Arcanis Infinium - Contest of Magic

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Ten years ago, the world was in danger of being destroyed. The dragon Korialstraz unified the various races of evil, deposing several kingdoms and dominating the people of the land. Warriors from all over the world came to defeat him - one by one, they fell. It was only when the magic-users rose to fight, did the forces of good have a chance.

For all their lives, mages were mistrusted... hated, and attacked. When a group of mages rose to defeat the dragon, they became heroes - as did their art. Sealing the dragon away in a magical ball, shattering it into pieces. They each took a piece, keeping it safe from evil... and raising their own power with the powers of the dragon.

One of the mages, the alterist Velixor, was enthralled with the various types of magic in the world. When he became a hero, he used his powers to set up a contest... those with magical power would come to him, once every five years.

Those who's power impressed him were rewarded greatly. Creative uses of existing spells, new spells crafted by those with the power to do so, magical items of world-shaking capability. All would come by him, and he took it in stride. Recording what was found in the book, Arcanis Infinium, those who impressed him taking a copy of the book each time... it was an amazing prize for most of the mages, but the prize for the 'True Winner' of the contest... different each time, took the real prize home.

Velixor would grant the 'True Winner' one wish, using all of his power... and as an honest contest-master, would follow the spirit of the wish, rather than twist it, as many would.

It is the first day of the Arcanis Infinium contest, and the magic-users of the world have gathered... the normally-empty streets of Forever Night City now bustle with activity. Even those without magical skill are welcome, and mny come to buy the highest-quality magical items they can, all at the lowest prices of the year...

The great city was built by Velixor out the the top of a mountain that was so high that sunlight never reached it. Forever, it would stand as a symbol of power and magic... shimmering lights of the cold night air flowed around it during the competition... a natural occurance, and a beautiful one.

Who knows what incredible things will happen during this year? Who knows who will win... what they will wish for... only time - and Velixor - know.