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  1. PLOT
    Year: 22XX

    The region of Solmon has always had a haze lingering above it since you remember. The city streets hold turned over trash cans and smashed in windows, buildings looted and hospitals left in dismay, and ships have been left to rust in the harbors. This region is all you've known, and from it you see remains of a life where things were much different. Apparently there was a war, run by mere delinquents, who managed to try and face against the only force you know: Arch Sol. These bad mannered children as they are later referred to were apparently strong and intelligent, some times you walk down the streets and over the bridges hearing the rumors of their skills and their efforts. Some even hope that will to fight against a superior power will return and encourage others to fight once again.

    However these whispers grow quieter and quieter, those who oppose Arch Sol are easily converted into the humanoids you see today. You are one of those humanoids, but was it by force or by choice? These humanoids hold powers far beyond human comprehension, from flight, to shape shifting, to teleporting, to enhanced speed. These hybrid humanoids outnumber the average human easily, they call these humanoids Sols who work with only one thing in mind: serve Arch Sol. They were once human, but underwent extensive and rather painful tests and conversions to create these new forms of being. But these humanoids aren't heartless or mindless, they possess a mind of their own with their own emotions, they merely set them aside to fulfill their missions.

    These missions? They have a purpose, you just aren't sure of it yet, they seem quite random without proper details given. One day it is seek out an elderly man with an underground group of rebels, the next it is to venture to the outer wall of the region and gather samples of soil. Only the leader of Arch Sol understands these goals and missions, and she rarely shares this with others.

    What is your purpose? Do you see the shrinking population of humans as wicked and cruel? Or embrace this advancement of evolution, this survival of the fittest? Well, it doesn't matter what you think, it's all about what you do. Do you let the man your targeted to kill escape? Or do you kill him and hang his body in the street? That's what matters.

    The Rules (open)

    Relationships, fighting, cursing, killing, are allowed. However any romance involving anything R rated should be taken elsewhere. Fighting can result in death but only if agreed upon by both parties involved: the one dying and the one killing.

    Posting should be regular, at least two times to week, if you fail to do so I'll message you and if you fail to post after that you will be removed.

    Posts should be a paragraph minimum. Good literary skills: third person, past tense, good grammar.

    No God-Mode.

    Giving characters powers/abilities can make it tempting to over power your character, but don't. You're only allowed three abilities, and I have the right to reject your ability if it is too OP.

    You're allowed up to as many characters as you like, minimum of one obviously, but if you make five characters you better keep up with all five.

    Secrets may be shared, information may be spoken between characters, but if your character isn't in that area then you wouldn't know that info right? If someone is making plans to kill your best friend and you aren't around to hear that, then you can't say "Oh hey I heard you might be killed." If you'd like, you can share plot heavy secrets via PM if that helps.


    Leader--Luna Gillian

    Right Hand (one slot)--

    Left Hand (one slot)--

    Officers (three slots)--

    Spies (four slots)--

    Professors (unlimited)--

    Troops (unlimited)--

    Job Descriptions:
    Right Hand (open)
    The right hand man, or woman, serves close to the leader of Arch Sol. The job is more or less a blessing than the average jobs given. The right hand aids the leader in her tasks, helps plan missions, and enjoys the relaxation of fancy dinners and daily massages to keep tension lose. However, the right hand is subject to having to face officers and troops on a daily basis, often used as the scapegoat for the leader's decisions.

    Left Hand (open)
    Similar to the right hand, the left hand man or woman too gets the perks of relaxation and massages and daily meals. The left hand though is considered the aid to the right hand, instead of the leader. Many times the right hand puts his or her tasks on the left hand to skip duties or take the heat for certain decisions.

    Officers (open)
    Officers are in control of the troops, not literally of course but they are considered the superior officers of the troops and help guide them in terms of missions or making sure orders are followed. They tend to be loyal to the leader, however their loyalty can come into question. Officers are treated well, but not as well as the leader or the hands, but do get time off and enjoy simple perks of extra meals and watching television when nothing is going on.

    Spies (open)
    Spies are often sent to either go out into the region and learn of enemy attacks or rebel information. However spies are often assigned to sit within troops to uncover any plans of rebellion within the Arch Sol. Due to spies being very valued to the leader, spies are treated with respect and honor, even addressed by the leader herself to join her at dinner to dine on rather expensive meals.

    Professors (open)
    These lab workers get hands on experience with making Sols, some grow rather attached to their creations and often grow soft spots for the ones they had a hand in creating. However, professors are always hard at work with giving repairs to the Sols and aiding in broken bones and enhancing their powers. This makes these lab workers tired often and feel overworked in the Arch Sol.

    Troops (open)
    The meat of the Arch Sol, troops go out and handle whatever missions the leader gives. The troops experience the region the most out of the jobs mentioned and get their hands the most dirty. They are however not given much praise or reward unless they continually kiss at the leader's feet, which some refuse to do. Troops do have pride after all, but some also value meals and warm places to sleep instead of that.

