Arcane Machina: A Broken World

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  1. Arcane Machina: A Broken World

    A distant world called Vicronica once reigned with the era of a promising future through science yet was often filled with endless conflict, wars raged on towards the day where everything is achievable through technology without looking to a mysterious past that has been erased from its dark, hypnotic history and research has been deemed forbidden by all the high powers of Vicronica. It's higher powers forbade the use of the illogical, and even searching for Ancient Magic through Occult acts were outlawed even by the higher authorities of Vicronica's political arena. It was a peaceful cohabitation that none argued nor questioned, save for few who had ties to the dark eras long forgotten. Technology marched on towards the future without looking into the past for guidance was a misstep, and so it came a thousand fold to punish humanity in the modern era.

    On the 3rd day of the 1995th era of Vicronican calendar, a cataclysmic disaster ended the scientific world that everyone knew. The Awakening, a moment where the planet's supernatural powers with connection to other impossible planes of existences, illogical science and realms to the unknown and even the path of the dead has been opened into the modern era of science and machines, Magic has bled into the reality where Science could no longer answer its terrifying power. Lives were turned upside down, men, women and children were turned into creatures thought of legend or given powers unwillingly, as magical faults and countless magical geothermal movements turned Vicronica into a planet filled with the mystical and unknown. Science had an enemy in the form of Vicronica's buried magic. Futurisic Machines, Mecha and Ragnum battle suit Technology melded with the likes of Witches, Demons and other untold terrors and did battle for centuries against one another until we arrive at the era of 2140 TA, where the Arcane faults continue to turn humans into beings of awe or terror. Humanity and the beings, now called "Arcane Gifted" by the scientific realms, are still at each others backs for who should be the dominant species of Vicronica.

    On this year, One man of science will rise to confront the horrors of his past and weigh the balance of the future between his people and the Arcane Gifted and one woman resolves to confront her tormentors after being heavily transformed into a weapon for their own use. However, their tormentor, The Lady President of Vicronica now overcome with megalomania after centuries of bloodshed seeks to harness the power of the planet's latent magic and bring balance back to humanity in her own twisted way with her husband, reigning ruler of a distant Machine Empire watches from behind the shadows.

    The Rules:

    1. No god-modding
    2. No Powerplaying/Metagaming
    3. Be respectful to other RPers
    4. Have as many characters as you wish, so as long as you can manage them.
    5. This is a science fiction blended with fantasy setting. You can go for a futuristic character or for a mythical character of your choice.
    6. It's an open world, add anything you wish when making your character as well. Cultures, subcultures, tech, curses, anything that can make this world interesting that is rife with conflict.


    Humanity - Relying solely on Machines and Science, they seek to keep a balanced peace in the world. After The Awakening, they have come to study and witness further evolutionary levels of how their world changed and as well as their former fellow men. Some countries and cities melds both Humanity and The Arcane Gifted together, while some are ruthlessly racist towards them. Futuristic cities continue to rise to a world that is impossible to behold, making it into a wondrous but ultimately deadly era.

    Subclass examples include:
    - Cyborgs
    - Ragnum Armored Individuals
    - Mech pilots

    Arcane Gifted - Humans or animals turned into creatures or blessed with magic by tectonic auras emitted from the earth called Arcane Faults. It is often a randomized supernatural phenomenon caused by the world to be something they are not, large percentages during The Awakening are young adults and children, thus was a troubling time for Humanity. Often ostracized by those not imbued with magic, they are often left to other settlements and co-mingle with their fellow cursed man. Other cities do not have this discrimination, yet often face such things with humans. Some Arcane Gifted have naturally awoken during the era from slumber from the earth to thrive once more in a world that has forgotten them. Greater older beings such as Wyrms, Serpents and other ancient creatures that have awoken in the past century also fall under this Category under Dogma standard.

    Subclass examples include:
    - Holy Entities
    - Fae/Faeries
    - Demons
    - Witches
    - Wizards


    (Note: This is a partial summary of the locations encountered by the RP characters, and is subject to massive expansion as the RP progresses. )

    - Dogma -​


    The Capital city of the world of Vicronica where it takes a large portion of land mass of the west hemisphere, and is also the country name where the main plot will take place. The purest human settlement and the probability of 0.1% chance of Arcane cracks or fault anomalies from turning humans into Arcs/Arcane Gifted. This is where humanity's governing body takes control of its populace and assists them in bolstering their ties with other humans in the world yet to be discovered before The Awakening. This is where humanity congregates and has the highest ethnic population of the world, Science is still the dominant practice and its many subforms such as biology, metallurgy, physics, metaphysics among many other subjects. Religion is a very terse topic here, as it correlates to Arcane Gifted. Faith is often replaced by Logic and Cold calculations. The Lord President is located in this City and oversees Humanity's progress and has absolute political control of every human settlement within Dogma's records, making him the most powerful individual in the planet. His word is generally law and it is rare to overule his final word. The mysterious Karen Rose is currently the reigning Lord President of the planet for almost 20 years as of 2140 TA and appears to be ageless from reports.

    - Korma -​


    A Machine city and totalitarian neighbouring country of Dogma, with the Captial dubbed Metropolis 01, it is notable for hosting various human Ministries such as The Ministry of Science among other secretive organizations that lay within, where almost all of humanity's research are recorded and where new achievements are done yearly. Home to the elitist humans on the planet and one of the richest countries, it boasts a very intellectual and strict professionalism in terms of careers as most of the paths there only point to the realms of science rather than any form of commerce. Only the wittiest and brightest thrive in this city while the lower classes are often oppressed by their counterparts. Due to its purity rate along with Dogma, the chances of Arcane fault anomalies are 0%, making it the safest place without risk of Arc/Arcane Gifted conversion, but one of the worst places for any Arc/Arcane Gifted to be discovered. Any Arc/Arcane Gifted sighted would be taken to the Ministry of Magicology and its many firms for experimentation. It is the only city which is said to have an exclusive prison island called "Area 23" only catering to Arcs/Arcane Gifted, located at a singular island almost 40 km wide from the mainland of Metropolis 01. Arcs captured there are rarely released or die before their sentence is lifted and is extremely difficult to be free. It has a a magnificent free way where many vehicles from other settlements travel alongside it, called The Korma Freeway and links to Dogma due to its political relations to the country. This country is also the home of the Vicronican Security Council and houses all of Dogma's agents and Cyborg operatives within its marvelous elitist walls. It is noted for hosting docking bays for Mechas and Ragnums purchased from Tirnova to serve their security needs. It's prime leader is Minister Hobbs, one of Korma's brightest and ruthless purist and one of the higher echeleons of The Human Purity Party.

