Arcanum Isle

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  1. AutumnLeaf Moorwin
    Race- Half-elf
    Age- 98 (equivalent of a human teen)
    Height- 5' 1"
    Weight- 110 lbs
    Hair/eyes- Bright white/brown

    Autumn could not get her eyes to open at first. They felt swollen and her head was pounding. She also had a sharp pain in her thigh. Worst of all she could not remember where she was or how she got there. Slowly the memory came back and she almost wished she could lose it again. She forced one of them open and waited until her vision cleared up enough to see. She appeared to be on a beach, though not one she recognized. She could see scattered remains of their wooden ship, the storm had not left much.

    She slowly stood up with a loud groan. She inspected her body for any serious injuries. She found a large splinter of wood about a half inch into her thigh, she pulled it out and used a piece of tattered cloth from the beach to cover it. Tears welled up in her eyes but she fought back the urge to cry, now was not the time to act like a child. She allowed herself about a minute to get her emotions under control.

    She started searching the beach, hoping to find another survivor. Before long she came across Akai, her guardian drake. She was not moving except for a slight rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. "Akai? Are you alright?" She asked placing a hand on the small drakes head. The drake jumped up and bared her teeth for a moment until she saw that it was Autumn. Then she ran in an excited circle and licked Autumns cheek with her warm tongue. Autumn was so grateful to have someone she knew and loved that for a moment she forgot her precarious situation.
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  2. Ashley Vinewood
    Race: Night-elf
    Age: 105
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Hair/Eyes: Black/Green

    She had been hunting, as usual.

    Ashley Vinewood carefully made her way through the foliage with silent footsteps, her pale skin made even paler in the light. Her long dark hair, tied in a simple braid for practicality followed her as the night-elf traversed the forest with years of ease. A polished bow was ready in her hands, and a bolt of arrows together with a rucksack was slung across her shoulders, lying on her back.

    And then, she stood still - her face tightening as she felt, heard the whispers of the trees, the forest.

    There was a stranger upon her homeland - an intruder.

    Narrowing her emerald eyes, the elf followed the directions of the presence emitted, sensing it.

    Reaching the edge of the forest, she spotted the intruder. It was a girl with white hair, unusually enough.

    Ashley pulled out an arrow and nocked it, ready to battle if needed as she called out.

    "You. What brings you here?"
  3. Autumn Jumped to her feet and indicated with her hand for Akai to stay. She looked around until she found the source of the voice. It was a beautiful dark haired girl with an arrow pointed right at her. When Akai saw the arrow she growled under her breath.

    "No need for that dear one." She said petting the drakes head. She then called out to the girl. "I am afraid I am stranded here, please there is no need for that bow. I have no weapons and I would wish you no harm even if I were armed." She held up her hands to show that she meant no harm. Seeing that Autumn was not acting defensive, Akai wagged her spiky tail and jumped around in happy circles.
  4. She twitched in annoyance at being called dear by the stranger. It was disrespectful, as no one but her chosen mate and close ones could only call her that and give her nick-names - endearing or not.

    Warily eyeing the white-haired girl, Ashley drew towards her closely and cautiously. Seeing that she was telling the truth, the night-elf lowered her bow slightly. "It appears that you are telling the truth. However, try anything, and I will kill you without hesitation. Is that clear?"
  5. "Quite clear but quite unnecessary. This is your home and I am either a guest or a trespasser, I suppose that is up to you." She looked down at her thigh which was still bleeding heavily. Her head began to swim and she sat down with a thud. "Oh dear." Akai nuzzled her neck with a concerned whine. "I think I have lost a little too much blood. If you intend to take me prisoner you may have to get Akai here to carry me." She laid back in the sand and just before losing consciousness she said to Akai, "This is her home, you do as she says."
  6. As the stranger lost consciousness, Ashley let out an exasperated sigh and put her bow away.

    She bent down carefully to examine the girl's injuries. There was a large gash on her thigh, and several cuts on her arms and bruises on her legs. The night-elf pondered her options - for one, she could not bring the girl to the area of the clan; it would be unwise as they were generally a private people and would not take a stranger kindly in, and the other; she was wary to take a stranger and her familiar - Akai, the girl had said - into her own personal home.

    That left her only one option, and that was to take the girl into her 'other' home near one of the caves. It was risky though, as there were many wild creatures in that area.

    The night-elf worked quickly, temporarily closing the injuries. Satisfied with her work, the black-haired elf stood up, supporting the stranger with her own body. Glancing at the drake, she said in annoyance.

    "Are you coming or not?"

    She would treat the white-haired girl properly when she reached the caves.
  7. When Autumn awoke she was in a strange place. She looked down at her thigh and saw that the dark girl had patched her up. She tried to call for Akai but her voice caught in her parched throat. She put her hand to her throat and looked around. She was on a bed in a small simple room. The walls were wooden and unadorned. Akai was napping on the floor in a corner. A cup of water sat on a small simple nightstand next to the bed. She took a small drink, careful not to overdo it, then she called out to Akai. The drake jumped to her feet and rushed to the bed, wagging her tail so hard that her whole body swayed. Autumn petted her scaly head and asked, "Where have we gone and found ourselves now girl?"
  8. The trees, the elf noted with a small frown as she gathered some herbs from her surroundings, were strangely uneasy.

