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Archangel's Kindness

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PecanScotch, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. Gabriel growled slightly as he was in hiding easily keeping out of the way of the war. His eyes closed as he was blind but his powers helped him do amazing things no other archangels could have ever done. He can turn demons into angels heal human souls and dream walk if he so pleased. He sighed as he felt himself being summoned. He appeared before the human girl and folded his arms "you summoned an archangel?" An angels voice was truly a terrifying sound bringing any person or demon to their knees in fear.

    Gabriel had wings but humans couldn't see them . Gabriel was a shorter angel but his sharp golden eyes and hair gave him a look of sharpness and wit. Gabriel was not harsh and scary but he gave a feeling of holiness and sacred touch. He stood around five feet tall and grey jacket on his eyes looking at him.
  2. Sophie gulped, not because she was nervous, but because the summoning spell had actually worked. Slowly, she stood up with a shaky breath. "It actually worked..." she told herself, staring at the archangel, captivated by his appearance. "You- you can help with this war, right?" she questioned, getting straight to the point of why she summoned him here in her own room and the earth itself. There was a corrupt war happening between the angels and demons, bloodshed falling wherever you could think of. Sophie hoped for this archangel to help stop it. Many were being hurt, and she couldn't bear it anymore. That was why she had come home a little earlier from her college classes and got straight to work. No one knew of her plans for the afternoon, but this was primarily it in a box- summoning an archangel to help stop the war.
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  3. Gabriel looked at her with stone cold eyes and sighing he gave up, how hard could it be to stop a war anyway. It was insanely hard didn't she know anything about this magic and all "you owe me if I help you end this war, as seeing it's going to be very hard and insane I will need your help"
  4. Sophie cowered slightly, feeling intimidated by his stone eyes. Her shoulders relaxed when he let out a sigh. That must've meant he knew how to stop the war. "I'll do whatever I can," she spoke sincerely.
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