Arcane Machina: A Broken World

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  1. Arcane Machina: A Broken World

    The World once reigned with the era of a promising future through science, wars raged on towards the day where everything is achievable through technology without looking to a mysterious past that has been erased from history and deemed forbidden by all the high powers of Vicronica. It's higher powers forbade the use of the illogical, and even searching for Ancient Magic through Occult acts was deemed forbidden even by the higher authorities of Vicronica's political arena. It was a peaceful cohabitation that none argued nor questioned, save for few who had ties to the dark eras long forgotten. Technology marched on towards the future without looking into the past for guidance was a misstep, and so it came a thousand fold to punish humanity in the modern era.

    On the 3rd day of the 1995th era of Vicronican calendar, a cataclysmic disaster ended the world everyone that everyone knew. The Awakening, a moment where the planet's hidden potent magic and realms to the unknown and even the path of the dead has been opened into the modern era of science and machines. Lives were turned upside down, children into creatures thought of legend or given powers unwillingly, faults and countless magical geothermal movements turned Vicronica into a planet filled with the mystical and unknown. Science had an enemy in the form of Vicronica's magic. Machines, Mecha and Ragnum Technology melded with the likes of Witches, Demons and other untold terrors and it did battle for centuries until we arrive at the era of 2140 TA, where the Arcane faults continue to turn humans into magical beings of awe or terror. Humanity and the beings, now called "Arcanian Gifted" by the scientific realms, are still at each others backs for who should be the dominant beings of Vicronica.

    On this year, One man of science will rise to confront the horrors of his past and weigh the balance of the future between his people and the Arcanian Gifted. Yet a century's old tale guides another deranged man now corrupted by Vicronica's magic, seeks to end humanity in the most unlikeliest way possible.

    The Rules:

    1. No god-modding
    2. No Powerplaying/Metagaming
    3. Be respectful to other RPers
    4. Have as many characters as you wish, so as long as you can manage them.
    5. This is a science fiction blended with fantasy setting. You can go for a futuristic character or for a mythical character of your choice.
    6. It's an open world, add anything you wish when making your character as well. Cultures, subcultures, tech, curses, anything that can make this world interesting that is rife with conflict.


    Humanity - Relying solely on Machines and Science, they seek to keep a balanced peace in the world. After The Awakening, they have come to study and witness further evolutionary levels of how their world changed and as well as their former fellow men. Some countries and cities melds both Humanity and The Arcane Gifted together, while some are ruthlessly racist towards them. Futuristic cities continue to rise to a world that is impossible to behold, making it into a wondrous but ultimately deadly era.

    Subclass examples include:
    - Cyborgs
    - Ragnum Armored Individuals
    - Mech pilots

    Arcanian Gifted - Humans turned into creatures or blessed with magic by tectonic auras emitted from the earth called Arcane Cracks. It is often a randomized curse by the world to be something they are not, large percentages during The Awakening are young adults and children, thus was a troubling time for Humanity. Often ostracized by those not imbued with magic, they are often left to other settlements and co-mingle with their fellow cursed man. Other cities do not have this discrimination, yet often face such things with humans. Some Arcane Gifted have naturally awoken during the era from slumber from the earth to thrive once more in a world that has forgotten them.

    Subclass examples include:
    - Holy Entities
    - Fae/Faeries
    - Demons


    (Note: This is a partial summary of the locations encountered by the RP characters, and is subject to massive expansion as the RP progresses. )

    Dogma - The Capital city of the world of Vicronica where it takes a large portion of land mass of the west hemisphere, and is also the country name where the main plot will take place. The purest human settlement and the probability of 0.1% chance of Arcane cracks or fault anomalies from turning humans into Arcs/Arcane Gifted. This is where humanity's governing body takes control of its populace and assists them in bolstering their ties with other humans in the world yet to be discovered before The Awakening. This is where humanity congregates and has the highest ethnic population of the world, Science is still the dominant practice and its many subforms such as biology, metallurgy, physics, metaphysics among many other subjects. Religion is a very terse topic here, as it corelates to Arcane Gifted. Faith is often replaced by Logic and Cold calculations. The Lord President is located in this City and oversees Humanity's progress and has absolute political control of every human settlement within Dogma's records, making him the most powerful individual in the planet. His word is generally law and it is rare to overule his final word. The mysterious Marko Tyler is currently the reigning Lord President of the planet for almost 3 years as of 2140 TA and one of the youngest to take the seat at age 27.