    This takes place in the not so distant future in a large city, much of the area is run down and demolished by troops sent to uncover rebels and secret hideouts of those who appose the Arch Sol's power. The residence of those aligned with Arch Sol is inside of a sky scrapper, the top floor holding the leader and those closest to her rank, the higher you reside in the building the higher your rank. Those lower in the building experience the street life easier, from the smell to the sights to the screaming in the alleyways, reserved more for troops. The lab where humans are made into Sols resides under the building itself, many humans can be seen in liquid filled tubes or strapped to tables undergoing the change it takes to becoming said Sol. The building holds libraries, training rooms for target practice, meditation rooms, dining room, kitchen, lounge, etc.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: (First, Last)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Both, Neither, Etc.)
    Age: (How old your character is)
    Appearance: (Picture or Description works just fine. In description be sure to include height, color, unique feature such as beauty marks or tattoos or scars, clothing, build, and whatever else you feel necessary to point out)
    Powers: (Capabilities of your character)
    Weapons: (If any, your character's weapons, limit two)
    Background: (Doesn't need to be a life story, can explain how you came to be a Sol, whether you fought against this change or embraced it, where your loved ones stand on this issue if you have any and how that influenced you, etc.)
    Personality: (Pretty self explanatory. Be sure to include any quirks or pet peeves or anything that helps your character stand out)
    Job: (Up above is the list of jobs that need to be carried out. Pick one that is available)

    Name: Luna, Gillian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Standing at 5"6' in flat shoes, Luna is rather short for her age. She holds hair a light silver in color that waves down her spine and to her hip, held together in a tail. Often she wears the uniform of a leader, a dark vest with golden buttons and tight black pants, the back of her vest holding the image of a sun split down the middle by a dagger. Wears black slender boots on her feet, showing the reflection of everything around it, reaching up her leg and to her knees. When not in uniform, her outfit consists of white colors, be it gowns or shirts or skirts, complimenting her pale skin, giving almost a ghostly appearance.

    Telepathy: The ability to speak to others using her own mind and listen in on other's thoughts with much ease. Makes it hard to lie to her without thinking about it and having her listen in.
    Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate and control inanimate objects without touching them, however her ability to do so with the human body is impossible to achieve.
    Force Shield: Can form protective barriers around herself or others at a moment's notice, has saved her life countless times.
    Weapons: A single blade often either slung on her shoulder or attached to her waist band, but has never been seen in use by others. Could be just for show.

    Background: At the age of six she was brought into her father's world of Arch Sol, him being the prior leader, and was quick to raise her as the ruthless leader needed in order to run his organization. Having a father with an iron fist and lack of compassion, Luna was raised without much love or forgiveness in her life. Every mistake was met with a slap across the face or a kick in the stomach, her father known to despise wasting time with incompetence. As she grew up, becoming fuller and more mature, she eventually underwent the transformation to become a humanoid with her father's experimental evolution. She was his first and his last experiment, for once she emerged as this new creature she was quick to end his life and take his place. She'd never seen him look so proud of her.

    With the organization in the palm of her hand, she began to move forward with his experiments and his goal of domination and evolution of the human mind. Still, rebels came and went, rose and fell, some coming closer to overthrowing her than others but with the transformations happening so quickly her army grew large.

    Personality: Many could view her as cold, distant, emotionless if they only knew her by her rank. But when around those she trusts, knows well, cares about, she is entirely different. Her face smiles every now and then, and can be quite patient with those who fail without meaning to, unlike her own father. However she can kill those who fail her one too many times without batting an eyelash, she can sleep well at night knowing her creations are murdering humans or transforming them into something new, viewing it as mere evolution. She's rather blunt in her speech, being a leader she has no time to give vague hints or whisper secrets. Her brutal honesty may make some uncomfortable or feel intimidated.

    However she has a side of shyness, a sense of trusting other too quickly, looking for someone to fill the void in her heart that her father left behind.
  2. Reserved for left hand Female
  3. Might make an officer thats literally in control of their soldiers... or more likely, a soldier.
  4. Hmm, okay, I'll see how the character sheet looks when you do it
  5. I'll post a CS sheet sometime either tomarrow night or the day after. Either or i want to be in this as a Soldier.
  6. Cool I can wait
  7. Vlash Bloodmyre

    Name: Vlash Bloodmyre
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    1. Summon the hounds! (Vlash can summon two hell beasts to do his bidding once per day.)
    2. Demonic Gauntlet (Vlash can materialize a blood red claw to replace his hands to increase his strength. Can leave his body depleted of energy.) [<-Random times]
    3. The Shadows will conceal my every move. (Vlash can surround himself in shadows to be concealed once per day.)
    1. Chain Whip
    2. Throwing knives
    As a boy, Vlash's family was incidentally murdered by the soldiers of Sol. Once the soldiers laid eyes upon his scared little form they kid napped him and brought him to Sol. Where he was pushed into a tube to become what the Soldiers are. Throughout that whole time he never really remembered anything done to him. He only knew once he was out of the tube he was stronger and more agile. He also had these powers which were odd to him.
    As the days went by being a soldier and doing many missions, for some reason he had this ill look upon the soldiers of Sol. He never really enjoyed what was happening to the humans, he noticed their numbers dwindle. Little by little. One day he promised himself that he would help out the lesser folk that were below the Arch Sol's ranking.​
    Vlash is pretty concerned for the human race, and he's very helpful towards them and seems to favor them. Otherwise he's a pretty cool person to be around. Not many pet peves, other than the humans being treated like common trash. Other than that though, he's pretty likable.​
    Job: Soldier

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