    - Tirnova -​


    The futuristic country of Vicronica, with the Captial city of Lacutor. It is also noted to be home to The Vicronican Military and humanity's major defenses, and thus a city full of weaponry both modern and Arcane in nature. It's new trend of creating a new blend of both worlds called "Magitek" weaponry is slowly in the rise and fetches for a valuable price. Korma Officals have been looking to outlaw such a brand, but have been stayed by the Lord President. Almost 80% of its inventions and marvelous machinery populates a portion of Vicronica, even on certain Arc/Arcane Gifted settlements. It is also notable for being the Hub of Militaristic weaponry such as the terrifying Mechas and Ragnum battle response suits. It's reigning commerce leader is currently Faiz Industries along with Haven Ballistics. The sky scrapers of this city are one of the tallest structures in the planet, with Faiz tower at its peak of 400 feet. It is also one of the many cities that promotes futurist ideals such as unions with Arcs/Arcane Gifted and sharing trade with settlements. The city is known to have a 20.5% chance of encountering an Arcane crack that could turn a human into an Arc/Arcane gifted. It is home to the Futurist Party, and its current Leader is Grand Marshall Albert Williams.

    - Crysta -​

    One of the more accommodating cities in Vicronica where Humanity and Arcs/Arcane Gifted can get along very well. It houses a guild and one of the more tougher cities as a result. It was the home of Shenorai Eterna before her Awakening and capture by her allies before being turned over to Korma for a life sentence issued by the VSC. It is owned by a Duke named Crystan along with his wife and is one of the old customed cities to have districts of sorts that still survive to this era and age of 2140 TA. What started from a small settlement centuries ago, even withstanding the test of time through The Awakening and changing eras, it still stands to this day consisting of aristocratic homes, gardens, and modest homes for the locals. Walls have been built around it as urbanization continues to grow within this magnificent city, notable is the guild being built into a district of its own. It's probablity of encountering and suffering a transformation from an Arcane fault is at 12% with most of the victims usually cared for unlike in some other cities.

    - Oriental Frontier -​


    A mysterious group of Oriental continents explored by many weapon manufacturers, who pay for waging war in a means to colonize the countries within. Countries around it are vague at best due to the colonizing process, however as it has yet to be purified by The Vicronian Security Council, the probability of encountering and suffering a transformation from an Arcane crack/Arcane fault is quite high in contrast to colonized regions of humanity. Some colonized regions within the Frontier has some of them moved to Dogma or other human settlements of the West due to these warring periods. It is told by some records that the probable chances of being afflicted or transformed by an Arcane fault is as high as 30% or 32% by some witness reports.

    Accepted Profiles:​

    Iron Man - Ralph Faiz : Marigold Redwood
    Shenorai - Shendra : Robin Chelle
    Tipsynaruto - Child
    Red Fox - Xotiff and Kyvvy : Argle Wargle
    Yaoi Master Gavin - Zephyr
    Mikasa - Rosetta The Outcast
    Squee - Albert Ausartak
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  2. Do you have a character template in mind for this, Izzy? Players new to the story will need a skeleton to work with.
  3. Ya I second that question as the plot has me interested.
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  4. Template will be coming later, don't worry.
  5. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and post up my character from last time. However, before we get started with the RP itself, I WILL need a skeleton for non-prisoner characters. For Robin's sake.


    Here is the prisoner report as requested, sir.

    File found.

    Prisoner No. 012988
    Name: Shendra (formerly Shenorai Eterna)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Known Faction(s): Arcanian Gifted, Mercenary Guild (Crysta Branch)
    Subject's Profile:
    - Height/Weight: 5 feet, 8 inches/220 pounds (including Anomaly)
    - Hair: Fire Red, long, kept down, fringe normally swept to the sides of her face. (formerly black)
    - Eyes: Light Purple (formerly Green)
    - Complexion/Build: Caucasian, Scarring on Back/Athletic
    - Physical Anomaly: Aside from the obviously changed hair and eye color, the subject's Awakening triggered the growth of a large pair of feathered wings upon her back, sprouting below her shoulder blades. The length measures about 5 feet, 8 inches, resulting in an 11 foot wingspan. The feathers are naturally gold-colored. Although they may match the metallic shine of gold, there is no actual metal in the feathers. There appears to be an increased number of nerves at the base of each feather, making them sensitive to changes in the winds as well as pain. The wings have enough strength for the subject of fly and carry one person with her.
    ( Observation Note: The wings and feathers appear to reflect the mood of the subject, making it difficult for her to hide her emotions. There is a strong possibility that the coloration reflects the subject's health. When interacting with the subject, pay attention to her wing movements. )
    - Attire: Red shawl with hood; long burgundy shirt, sleeveless, turtleneck, open-backed, buttons behind collar; rose quartz amulet, silver chain, silver plate with runic backside, polished gem; large leather belt, two attached pouches, worn around middle; black vambraces, 1/3 length; black denim pants; leather boots, steel-capped with three external caps.
    - Preferred Armament(s): Pancor Jackhammer Shotgun. The drum holds 10 shells at a time and can vary from bird shot to buck shot to grenades. The drums can be opened and reloaded manually.
    Due to increased weight and discomfort with her physical anomaly, the subject refuses to wear most armor. She would settle for Kevlar if necessary, but modifications are required. Subject reports difficulty flying whilst wearing standard armor.

