meteor shower.
  18. You don't have to take time out of playing to respond.

    You didn't see yourself playing long after that? why? I generally prefer playing an archer to, then shadowplay, and the third one is healing for now.

    Yea, I thought it was pretty funny to, after i got down being embarrassed about it.
    I envy your meteor shower
  19. To avoid doing everything there was to do in Alpha, quit at around 40-something.

    Now its back to being fresh, fun,and new! And I don't mind replying to questions, my leveling partner isn't on all the time.
  20. Ohhhh, okies. Well, hooray for fresh, fun, and new!

    Why at 40 though?
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