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  1. I pull on the headset, it's metal frame surrounding my skull, adapting to the shape of my head perfectly, like it's supposed to. These headsets are expensive, it took me months to save up for it. It's worth it. The device allows me to immerse myself in the game, to be a part of the action whilst remaining unhurt. I've used it on every game I own. Not this one. This one is new. It's called Archangel. People have been queuing up for days to buy this game. My father got me a special copy. I can feel the headset whirring, hear the sounds of it starting up. Then I'm falling.

    I land lightly, standing in the centre of a square full of other gamers, people are trying to leave but they are stuck. I guess that it's because the main quest will be introduced here. I look around me, observing my environment. This is the centre of the first town on the game. It's called Halfholme, according to the guidebook. A sprawling centre of poverty and opulence mixed into one. This is the basic town of the game.

    Then it happens. The voice calls down to us from the sky "Welcome, Gamers, to the city of Halfholme. This city will be the start of an adventure you will never know the like of again. My name is Gabriel, I am the Game Master of this adventure. Archangel is no mere MMORPG. It is life and death. Any one of you who stand here beneath me could clear this game. At the same time any of you could perish, and dying in this game will cause you to die in real life too!" There is a gasp from around the square "upon clearing the game all living participants will be returned alive. Good luck, my friends" the voice stops and the square goes silent
  2. Fred sat down at her computer. She popped open a bottle of Coca-Cola, opened a new bag of pretzels and sighed. It'd been a long, exhausting day and she had looked forward to playing the new game, Archangel. She was a pro-gamer, making a living off gaming while she finished up high-school, starting college in the fall. Already she had her own place as she had always been independent, which was filled with memorabilia from retro games and tournaments she had participated in. She installed Archangel, put on her well-worn headphones and took a sip of soda. There was a whirring sound and the bottle fell from Fred's hand. In fact, Fred realized, it was not the bottle that fell, but herself. She was never one to show her emotions, and for the short time she fell she could only think if she left her apartment door open.

    The ground that met her was hard and there was a pain in her left shoulder. Fred winced but showed no other sign of pain and stood slowly, taking in her environment. There were other people, boys and girls of all ages, even some adults. A few she recognized from playing with but before she could ask anyone what was going on there was a voice.

    Fred listened closely, her jaw set and a hand resting on her shoulder casually. So they were her enemies, but they were also her chance at surviving? She smiled, beginning to like this game.
  3. Deslin took off his beanie and threw it haphazardly onto the dresser upon entering his room. He shook his head, causing his medium length blonde hair to thrash from side to side. Continuing through his messy room, through the holographic wall, and into the game room, Deslin removed his jacket, socks, and shoes; throwing them anywhere that wasn't already littered with clothes. He often took advantage of his parents through their money. They both worked well-paying jobs and acquired a vast amount of wealth over the years. Deslin had no job and used this for his own personal gain. This was apparent through the design his game room. Surrounded by holographic screens and speakers that produced the best HD gameplay and sound. In this room, controllers and mice were obsolete. He WAS the controller. Every movement, every twitch, every action he made was translated to the characters he portrayed on the screen.

    He had just gotten back from a day of graffiti and delinquency; not to mention the game store where he purchased the new "Archangel" video game. After the game was loaded up, he moved his hands in the necessary way to get to the home screen, and clicked play. Immediately after doing this, his mind stirred and became blank. The room began to change, melting away as if he was being pulled from reality itself. The floor began to crumble away beneath him, and after an eternity of falling, he smacked against the hard ground. He let out an exasperated groan, as he rose to his knee. He spit out the small collection of blood that dripped from somewhere in his mouth, and brought his eyes up to scan his surroundings. Very scared and worried children, varying in age and size, riddled the rocky wasteland before him. He grasped his head in pain as he stood...only to be met with a loud overbearing voice ringing in his ears. He listened close to the words, and was shocked at the result. This wasn't his gaming was too was reality.
  4. Jaime stood in the square, unable to move himself from the shock of the previous announcement. This was too much. No. He needed to keep calm and relax, losing his cool would not help him stay alive. As he gained control he started to look around, viewing the distress of the other gamers. Some were crying, others just looked empty. He refused to let himself be reduced to that. He started to walk out of the square.

    Jaime was tall, roughly 6 foot 2, with long blonde hair, perfectly combed to one side. His smile was perfect, the type that would melt any girls heart. He wasn't smiling now though, his mouth locked in a grimace. He had a strong, muscular build, showing that he must do some form of physical sporting expertise.

