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For eons, Earth has been without magic. It has been exterminated from the Earth by the newfound religions, persecuted - it's practitioners killed and creatures thought dangerous slaughtered. The humans go on with their lives, believing it all to have been a distant myth created from the figments of ignorant people's imaginations.

Belief is misleading.

The truth is, those creatures never left - people simply do not believe in them anymore. With their disbelief, they no longer 'see' the world as it really is anymore. They can no longer touch upon the power of Dreams - Magic. They allow the darkness in their heart to cloud their mind, and they are forever lost.

...However, there is something about the minds of children, of youth - before they are taught the way "the world works" by adults. They are open to the magical wonders of the world. Their parents do not believe them... but there is Belief. There is Magic.

The Towers of Arcanix - cloaked to the world below, floating in an area where planes never travel, whether because of magic or convenience of location. It is the last true academy of magic in the world. There, people are trained to use the most precious resource of all.... Imagination.

It is a special school, open to those that show the 'spark'... where the teachers and constant exposure to Magic and the Stuff of Dreams fosters Imagination, allowing the spark to become a roaring flame of imagination.

That is not to say there aren't problems. Time still passes, and parents wonder where their children (sometimes teens) go. Some children must learn to balance other schooling with Arcanix schooling. There are cliques in Arcanix of varying degrees, as well as exposure to less admirable magical creatures.

However, as the sign says in the opening hallway, where students imagine themselves into the building...

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
-Albert Einstein

Game Notes:
This is a fun little freeform game about life balancing a magical school with the pressures of real Earth life. One can play a character of any age (older characters having attended the school when young and re-visit to continue "Collegate" schooling later in life). "Imaginary" creatures also available to play, as are half-breeds.

Use any character sheet you are comfortable with.

By magical you mean kinda like wand-and-staff-Gandalf-style magic or "woosh i cast fireball with my fingertips" kind of magic or is that imagination thing like "I WANT AN ICE CREAM!" and you end up being the CEO of Häagen-Dasz or something?
Either of the first two. Casting with tools or just your hands. Depends on the mage in question.

Though the school is attempting to teach AGAINST doing the third thing. Young kids aren't likely to do something like that, and adults quickly learn that though you might have replaced someone high-ranking, there always tends to be a few forgotten holes in the imaginative process that causes such a dreamlike quality to it that even adults become suspicious.
I almost have my bio ready. :D Just had my sister over for a few days and was otherwise distracted.
This sounds pretty fun. I love these sort of things! There hasn't been any activity on this thread, but whatever, I would do this in a heart beat.

I'll work on a bio. :D
I took the liberty of making the most awesome character here and devised a viking wizard vampire, hope it's okay.

Name: Erik Björnsson




A former viking, he became a Varangian warrior and travelled to Russia, where he met a vampire woman, who sired him and introduced him to the ways of magic beyond the rune-reading of his people.

For centuries he travelled and honed his skills, until he was subject to the ire of the Vatican itself, and went to sleep in hiding for a few centuries, unharmed until he woke up at the beginning of the 20th century. He avoided both world wars, though his warrior blood would have otherwise had him in the battlefields of France in a heartbeat, he found the Towers of Arcanix through an old acquaintance of his –a wizard who had attained immortality-, and preferred the security of the place, realizing that the last time he fought someone an arrow volley was the most powerful weapon, instead of nuclear bombs.

There, through many oaths taken and magical contracts, he swore off ever feeding off the students or teachers, and instead fed himself with farm animals, willing subjects, and donations. For this service however, he has now become the teacher of defensive magic in the school, which would otherwise be called offensive and black magic in a less family-friendly environment.

Magical Specialty and Subject (if teacher): Defensive Magic, includes self-defense, if needed, though he teaches so there’s no need for physical contact.
Darkness, is it alright if I steal the format of your character sheet?
It's there for a reason.

TLDR: Of course, duh.
I hope this is up to par. >.<

Name: Renee Dasher

Appearance: Renee was cursed with the most unruly red hair ever known to mankind, however she doesn't mind it as it sets her apart from others. She generally keeps the messy mane in a bun low to the base of her neck as to keep in out of the way. She has too fair skin, littered with many freckles and scars from all of the times she spent falling out of trees or off buildings. Her chocolate eyes are often hid behind her oval shaped, wire-rimmed glasses, and she'd never be caught dead in anything more formal than a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a tee shirt.


Born as the daughter of two scientists, she was raised to not believe in anything that was not science. However, Renee Dasher was born blessed with an imagination that was near unrivaled. In her mind, everything was possible. People could fly, create something from nothing, and change everything with the power of thought. As much as her daydreams disturbed her parents and as much as they tried to contain it nothing ever changed with her right up until the very day she found out about the Towers of Arcanix. That day was the day she felt she no longer needed to prove her reality to others, as she had been shown a place with others who lived as she did.

Renee began the school at the age of seven, and continues it to this day as an eleven year old child.

Magical Specialty and Subject (if teacher): Renee's magical specialty is the creation of vivid illusions of a rather "trippy" variety.<!-- / message -->