    - Photographic Identification:
    Show Spoiler

    Psychiatric Notes: Before the subject's full Awakening, she displayed signs of severe Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Assuming that Shenorai Eterna is the primary personality, the secondary personality is known as Leondra Xanadu. Research shows the name matches a fallen Wyndian monarch from ages past. The subject claimed to see 'ghosts' and other 'spirits of the dead' and insisted that Leondra was a ghost who resided within her. Other wild claims included being able to, 'manipulate the energy from souls'. It shall be noted that the subject was able to materialize tangible apparitions (note: swords, wings) before her full Awakening. It is unknown whether or not such symptoms triggered the subject's Awakening.
    Post-Awakening, the subject's DID appears to be non-existent, but she should not be treated as a Cured subject. She still shows signs of Schizophrenia and still claims to see 'souls' wandering about. Further study of the subject's mental state is highly recommended.

    Subject's Arcane Anomalies: It shall be noted that aside from what has been dubbed as 'Materialization', most of these Arcane Anomalies appear to be weaker versions of similar anomalies found in other subjects. This is likely due to the subject's Awakening being more recent.
    Show Spoiler
    - Materialization: Before her full awakening, the subject was capable of materializing 'spiritual energy' in order to conjure tangible wings and up to two blades for her use. With the presence of physical wings, materializing a second pair proves to be redundantly pointless. Her blade of choice appears to be a Flyssa. This sword is one-handed with a narrow tip and wide blade, designed specifically to break mail armor. Although the sword is tangible and sharp, it is unusually lightweight at a mere half a pound. The subject can maintain the materialization of one pair of flyssas from 45 minutes up to an hour before requiring dismissal.
    ( Observation Note: Further research reveals that a pair of Flyssas were the weapon of choice for the fallen monarch, Leondra Xanadu. Due to this anomaly, the subject is considered armed and dangerous at all times. Please take precautions when handling this subject. )
    -- Drawback(s): After dismissal, the subject appears to be 'worn out', but not physically exhausted. Extended use of the materialized flyssas seems to have some mild affects upon her attention span and physical strength. She insists upon keeping her amulet for use with materialization. Meeting such demands results in longer endurance.
    ( Observation Note: The amulet worn by the subject appears to have an effect upon the duration of materialization. The subject claims to 'trap the ghosts of recently slain criminals' within the amulet's stone and 'draw upon [the spirit's] energy from the stone instead of relying on [her] own spirit' in order to sustain her materialized swords. Tests reveal unusual energies locked inside of the stone. The higher the energy, the darker the stone. Oddly, the subject appears to become more prone to rash and aggressive behavior if in contact with the stone while showing signs of a high energy output. Further testing is highly recommended. )

    - Flight: The subject is able to utilize the physical anomalies upon her back in order to fly without outside assistance. She is fully capable of gliding, diving, taking sharp turns, and precise landings. With these anomalies, the subject is capable of reaching an average speed of 80mph and fly up to a maximum of 120mph. The subject claims to be skilled in 'Air Volley', but no such game is practiced in any of the known settlements.
    -- Drawback(s): As with any other physical activity, exhaustion and physical exertion is common with extended use. It appears that there are a high number of nerves located at the root of her feathers, making them sensitive limbs. The subject reports being able to 'feel the change in the wind and find pockets in the air'. On a pain scale of 0-100, pulling a live feather out of its root registers between 90-95, according to the subject. The muscles appear to be strong, but the bones seem weak and brittle.

    - Regenerative Healing: While keeping her hands in close proximity with a wound, the subject is capable of slowly regenerating damaged bones, muscles, nerves, flesh, and skin of organic creatures as long as she is aware of the creature's physical anatomy. The subject seems aware of human, avian, canine, and female anatomy. Other creatures are possible, but she struggles to mend their wounds. Although the subject is able to heal herself, it is an even slower process and comes at a higher cost.
    -- Drawback(s): The subject shows signs of fatigue and muscle weakness whenever healing wounds. The amount of rest required before she is back to full health depends on how long the ability is maintained. Minor wounds (lacerations, hairline fractures, etc.) require at least a 15 minute rest. Severe wounds (missing appendages, near-fatal damage to vital organs, etc.) requires at least 12 hours of rest.
    ( Observation Note: When healing her own wounds, the subject requires nearly twice as much rest. Theories regarding the source of this ability have proven to be inconclusive. Further study is recommended. )

    - Ignite: The subject is capable of increasing the temperature around her hands to the point of spontaneous combustion. The flame is able to ignite flammable objects as well as flesh, resulting in third-degree burns. The subject can hurl the flames as a fist-sized projectile or simply touch an object to pass on the flame.
    -- Drawback(s): If held for more than five seconds, the subject receives second-degree burns upon the afflicted area. Other side-effects of prolonged use includes hypothermia. There is a strong possibility of the subject freezing to death if she overuses this 'ability'.
    ( Observation Note: It is theorized that the subject projects her own body temperature while conjuring flames, resulting in a drop in her internal temperature. Further study is recommended. )

    - Condensation: The subject is capable of collecting water particles out of the air and gathering the mass into a central point over her palm. On average, the mass is comparable in size to a kiwi fruit. Tests show that the collected water is safe for drinking. Once collected, the glob can either be dropped or hurled.
    -- Drawback(s): Aside from sapping the humidity from the immediate area, the subject can become severely dehydrated after prolonged use. Although drinking the gathered water may quench her thirst, it does not adequately replace lost hydration until her body has processed the fluids. Dry mouth and a raw throat are common side-effects, though may lead to injury or death.
    ( Observation Note: It is theorized that the subject 'sacrifices' water from her own body in order to collect water molecules together in such a manner. Further study is recommended. )

    - Freeze: If liquids are present, the subject is capable of lowering the temperature of the said liquid into a frozen form. With water, the subject is able to freeze both its liquid and gaseous state. Sharper shards are able to be thrown, whereas the frozen gas is capable of causing frostbite.
    -- Drawback(s): If held for more than five seconds, the subject experiences frostbite in the affected areas. Other side-effects includes an alarming rise in internal temperature, resulting in hyperthermia. There is a strong possibility of high fevers resulting in death should this 'ability' be used for an extended period of time.
    ( Observation Note: It is theorized that the subject saps the heat out of the air and takes it into her own body during the freezing process. Further study is recommended. )