    "I have to find you" he muttered under his breath
  5. Fred pushed back her mop of dirty blonde hair, streaks of icy blue running through the straight pixie like cables. She wore weather-beaten overalls with a simple white tank-top underneath. Her raggedy red converse which she'd had for years were bursting at the seams, but were the sturdiest and loyal shoes she had ever worn. Her black-and-white knee-high socks just showed where she had rolled up her overalls. She stood at around 5'4" and had some nice curves but from her outfit weren't visible. Just because she had a bit of weight on her didn't mean she couldn't pull that weight, she showed her strength working the high school shows doing tech and the twice-a-week self-defense/workout classes she attended and sometimes co-taught. She dressed modestly, so that she was not always seen, which she didn't mind. She could care less what others thought about her which was apparent with her usual glare. As a child she had a nice smile, and her mother often said it was still there, just waiting for the right person to find it, but for now Fred almost always looked bored or nothing at all.
  6. While most gamers were terrified, shaking in their various footwear, Delsin was actually enthralled. A real life video game, real life stakes! In his mind, this was the coolest advancement ever. He walked through the terrified populous; head held high and his cocky strut making him apparent. He had medium length blonde hair, crushing blue eyes, and warm smile. His demeanor was very confident..perhaps too confident. He often came off as immature and childish, but also fun and spontaneous, even at times - unruly. He stood at 6 ft tall at the age of 17. He wasn't sure where to head. There was a bad guy, have to survive, ultimate prize. Yada yada yada. Same plot line as any video game except this one had a real consequence for failure. No respawn, no multiple chance is all you got. He paused for a moment, contemplating his first move. I suppose it was to find a weapon of some sort..any direction really.
  7. Jaime first set off to find himself a quiet room to set up a plan for his next move. He knew there were roughly 15,000 people spread out over three starter cities. He was in the mountain city of Halfholme. There were only three passes out of the city that would be accessible to low level players. This meant that all the exits would be busy. He could risk a higher level move but with no weapons or armour it would be a risk. Staying here wasn't an option as he needed to head to the more wealthy Plains city of Arkenstall, to the East. That city was surrounded by fields and farms, he knew he could gather gold there.

    He decided to head straight for the nearest inn, knowing they were always a good place to meet up with other players, and even to find out information from NPCs. This game meant survival was necessary. He couldn't make any foolish moves, everything has to be thought out to perfection. No mistakes could be made.
  8. Fred watched as people hurried past her toward the exits of Halfhome. She rolled her eyes. Half of them would be dead by sunrise, they were like sheep running toward the pack of hungry wolves. To think of it, there were probably packs of wolves beyond the city walls, and if she was going to survive to make it out of here she would have to think like a wolf. Turning the opposite way of the crowd she moved toward the inn, its sign swinging in the cool breeze. If she could do anything the first night, she could get drunk enough to figure out her plan for the morning.
  9. Deslin, after scoping out the beginning town, decided it was time to find shelter for the night. In his experience, the inn was always a place to go, re group, and find a place for the night. The sun was setting over the mountains, and he knew it would be dangerous come dark. He began to approach the inn, and just when he was about to open the door, a large brutish man swung it open and elbow checked him. "Whoa," Delsin said swinging around to face the man. "Watch where you're going big..." he was cutoff by the man turning around and showing a scar down his left eye. The man was very muscular and stood to be about 6'7. "Fella..." The man walked up close to Deslin, and learnt down to be face to face with him. "You dare speak to me like that?" The man boomed in a low raspy voice. The crowd stood silent as Deslin looked around. The gamers were watching in if they knew who this man was..or perhaps were just worried about a fight this early.

    "Listen man," began Delsin. "I didn't mean - OOF" Delsin was interrupted by a swinging hammer crashed into his stomach and sent him flying. He hit the ground hard, and he felt slightly his HP was just taken down a lot. The man began laughing as he turned and began to walk the other direction; hammer dragging behind him. "Hey!" Deslin said standing up, and a fire in his eyes. "Leaving already?" The large man stopped, and turned his head. Deslin, although scared out of his mind, spit on the ground. "We were just getting to the good part." The man now turned around fully and clenched his hammer angrily. "You little shit," Boomed the behemoth. The crowd was silent in shock as people from the buildings around began to come out to watch. This man was obviously a high level...with a good weapon, and good armor. But Deslin wasn't gonna stand down. Deslin regained his footing and the two locked eyes.
  10. Fred sat at the bar with a mug of beer in one hand. The shock of what was happening was starting to make an impression on her, but the mood of the inn had changed. She looked up from her drink, the excitement blocked by several heads. With an annoyed glare she stood on the bar stool and saw a boy her age staring down a big brute. Inside, she grinned at potential entertainment. Raising her mug, she chanted, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
  11. He heard voices coming from outside the inn. It couldn't be...surely. But it sounded like it was him. He crept closer to see what the furore was about, before spying Deslin weakened but stood in a fighting stance. He sighed, contemplating whether or not he should step forward and try to calm the situation, but he could see from the look in both gamers eyes that it would be futile to do so. Instead he thought of a different plan, sneaking past the crowds and into the inn through the main entrance. He exuded the feel of an experienced gamer, commanding respect and so others moved out of his way. He quickly moved up the stairs to the second floor, positioning himself at the window, giving him a better vantage point of the fracas below.
  12. Deslin decided he was pretty much fucked either way. He had to get smart. He was cunning, sly, and extremely intelligent tho he didn't look it. He decided he should probably attempt to make peace first. He lowered his stance and began to speak. "Look man, maybe we got off on the wrong foot?" He said with mocking innocence in his voice. The man charged at him with a low battle cry attempting to strike him again. Deslin ducked and stuck his foot out, dodging the hammer and tripping the man. The man tripped and slammed into the wall behind him. "Ok," began Deslin. "Now, we REALLY started on the wrong foot...mine it would seem." The crowd gave a light chuckle, but it was over very soon as the man rose again and wiped the saliva from his lip.