    Korma - A Machine city and totalitarian neighbouring country of Dogma, with the Captial dubbed Metropolis 01, it is notable for hosting various human Ministries such as The Ministry of Science among other secretive organizations that lay within, where almost all of humanity's research are recorded and where new achievements are done yearly. Home to the elitist humans on the planet and one of the richest countries, it boasts a very intellectual and strict professionalism in terms of careers as most of the paths there only point to the realms of science rather than any form of commerce. Only the wittiest and brightest thrive in this city while the lower classes are often oppressed by their counterparts. Due to its purity rate along with Dogma, the chances of Arcane fault anomalies are 0%, making it the safest place without risk of Arc/Arcane Gifted conversion, but one of the worst places for any Arc/Arcane Gifted to be discovered. Any Arc/Arcane Gifted sighted would be taken to the Ministry of Magicology and its many firms for experimentation. It is the only city which is said to have an exclusive prison island called "Area 23" only catering to Arcs/Arcane Gifted, located at a singular island almost 40 km wide from the mainland of Metropolis 01. Arcs captured there are rarely released or die before their sentence is lifted and is extremely difficult to be free. It has a a magnificent free way where many vehicles from other settlements travel alongside it, called The Korma Freeway and links to Dogma due to its political relations to the country. This country is also the home of the Vicronican Security Council and houses all of Dogma's agents and Cyborg operatives within its marvelous elitist walls. It is noted for hosting docking bays for Mechas and Ragnums purchased from Tirnova to serve their security needs. It's prime leader is Minister Hobbs, one of Korma's brightest and ruthless purist and one of the higher echeleons of The Human Purity Party.

    Tirnova - The futuristic country of Vicronica, with the Captial city of Lacutor. It is also noted to be home to The Vicronican Military and humanity's major defenses, and thus a city full of weaponry both modern and Arcane in nature. It's new trend of creating a new blend of both worlds called "Magitek" weaponry is slowly in the rise and fetches for a valuable price. Korma Officals have been looking to outlaw such a brand, but have been stayed by the Lord President. Almost 80% of its inventions and marvelous machinery populates a portion of Vicronica, even on certain Arc/Arcane Gifted settlements. It is also notable for being the Hub of Militaristic weaponry such as the terrifying Mechas and Ragnum battle response suits. It's reigning commerce leader is currently Faiz Industries along with Haven Ballistics. The sky scrapers of this city are one of the tallest structures in the planet, with Faiz tower at its peak of 400 feet. It is also one of the many cities that promotes futurist ideals such as unions with Arcs/Arcane Gifted and sharing trade with settlements. The city is known to have a 20.5% chance of encountering an Arcane crack that could turn a human into an Arc/Arcane gifted. It is home to the Futurist Party, and its current Leader is Grand Marshall Albert Williams.

    Crysta - One of the more accommodating cities in Vicronica where Humanity and Arcs/Arcane Gifted can get along very well. It houses a guild and one of the more tougher cities as a result. It was the home of Shenorai Eterna before her Awakening and capture by her allies before being turned over to Korma for a life sentence issued by the VSC. It is owned by a Duke named Crystan along with his wife and is one of the old customed cities to have districts of sorts that still survive to this era and age of 2140 TA. What started from a small settlement centuries ago, even withstanding the test of time through The Awakening and changing eras, it still stands to this day consisting of aristocratic homes, gardens, and modest homes for the locals. Walls have been built around it as urbanization continues to grow within this magnificent city, notable is the guild being built into a district of its own. It's probablity of encountering and suffering a transformation from an Arcane fault is at 12% with most of the victims usually cared for unlike in some other cities.

    Oriental Frontier - A mysterious group of Oriental continents explored by many weapon manufacturers, who pay for waging war in a means to colonize the countries within. Countries around it are vague at best due to the colonizing process, however as it has yet to be purified by The Vicronian Security Council, the probability of encountering and suffering a transformation from an Arcane crack/Arcane fault is quite high in contrast to colonized regions of humanity. Some colonized regions within the Frontier has some of them moved to Dogma or other human settlements of the West due to these warring periods. It is told by some records that the probable chances of being afflicted or transformed by an Arcane fault is as high as 30% or 32% by some witness reports.
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