    - Shock: With great effort, the subject is able to create a flux of energy, resulting in a static arc of electricity capable of reaching up to 400 volts. Although this is not strong enough to cause internal burns, it is able to cause external burns, loss of voluntary movement, and cardiac arrest in organic creatures if aimed at the chest. The electricity can either be passed on via touch or arced off to another object.
    -- Drawback(s): The subject is unable to properly aim this ability, often resulting in unreliable strikes. If not discharged within five seconds, the subject may wind up shocking herself, resulting in burns and possible nerve damage. Depending on the voltage, the subject reports numbness in her hands and arms. A more severe shock may result in loss of voluntary movement in her limbs.
    ( Observation Note: It is theorized that the subject may have some control over the electrical impulses in her own body and is thus able to project such impulses. However, testing has proven to be inconclusive at this time. Further study with high caution is recommended. )

    - Gale: With perhaps the least amount of effort, the subject is capable of manipulating the air around her and control its movements. Such gusts can reach up to 50mph and are capable of moving objects and people given enough concentration. The subject is capable of utilizing this ability with as much ease as her materialization.
    -- Drawback(s): Prolonged use of this ability often leads to shortness of breath and other asthmatic side-effects. There is a strong possibility that prolonged use of this ability over an extended period of time may cause the subject's lungs to sieze and cease breathing. Resuscitation may be required.
    ( Observation Note: It is theorized that this is the true force behind the subject's projectiles. Theories regarding the source of this ability have been inconclusive thus far. Further study is recommended. )

    Other Skills: The subject has experience with picking locks, concocting weak healing salves and weak poisons from plant matter, hunting wild game as well as human targets, tailoring clothing, ballroom dancing, and cooking simple meal rations from scratch. Unusually, the subject also seems aware of etiquette practiced among nobility from centuries ago. She claims to also be a skilled player in 'Air Volley', an airborne combination of soccer and volleyball with a field layout of hockey and an addition of wind magic. However, such a sport is nonexistent in this age.
    ( Observation Note: The fact that this needs to be mentioned is appalling. For obvious reasons, please refrain from sealing this subject in a room with conventional locks upon the doors. Only use rooms with card key locks. )

    Background Information:
    Show Spoiler
    Before her full Awakening, the subject was known as Shenorai Eterna, one of many trained mercenaries affiliated with Crysta's Mercenary Guild. According to the Guild's database, Shenorai had moved to Crysta from the small farming village of Xandria at the young age of fourteen. Her reasons for leaving her hometown are unknown at this time.

    With no funds and no plan, she soon became affiliated with the Cloverfield Gang, becoming one of their many young burglars. Yet at age fifteen, Shenorai arrived at the Mercenary's Guild carrying the head of Jareth Snee, the Cloverfield Gang's leader at the time. She turned herself in and offered to reveal the locations of the other members of the gang in exchange for the bounty. According to the headmaster, Theron Jules, Shenorai had violently retaliated to the gang leader attempting to force her into prostitution, resulting in the leader's death.

    After serving her time, Shenorai was released and given a reduced award for assisting in turning in the Cloverfield Gang. She took great interest in the guild's functions and after a long talk with Theron, joined the Mercenary's Guild. Reports show that Shenorai had shown early signs of her Awakening as well as her psychological disorders well before this incident. Often, Shenorai was caught speaking to no one, referring to this unseen entity as 'Leondra'. Regardless, she had shown to become very successful at her termination missions and often favors them over apprehensions.

    At the age of 25, Shenorai's full Awakening resulted in a violently painful transformation. Her black hair changed to red, her eyes changed to purple, and new limbs stretched and forced their way through her back. Knowing full well of the reward behind turning in an Arcanian Gifted, the subject confronted Theron in order to cut off her ties with the guild before leaving. According to Theron, the subject insisted upon being called Shendra, in order to 'honor (her) past memories entwined in (her) new shell'. Theron claims that not turning her in immediately was simply for sport, in order to 'give her a head start before sending (his) boys in after her'.

    Shendra managed to dodge capture for over a year. The one responsible for her capture, 'Silsorn the Cutter', has already been rewarded. The subject has been placed under study until further notice.
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  6. Then the question comes!
    Which character to use!

    *cries in corner*

    I assume you want Kaj on-board again? ^^
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  7. Okay! I will start with my characters actively. You may utilize the sample of Ralph Faiz below for further profiles :

    Name: Ralph Jonathan Faiz
    Race/ Species: Human/Suit Operator
    Title/Alias: Father of Ragnums/ CEO of Faiz Industries
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: Chroma, 31st 2111 TA
    Place of Birth: Tirnova
    Nationality: Tirnovian
    Current Residence: Faiz Tower, Tirnovian Captial "Lacutor", Vicronica
    Allegiance: Vicronican Futurist Party/Vicronican Union Foundation
    Appearance: Ralph is a tall 6'2" young man with a muscular build and toned body. He often engages in fitness and training on hand to hand combat to boost his capability when undergoing 'Negotiational phases' in the Frontiers of Vicronica such as Liang Shi, Morito and Siyano Frontiers.

    He has green eyes, a chiselled face, and a slightly long black hair with notable side burns. His eyebrows are noticeably thick and often carries a distinctive scowl. He possesses customized glasses in exchange for Smart Phones, Magitec Sights and unnecessary accessories to keep himself with up to date on the Vicronican market. He wears casual clothes and suits on occasion when not in battle.

    When in suit, he reaches a 7'3" feet, with bulk and like all of his family's mass produced products, he becomes imposing and intimidating.

    Weight: 80 Kg
    Height: 6'2"
    Skin Tone: Tanned
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Black
    Body Type: Muscular frame.

    Personality: As a child, he enjoyed studying subjects far advanced than for a child his age, often on physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science and mechanics that were related to the fundamental basic building block of his family's ultimate legacy. He is often considered to be the genius prodigy of his people and one of the smartest individuals on Vicronica. Until the assassination attack that killed his family and transformed his brother, Ralph has developed a level of mild fear towards Arcane Gifted.

    He is often an arrogant but affable maverick CEO who disregards the rules set by the Vicronican Security Council and instigates interventions that does not fall under his political jurisdiction, or even of his affairs and settles all what he believes to be evil with his intellect and might through the Ragnum suits. Due to the trauma of losing his entire family to an Arcane Gifted, he will often regard most of them as dangerous and unstable beings rather than the people they once were. Even Natural Arcanes are a very edgy topic to him, yet strives to fight for their rights on his girlfriend's behalf. He will not hesitate to be flippant about his position as CEO of Faiz Industries and member of the to the Vicronican Council when they try to hold him down primarily due to his massive contribution through Ragnums and their cores as well as one of the most peaceful cities of Vicronica.