    The man walked with purpose up to Deslin. "Friends?" Deslin asked hopefully. But all he was met with was a low spartan kick that sent him sliding against the rock. "Son of a bitch," Deslin cried out painfully. He could feel his HP dropping lower. He had to be smart now. One more good swing, and he was gone...forever. He stood up, cracked his neck, and spoke across the plaza to the man. "Alright big boy," he said meeting the man's menacing glare. "Let's dance." In synchronization, they both charged at each other. The man brought his hammer up over his head, and slammed it down with a high arc. Deslin was way to fast to be caught by that. In this world, he could do anything! He simply side stepped the large hammer and smacked the man with his right fist. The man yelled out in brief agony, but his anger soon over whelmed the slight pain.

    It was then Deslin realized something. The punch didn't hurt. The thick cranium should have at least made some impact, but it didn't. Deslin smiled for a moment before being disrupted by a low swinging arm; aimed for his legs. Deslin managed to hop over it and land another punch to the side of the mans face. The man yelled in anger as he stood up, and swung the hammer at Deslin again. "Come on man," he said ducking under it. "Your embarrassing yourself." The hammer came again, this time, Deslin hopped over it. "You don't learn quick do you?" The man swung the hammer a third time. This time, Deslin tried to catch it. Instead the hammer smashed into his chest and carried him with it. Deslin spit blood as the hammer connected, but decided to roll with it. He grabbed the hammer tight, and was swung across the plaza; slamming into some gamers and sending them over. Deslin had to think of something fast...that's when he eyed a long sword strapped to the back of one of the gamers.
  13. The entertainment moved to where she couldn't see through the inn doorway. She downed the rest of her beer, paid the bartender a penny and ran out, pushing and shoving through the crowd. Her small stature helped and she was right in the front, booing. "Hit him in the nuts!" she cried. Fights were one of the few times she allowed to show an emotion; excitement.
  14. Jaime rolled his eyes as he watched the action unfurl. Arrogant and condescending were qualities that didn't win fights, although he did wince at the blow that sent Deslin flying. He then decided that enough was enough. Clambering through the window and onto a roof jutting out he dropped down into the scene of the flight, a decent distance between the two "hello there!" He called out to Deslin's assailant "I believe you've met my friend. I'm sure he wants no trouble, nor do I really. I just want this entire thing to be cooled down"

    He could tell his speech wasn't working so he added "I don't think you'd want trouble either, if you knew who we were. The wise thing for all of us here is to end this fight. I'll buy you an ale from the tavern to make up for the time you've lost"
  15. "Jaime??" Deslin cried out. "What the hell are you doing here??" He was cut off by the behemoths cruel laughter. "It's too late for that. This little shit is gonna die, by my hands, right now." With that word, the man swung his hammer at Jaime in an attempt to smack him out of the way. Meanwhile, Delsin grabbed the sword from the gamers back and jumped back into play, armed with a sword now.
  16. Jaime skillfully dodged to the side of the hammer blow, striking up at the assailants chest, leaving a knife he had swiped from the inn protruding from a bleeding wound "aim for the back, Deslin" Jaime instructed, dodging another slow, yet strong blow. "His weapon leaves him exposed defensively" he deftly flicked his wrist and another knife tore the skin all the way up the attackers arm "but please try not to kill him"
  17. "Whatever man," Deslin cried. "I had this fucker handled until you came along. Watch this." He said running towards the assailant and swinging, but he was met with an uppercut to the jaw and he went flying once more...with his HP dwindling.
  18. Jaime sighed "you clearly had no one, now stay out of my way" he slipped to one side, evading another hefty blow, skipping around the man before placing his last two knives squarely in between his shoulder blades and pushing him hard so he was kneeling on the floor "you will leave him alone, or will answer to me, got it? Do you even know who I am? My name is Jaime. I came third in Japan's MMO competition. You cannot match me so you're better off not trying. Now I'm merciful and I don't want to see you dead in here or irl, so I will let you run off to a different inn and stay the night there" he turned and walked over to Deslin "are you alright?
  19. Fred's excitement dwindled and she shoved her hands in her pockets with a sigh, now looking intimidating. She looked around and her stomach growled. As the crowd dispersed she went into the inn to bargain for a room and a hot meal.
  20. Delsin got up roughly, and brutishly brushed the dirt off his shirt. "I didn't need your help, I was fine. The big guy got a shot or two in but im fine, alright?" He locked eyes with Jaime. "Now, what the fuck are you doing here?"
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