    Satisfied with her collection, the black-haired female strode over to her rucksack lying on the ground. Flipping it open with a light kick of her foot, she knelt down to place the herbs inside before closing it tightly. Slinging it over her shoulder, bow in hand and arrows in tow - she straightened her posture as an unfamiliar scent drifted through the air. Ashley hesitated, pausing for a moment before lifting a hand and faced her palm forwards - and placed it upon a trunk of a tree.

    'Something's coming.' They whispered. 'Run.'

    'What? What is it?'

    'There's not enough time. You have to warn the clan!'

    'How long?'

    'A week at the most. Hurry!'

    A strange jerk pulled the night-elf from the connection forcefully then.

    Her lips tightened. How she wanted to get more answers but... it seemed that the stranger was awake.

    Sighing, Ashley left the clearing and made a bee-line to where she had left the stranger. Arriving at the doorway of the room where she had been placed in, Ashley spoke.

    "Well. Looks like you're awake."
  9. The pretty black haired girl suddenly appeared in the doorway. Autumn nodded and said, "I apologize that I did not get to formally introduce myself before. I am AutumnLeaf Moorwin. Please call me Autumn." She extended a hand and offered a friendly smile. Clearly this strange dark woman did not trust her, she hoped to show her that she meant no harm.
    She could clearly see that she was an elf, but Autumn had never seen an elf with such dark hair before. Of course she did not know any with pure white hair like herself, but most of them had at least light brown hair, black was unheard of. She must be a half-elf like Autumn, or perhaps some exotic type of elf Autumn had never heard of. Autumn could only hope she was not going to be considered a threat to this girl and her people.
  10. She paused in the doorway for the moment, eyeing the other cautiously before stepping forwards to shake the other's hand briefly.

    " it?" Ashley tested the name out. "I am Ashley. Ashley Vinewood."

    Now that she could see the white-haired girl closer, it was obvious that she was not a pure elf like her, nor was she a night elf. This led to the conclusion that..Autumn..was most probably a half-elf. Which was...sort of bad for her as half-elves, while not degraded, were slightly disrespected in her clan as they do not have the full capabilities of a pure light or dark elf.

    "You are a half-elf, are you not?"
  11. Autumn smiled. Half-elves were often viewed with distaste if not outright hostility. She was used to it, in her own home she was considered a second class citizen. She was permitted to live among the elves but treated the same way they might treat a familiar human or dwarf. Autumn was not quite as fast or agile as most elves, she was very long lived but not immortal, and her gifts were not as strong; but she was still valued above many half-elves in her homeland due to her exceptional abilities in healing. She was known as one of the most powerful healers of someone her age, her only shortcoming was that she had never been able to heal herself.

    "I am very pleased to meet you Ashley." She offered a small curtsy. "Also thank you for patching up my wounds. I am indeed only a half-elf, my mother was a human. I apologize if this is a problem." Akai nuzzled her leg and she knelt down to scratch her head while she continued to smile politely at Ashley.
  12. Funny, the night-elf mused. She was

    Which was rare, all things considered as her people were usually private. Although that didn't mean her own people were friendly, it was simply the fact that they were wary of strangers. It was not surprising, honestly, considering their rather..unconventional history.

    The night-elves were the opposite to the light ones. For example, they had pale skin compared to the light elves whose skin were more to sun-kissed and tanned. They were also different in terms of abilities as well, but that was a story for another day. Simply put, the two were opposites - night and day, sunrise and sunset, and ashes and dust. Yet at the same time, they were connected through the Mother Nature itself.

    "I see," Ashley acknowledged in a neutral, indifferent tone. "You are welcome. But what brought you here?"
  13. "My father is... or I suppose he was the Admiral of a rather large fleet of ships. We were crossing the sea when we met with a great storm. The greatest I have ever seen by far..." Autumn's words trailed off for a moment while she became lost in the dark memories of that storm. Her eyes were on Ashley, but she seemed to be staring right through her. A few tears rolled down her tan cheeks. After a moment she seemed to catch herself and smiled at Ashley, obviously feeling a little embarrassed.

    "I'm sorry where was I? Oh yes. I do not know if every ship in the fleet was taken, but ours was torn to pieces and landed here on your beach. I do not know if any of my people survived."
  14. "I...see," Ashley spoke neutrally, keeping her tone indifferent. The night-elf was unsure if she should comfort the half-elf. It was not because that she was not compassionate, it was simply because that she was brought up not to get too close to strangers as their goals and (possible) motives could possibly be harmful.

    She contemplated for a moment, debating what to do next. "I am sorry for your loss," Ashley spoke.

    "Anyhow, you should be able to move around. Though, be careful not to agitate your injuries too much," The night-elf informed her. "Feel free to walk around, but stay within the area. There are wild creatures about."

    Ashley left the room - heading to the small kitchen to make some food and drinks.