    Beneath the arrogance and somewhat inapproachable personality, He is at heart, an altruistic man who disregards inflexibility and will never back down from a situation even when no hope is there and longs to be the key that can save Vicronica from endless wars conducted by his rival companies using Arcanes or Mechas to their advantage. He strives to put his company above the other corporations to show his strength and is often grieving the VSC and The Vicronican World President for his tactics.

    He loves Marigold and is guilt ridden for not being able to help her situation as a product from the Geno Angel project. Being the last of the Faiz, he is often melancholic about his predicament since his younger brother departed without intention to remain.

    He often enjoys parties and celebrations, as a means to uplift the cold and brooding times of the era

    First Impression: Boastful and Friendly, Has a very magnetic personality if given a chance to shine.

    Family: His only family consisted of his father, mother and younger brother who has vanished after the incident. After the assassination, he was raised by the Redwood family and found his love Marigold while growing up together. His other biological relatives from Faiz or Riviers has passed away due to their militaristic lifestyle and close connection to the Ragnum Line. The family has been noted to be "cursed" by the armours, wherein none live for so long due to the armour's stories of carrying ill tidings and death in its wake.

    Elise Winters -

    A mysterious software AI-ISO Algorithm that was found in a cloud server from one of Ralph's missions within a rival corporation and was saved before the Vicronican Secrutiy Council issued a purge program. She has been kept by Faiz Industries for further study, and has functioned as Ralph's support and confidante. She and Mitula are his family as well, despite her mysterious background. Ralph theorizes she was once a flesh and blood human whose mind has somehow been transfered to within the server's computers and her acknowledgement of a human name. This remains to be seen if she is classified as an Arcane Gifted or a completely unknown category.

    Weapons: His distinctive fighting abilities relies on his mechanized suit of war, The Ragnum, whichever model is currently at his disposal. His notable use are 3 from his family's long line of superior prototypes which is his recently created series model 251 - Unbound, his signature and iconic series model 231 - The Guardian and the series model 249 - Dark Son.

    Ragnum Capabilities (All Models 1 - 251)):

    All suits have their unique capabilities related only to them. But every suit from the beginning are commonly outfitted with the following:

    Faiz X-cutter Lasers - Signature weapons of every Ragnum module. Any Ragnum suit out in the world without this feature is either a knock off or an overused standard issue model that has yet to have its tips replaced. Each tip is outfitted with a laser cutter/kinectic energy blaster that expenses energy from the end, each can be adjusted for intensity, making a single shot feel like a strong push or can pierce through flesh. Naturally, the stronger the power, the more it overheats leading to serious malfunction and one of the many hazards of utlizing these suits, being at 50% onwards can be fatal and have been known to cause malfunctions that destroys the suits, killing the pilot within. Ralph constantly keeps each of his finger's laser power at 10% consistently to avoid overheating and allow continuous usage before replacing them whenever he returns to Faiz Tower. Most of the standard issue models keeps them at this level and can be adjusted though it is highly advised against, leaving the armor without any means of ranged attacks.

    Flight - All models are fitted with flight capabilities at their soles, forearms, and backpacks. Each of them granting any mode of flight and from Models 20 above, can reach an average Mach 3, in order for faster travel. The soles of every model and standard public issued ones are outfitted with gravity stabilizers for a softer landing and to avoid denting the armor when landing.Generation 1 Models have unstable flight power after crossing Mach 2 and is commonly avoided in the old days to use the suit to that range leading to the rarity of Generation 1 models other than within city limits.

    Missile backpack/set - All Missiles from Generation 2 suits are outfitted to devastating effect and have been the reason to tide turn the competion of Mechas, most of these sets have are located at the shins, thighs, forearms, biceps and shoulder blades and varies from model to model. The specialty of all missiles are they break into smaller sets and maintain a destructive effect of a standard Machina missile.

    Maximized armor - To combat the threats of Mechas by his rival corporations, Arcane Gifted and terrorist cells consisting of both factors, every suit has been maximized to the strongest durability possible in order to withstand armor piercing power by Mechas and blasts of magic casters, and even fight the strongest beasts to a standstill. Lower public issued models do not have this feature and are often advised to pave way for the heavier models to soak up damage while they use their powerful missile packs to devestating effect.

    Sliding openner feature - Generation 2 onwards possesses this feature. With the ability to open and slide the pilot in without any means of assembling it externally, which usually takes time and heavy resources to do so. It opens flowingly and adjusts the size of the user and closes according to body mass. Bolts are sealed to ensure durability.

    Hyper intercom server link - Every suit has been outfitted with a link to the Wide Linisium Net to allow broader communication, pre-emptive strikes and tactical organization on the fly, it also boasts the entertainment sectors of Free World cities to allow inflight entertainment whilst on the fly. Every suit has links to the Vicronican Network to allow updates from news, war fronts and even Oriental Frontier progress, Ralph's current project. Ralph's prototypes are added with extra software pentabytes to accomodate the cyber-ISO and Algorithmic anomaly Elise Winters. With her monitoring and controlling Ralph's private server connecting to the VN hubs all over Vicronica, she is able to update him on the fly and even keep tabs on any of his models' upgrades.

    Ragnum Core - Faiz's trump card and what placed them on The 4 Business Emperors of Linisium. A core made by Ralph's grandfather Oliver Viktor Faiz, to limitlessly power a Ragnum and allow distribution of its armor's weight to make it extremely light. It's origin comes from Tirnova, where its secret is lost forever save for the Faiz family. It's a red energy based core that is outfitted to every backpack of Ragnums and even Mechas if one is able to buy enough tools to customize one to fit. They are often traded for fossil fuel, Arcane Mana and N3 fuel cells as both are known to harm the environment, The Captial of Lacutor itself is an RC dependent city as a result of it being the hub of Faiz Industries. Once a core is destroyed, it can be revitalized through electricity, allowing its flexibility as a potential unlimited source of energy.

    Ralph's main suits -
    Show Spoiler

    Ragnum Model 251 - Unbound: The suit is a testing model for large scale, immediate form of combat and is used by Ralph featuring state of the art node shifting technology that can carry complex structures within it. Its iconic openner feature for every model is prominent and with the ability to split its torso section and legs section to fly or run directly unto Ralph and wrap itself around Ralph. Its two gauntlets are capable of launching independently and locking unto Ralph's arms for immediate combat before the whole suit wraps itself around him. Its one of the sleekest of his latest line and manufactured by himself. It houses an The AI-ISO Algorithmic anomaly Elise Winters to communicate with him and allow her to further control the suit remotely incase he is indisposed or unconscious.

    Ragnum Model 231 - The Guardian: The suit is Ralph's siganture suit and is often used for long term battles and heavily durable than his later suits to this day. It is one of his most advanced models, notably made by himself when he was 18 years of age and continues to use it to this day. It has concentrated laser power that becomes stronger the more it is used, and his gauntlets have miniaturized Ragnum Cores to keep it running without any chances of overheating rather than the tips' energy needs stemming from the backpack. This makes The Guardian all the more vertasile and deadiler than any of his suits, even moreseo that 249 and 251, his later models. It's unique build and strength allows him to run as fast when on land due to the suit adjusting for speed when not on flight. As always, its server also houses Elise Winters, potentially allowing her to control this suit as well.

    Ragnum Model 249 - Dark Son: Dark Son's capabilities are vastly faster than any of the models, capable of going on Mach 6 without after effects, this model is normally used to encircle any sector Ralph needs to reach urgently to engage in combat or to rendezvous with any entity for meetings. Its the darkest coloured suit of Ralph's gallery and also maintains superior bulk to ensure Mach 6 does not destroy the user inside out. Elise is able to control this suit as well.

    As Ralph has absolutely no Arcane powers or is cursed by the Arcane faults, he is a normal man with any normal human weaknesses and without the suits, is vulnerable to Vicronica's wondrous dangers if he is not careful. He posseses glasses that are able to connect to the VN and his private servers to remotely control his suits.

    Strengths: His talent for science, inventing, fighting and adventuring knows no limits and his altruistic behaviour is what makes him a fearsome opponent to those who challenges him Human or Gifted alike. His intelligence is one of the most coveted ones in the world and one the brilliant minds that formed a political party against Humanity's purity mentality. His fighting skills with his suits are also a terror to behold, able to fight even the strongest Arcane Gifted to a standstill .

    Weaknesses: He is very judgemental to Arcane Gifteds that are not Mitula Sawyer and is prone to believe his fellow normal humans over them. This causes him to at times make faulty decisions that causes more harm than intended good. Without armour, he feels weak and often keeps his suits near him due to the rising threats. He is often very controversial in Human and Arcane Gifted Society alike for his brash approach and aloof actions. Innately he has a deep seated fear for Gifteds and it hampers his ability to do what he feels is right in a world that has no logical bounds.

    His love for Marigold puts him at risk whenever she is in danger, if her cybernetics react negatively, so does his attitude. His anger for Hobbs and Korma's Human Purity Party is also very well known in the senate.

    Fighting Style : Ralph is a practitioner of Mixed Martial arts. With the suit to give him the durability and strength to fight in the field and perform feats that only humans can see in Gifteds, this is only his form of fighting style.

    Other Skills : Ralph is a talented inventor, scientist and futurist. He is able to derive variables and is very perceptive of his suit and its limits. He is also an avid Industrialist, having shrewd business approaches that is legendary amongst the business world.

    Bad Habits: Ralph is an absolute and will often follow his word or find means to accomplish his goals that often hurts people more than it helps. He is very judgmental of Arcane Gifted individuals and often serves as a fault despite his intent to help them at times. His arrogance and ability to over or underestimate his foes is what is troubling as well.

    Show Spoiler

    Born to an extremely wealthy family of suit designers and artists of war, Ralph and his younger brother Marko shared a prosperous life with the Faiz Dynasty. It grew prosperous that they were heralded from the side of humans and gifted alike for their advancements in technology and suits, his father was also a pioneer on suit flight combat which steadily replaced the era's aircrafts and staggering cost to build one over feasible and durable armours that can fly a great distance across Vicronica and deal heavy punishment. This suit was the curse of Ralph's life, as it attracted enemies in both the Corporate world as well as Arcane Gifted alike.

    Ralph and his brother was often taken care of by their family friends, the Redwoods in which he met his lover, Marigold. Ralph's father owes a debt of gratitude to her father who was a researcher in cybernetics and sponsored him under Faiz Industries. At this time, Marigold and he got closer as years passed.

    Ralph once was idealistic and in a world rife with war and nearly a century of humans fighting against former humans, or Arcane Gifted as he was taught to call them in a polite term, was getting tiresome for him to hear. Mari on the other hand, hoped to unite the warring races as she believed that the future is meant for them to be in tandem together, not against each other.

    However these times would soon come to an end and put Ralph's idealism behind him. He and his family were joined at a gathering at the North of their city for an expo of his father's latest armours, and an unprecedented attack by an unknown assassin left both brothers scarred. Ralph comes face to face with an Arcane fault as it transformed a once human Assailant and killer of his parents into a Lamia, a categorized AG by the Dogma Captial. Fearful and afraid of what was unfolding, the young boy hid against his father's latest suit as the armour automatically booted up to protect him from the assassin, killing the recently transformed assailant. His brother sadly, was also affected by the rift and developed strange darkness powers from the incident.

    Ralph's loss coupled with his traumatic exposure to the Arcane Gifted shifted his views to those of Dogma's: Disdain and hatred for them. His relationship with his brother worsened as the years passed between them, culminating in their dissolution in their teens. Eventually at the twilight of their teenage years, both brothers parted ways, with Ralph heart broken about his brother leaving behind all what their family had worked for. His only remaining family being the Redwoods and Marigold, who still remained by his side as he eventually rose to CEO of his father's company.

    Mari eventually leaves to become an activist against Korma's Area 23 and its mistreatment of Arcane Gifted. The incidents caused by her eventually came back in full force as she was kidnapped by Hobbs and his legions of Human Purity Party operatives, leading to her conversion into a Geno Angel. This proved to be the turning point for him as he shifted his allegiance from neutrality to the Futurist Party members to find a way to save Marigold before Hobb's machinations within her new cybernetic body turns her into a mindless killing machine.
  8. Well, screw your format!
    If you still want Kaj in this I will be using the experiment template that I used last round.

    Though, which character I'll use is still unclear for me...
  9. You may use any you want to, Fox! For now there's my template! Keep em profiles coming!
  10. I have a question if it may be allowed. Exactly what is the acceptable amount of power if you will of a cyborg. Is it fair to assume the average cyborg could take on the average Arcane Gifted. And are we talking visble augmentation like Deus Ex or more hidden.
  11. Visible augmentation like Deus Ex to even armored men like from Vanquish and Iron Man. It's up to you, and for Arcanes, you can go for magical people like elves, dwarves, ghosts, succubi etc etc etc.
  12. plot wise, yes because VSC is run by the secondary antagonist, Alfred Hobbs. VSC and the political Human Purity Party is vital to the plot. The closer you are, the better.
  13. Name: Davian Aeruion
    Race/Species: Human/ Cyborg
    Title/Alias: Draugr
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Age: 41
    Date of Birth: Chorma 12th, 2070 TA
    Place of Birth: Dogma
    Nationality: Dogmatic
    Current Residence: Vicronican Security Council Headquarters, Kormain Capital Metropolis 01, Vicronican
    Allegiance: Vicronican Security Council/ Human Purity Party
    Appearance: Davian at 172 cm is of middling height. Lean and sinewy the cyborg is far stronger then his frame would suggest. He spends nearly every waking moment he can training in various combat and stealth techniques. He does this to increase the synchronization between his organic aspects and cybernetics and thus increase performance.

    Davian's eyes are cybernetic implants and glow a dark red. His face is a symmetry of angled planes and high cheekbones. Appearing almost elven it would be a handsome one if not for the emotionless cast that is it's constant mask. Though his defining feature is without a doubt the visible augmentations Davian sports. From legs and arms to plates covering most of his chest and neck. Combined with his eyes and severe short hair cut the cyborg's appearance is hardly a comforting one.

    Never found out of uniform Davian is also never without enough firepower to give anyone a bad day.

    Weight: 67 kgs
    Height: 172 cm
    Skin tone: Dusky
    Eye Colour: Glowing dark red
    Hair Colour: Dark reddish brown
    Body Type: Lean and sinewy

    Personality: Davian's childhood was composed of living in the shadow of his Father's accomplishments. A talented and decorated soldier the Father often pushed his son to exceed others expectations. As a result there was little time for friends or playing. Academics, Marksmanship, Wilderness survival, and all skills useful to soliders was his childhood. As a result Davian grew into a detached and driven individual whose compatriots avoided. Gradually he grew to hate his Father but being taught the virtues of the chain of command he never voiced this hatred.

    Joining the military Davian earned more glory then ever his father did. But his cold and detached attitude only got worse. Developing a machiavellian attitude the soldier soon was praised by his superiors and hated by those under his command. Victory was in his mind worth any price, whether the lives of his soldiers or the lives of a village helping his enemies. Adopting a take no prisoners attitude he soon became infamous for his brutal but effective tactics.

    However an encounter with a Arcane Gifted forever shattered his personality. The resulting physical injuries forced a cybernetic reconstruction. The sum of that turned him bitter and unreasoning when it came to the freaks as Davian came to call them. To him the only reasonable thing was to torture each and every one. But he obeys his orders rather then his mind as a remnant of his Father's teachings echoes in his head.

    He does not hid his opinions of Arcane Gifted though. And Davian does everything possible to initiate life or death fights with any Arcane Gifted he comes across.

    But the deepest hatred Davian has is for himself. Every time he looks in the mirror the cyborg is reminded of exactly what he is. Subconsciously He thinks himself barely more human then the Arcane Gifted he despises.

    First Impressions: A borderline psychopath Davian isn't the kind you want to be around if you can help it.

    Family: Davian's family tree is a very large and complicated one to the point it is mind numbing. Cousins beyond count, aunts and uncles numbering 13, and an elderly set of parents.

    Weapons: Davian relies almost entirely on his augmented body, trusting in it's superior performance. Mixing his own combat experiences with the cybernetics in tandem with both on board weaponry and his own particular mix of hand to hand when necessary.

    Cybernetic Capabilities:

    As a cyborg Davian has the standard exponential increase in strength, speed, and reaction time. But in addition he has access to the following

    Stinger Tips: A modification to his cybernetic hand it allows for the use of a nano crystal steel needle emerging from any of his fingers. In addition the needle can be poisoned with any number of toxins both lethal and non lethal. The main weakness of this is while the needle is capable of punching through personal armour suits it is not recommended. This is due to the fact the needle itself is not rated for extreme impact. Furthermore the poison reservoirs are quite minuscule allowing for only a limited number of strikes.

    Velocity Acceleration: A three fold system it is a leg based modification that vastly increases the running speed of a subject for a up to an hour. In combination with a kinetic compressed spring built into the calf portion of a cybernetic leg it allows for a jump height far beyond the human norm. Lastly that same spring allows falls from heights that would normally be lethall

    Carbide Teeth: A two fold enhancement it combines a selective muscle and bone reinforcement along with fitted Carbide teeth. This allows a subject to bite down with enough force to cut clean through organic tissue and even chew through metallic surfaces given enough time.

    Dermal Armour: A highly advanced cybernetic armour consisting of a flexible and nano thin mesh implanted beneath every centimeter of a subject's body. Suspended in a shear thicking fluid the armour hardens underneath kinetic force allowing either deflection or outright absorption of most attacks. The main draw back is the armour while self regenerative is only considered a short term solution due to the fact its structure is overwhelmed after prolonged damage.

    HUD Display: A multi faceted system it includes Mark and Track software, Thermal Imaging, Anti Flash software, Ranged view options, Radar, Displaying incoming messages in non vocal mode. Considered the standard eye mod The HUD Display serves to increase the combat effectiveness of the subject by offering a 360 degree of the battlefield. Along with the radar it allows a subject to focus on fighting and less on the more mundane tasks. Includes a link up to VSC and any other serves the user cares to progam in.

    Storm Project: A offensive based addition to a cybernetic arm it is a weapon capable of doing kinetic damage. In essence the weapon is a scaled down Rail Gun that is capable of three hundred rounds a minute. Firing 5 mm shard rounds coated in a nerve toxin or electromagnetic charge the Storm is equally capable of taking down organic and non organic targets equally well. Installed into both arms allows a user to lay down a punishing volume of fire. The rounds exit via a output in the palm of the hand. The design and installment of Storm is regulated to Vicronican Security Council Cyborgs due to its armour piercing capabilities and ease of use.

    Power Core: A small but highly efficient cold fusion reactor implanted in the center of a subject's chest. Its main function is simply to power the user's cybernetics. However upon death of the subject the reactor becomes unstable, resulting in a fusion reaction capable of doing extreme damage to anything caught in the blast radius.

    Nano controlled Bio-System: A simple metabolic modification it is designed to streamline nutrition, recovery, and waste management. Subjects require a tenth of the nutritional input, remaining organic tissues heal in an hour and bleedouts are controlled by nanobot applied coagulate, and subjects produce far less waste.The system however requires periodic shots of a proprietary serum designed to maintain the nanobots.

    Cybernetic Interface: A hardware to wetware computer interface it serves as the bridge between the brain and the subjects cybernetics. Implanted within the subject's head its access port is located at the base of a user's skull. The port itself is protected by a layer of armour plating desgined to take damage equivalent to a mecha. Further protection is offered by a thickened layer of Demeral armour. A small amount of free space within the memory subsystem is dedicated to increasing thought processing and memory retention.

    Strengths: Davian's skills and talents revolve solely around the battlefield. And in that respect he is a savant feared by both enemy and friend alike. Willing to make any sacrifice to ensure victory he can often cow enemies solely on his reputation alone. Always employing stealth and combat Davian is never caught off guard or under prepared.

    Weaknesses: Davian has made no friends in his raise to power and infamy. A cold blooded machiavellian he has limited negotiation skill and cares little about what any given person thinks about him. This has alienated him from his coworkers in the VSC.

    This detached and antisocial behavior has seen him become suspect in the eyes of the VSC.

    In addition his unwavering loyalty to the VSC has blinded Davian to the other possibilities out there. Given an order to murder children the cyborg would likely do it and sleep easy after. The whole of Vicronican knows about and is wary of such a man employed by the VSC. This is a reputation he works on by channeling his hatred of Arcane Gifted by killing them in public as often as possible. The reports always read self defense but the actual truth is only ever known by Davian.

    Also somewhat politically active he has made a great deal of enemies by stating Tirnova and all its heretical people derserve nothing less then life sentences in prison. He justifies this by saying too many of them openly defy the law and orders given.

    Fighting Style: Davian's hand to hand skill is a mix of the CQC taught to soliders and his own martial arts training. Combined with his cybernetic body Davian is about brutal speed and strength in combination with an economy of movement. Capable of out fighting Arcane Gifted at close range Davian is also gifted at channeling his inner rage during fights.

    Other skills: Davian is a qualified suit and mecha operator though outside of training he has rarely used either one. He also sports an enjoyment on modifying his own cybernetics and increasing the performance ratios. Unknown to all but his accountant and banker the cyborg shows a talent for day trading and stock markets.

    Bad Habits: Davian will absolutely follow each order to the letter with nary a concern for the ramifications of the deed. He has probably hurt or killed his fair share of innocents in such unthinking devotion to his sense of duty. On the same side the cyborg cares little for their blood. War is hell and isn't no place for a shining knight in his mind.

    Show Spoiler
    Davian grew up in the shadow of his's Father ,Dinan, military accomplishments and the seemingly never ending war of Humans versus Arcane Gifted. Though his Father was in his heart a good man he pushed Davian to meet impossible goals. Perhaps the war fuelled the need for such things.Turn the son into a soldier early so when his time came the fight could go on. But never did anything but hatred grow in Davian's heart for such treatment. Though growing up in Dogma one soon learned obedience and duty.

    In time the child grew into a young man with a soldier's skills. That was a day Davian actually enjoyed and probably marked one of the few happy days in his life. Of course there were few to chose from as a social life wasn't part of Dinan's plan. Training, Duty, and faint praise was how he showed his love to a son.

    Nonetheless that 'love' as it were came in handy the day he turned eighteen. Joining an officer school he trained for 3 years before they gave him his bars and his own company. Earning victory after victory in the Frontier Davian soon came to love the simplicity of war. The invasions, the skirmishes, and the feel of his rifle in his hand. He felt at home with the impossible demands of childish generals and the screaming wounded. Year after year after year He fought and his company dwindled till only a few of the original remained.

    This marked another rare happy moment. However all happy stories must end sometime. A day after his thirty seventh birthday Davian and his company were sweeping across a sector of the Frontier when fate reared its ugly head. A very pissed off Arcane Gifted attacked their company. She was death incarnate and there seemed little these soldiers could do about it. Davian willing to accept death over defeat activated a couple of fusion mines he had with him and ran towards the woman. A couple of seconds later the world goes black and he smiles.

    However he wakes up twenty six hours later strapped to bed with an orderly telling him everything went perfectly. That everthing turned out to be a cybernetic reconstruction he did not ask for. Nearly killing the orderly he underwent six months of physiotherapy and conditioning to get use to the implants. Thinking about going straight back to his command in the Frontier Davian is instead approached by the Vicronican Security Council. Deciding such a position would let him have his revenge against the Arcane Gifted who turned him into a machine he agrees to sign up.

    Now forty one and a member of the VSC and the Human Purity Davian is throughly enjoying his life. Though he does petition for the VSC to have greater legal and enforcement power especially against high ranking CEOs.
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  16. You know we could stand to have a pro Arcane Gifted character who isn't an a Arcane Gifted themselves.
  17. Well Ralph's girlfriend is up, she is a pro Arcane Gifted before becoming a cyborg unwillingly.
  18. Well, apparently I'm using two and a half for this one.
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