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    A whooshing sound sounded through the air, as if giant wings where flapping. A dragon descended to land before the school, this years students on a sort of saddle on his back. The scaled being was a giant, easily able to carry at least 30. The drake was the guardian, and the mass transport for Arcana Somnium University. He snorted, smoke billowing out from his nostrils as he lowered himself close enough to the ground for the new students to jump down.

    Out of the doors of the university, some of the staff came to greet the guests, all smiles and well wishing. One particular staff member, the headmaster finally cleared his throat.

    "Welcome to Arcana Somnium University!" He spoke, his voice enchanted to be loud enough to nearly echo around the clearing the school resided in. "Before getting you all settled into your dorms, we must first have all of you pass the Familiar Summoning." A pause was registered before the world seemed to melt away as a transportation spell was used to transfer all of the new freshmen to the summoning chamber. A massive round room with high ceilings, almost cathedral like with its stained glass. In the middle of the floor there was a pair of circles, etched into the stone, a permanent fixture. The headmaster cleared his throat before he began again.

    "The circles you see before you are only the basic, any rune you wish to add, you are free to do so with any supplies you find in the store room." With that, a set of doors on the opposite side of the room flew open as if on cue. "I trust you all studied and are well aware of the ritual." He continued, his voice suggesting that the students had better have studied and know what they are doing. He cleared his throat. "And I'm sure you've all brought the tying objects with you? if not I suggest you take this spare time to scrounge some." He glanced all of the students over.

    "As you all should be aware, the tying item you've chosen for your familiar will appear on them when they appear in their circle. This helps the bond between magus and familiar to begin forming." He paused before he whistled. "As an example, take my own familiar and I" He continued, as something seemed to slither from the shadows then turn into a human shape as it came to rest next to the headmaster. The inkyness faded off of it to be replaced by a stunning demonic woman. The man turned and raised his eyebrow at the woman, who rolled her eyes before displaying the dangling stone hanging from her belly button. The headmaster, at the same time flashed his ring at the new students. "As you can see, both of these items are on us. And they can never come off until the contract is nullified, which, as you all know, can only be done by the death of one partner." He turned and inclined his head to the demon next to him. "You may leave if you wish." He told her, even as she began to saunter back to the shadows.

    He turned back to the group of freshmen with the clap of his hand.
    "Well the, who would like to go first?" he asked the group.
  2. Requiem watched over the others, waiting for someone to step forward, before realising that nobody was going to. With a heavy sigh, he pushed his sunglasses up off his eyes and into his hair so that he could see more clearly and still have both of his hands free. Stepping forward, he began preparing the summoning circle. A complex design using old style symbols and ways. They weren't used anymore, and more than a few heads turned to pay attention to him, surprised at his choice of runes. Requiem didn't mind much though. Olde Magick was his way and he'd learned to become accustomed to being observed. He could hear some scattered whispers amongst the teachers regarding it and couldn't help but smile as he finished putting in the last rune.

    After the circle was finished he took out his deck of cards, evoking an even more curious reaction. In a simple and fluid motion he threw the cards into the air and began chanting in the old ways. "Naraza baraskun, Nostraze, Krios ambrosiane larashka mentarion. Antal akriana te lembrasa velkun." As he spoke, his cards ceased their descent and began glowing, floating in place.

    "Veran selume breshkara casten, ikaru gentroia velas shintro. Krios Santra Morna Tirosh." The last words he spoke had the definite tone of command. After he finished speaking, he held his hands out in front of him, and the cards floating in the air surged back to his hands, splitting evenly between the two. He said another command word, "Schrine", and the top card of each side flipped over to reveal itself. The Ace of Hearts was one, featuring a solid image of the moon over water, the other the seven of diamonds, featuring a storm raging against a lone tree in a field.

    The two cards moved rapidly to the center of summoning circle, lay face up and then disappeared into the ground. There was a bright flash of light as lightning struck the ground, and the one who he had summoned was there, his cards in her hands.
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  3. Elysia leaned back against the peach tree. It was amazing how much the clouds of the storm masters looked nearly like any village from the surface. Whatever the people planted, managed to grow among the clouds even with the constant moving. Right now, their cloud was hovering over the ocean. Elysia couldn't sleep and had so found herself, back against the tree, gazing out over the moon and water. Tomorrow, there was supposed to be a festival to celebrate the coming of the fall months. She really should be sleeping, but her mind was abuz and she had a feeling coiled tight in her stomach. She felt like she was waiting for something, or maybe she forgotten something. Whatever it was, it made the maiden nervous. Elysia shifted against the bark of the tree as she settled back firmer against the trunk.

    A foreign wind gusted around the tree suddenly, sending Elysia's short hair into a windblown mess. The maiden gasped and jumped to her feet. Something about the wind was wrong . It didn't feel like a normal wind, and she knew her winds. In the middle of the now raging gusts, her eyes caught two glints, one from each corner of her eye. Spinning, she pulled her hands up in a semi defensive manner before she realized that the glints where just cards, floating in the breeze. The longer she looked at them, the more compelled she felt to reach for them. As if by magic, the cards floated close enough to be in her reach. Standing on the tips of her toes, she grabbed them from the air, careful not to bend them. She drew them closer to her so she could see them. The buzz from her mind turned into a near roar as a gasp tore from her throat. The coil in her belly tightened and grew hot. What the hell was going on? She tried to drop the cards, but her hands wouldn't obey. Something wrapped itself around her neck, the winds grew even more furious as they began to circle her, whipping at her hair and clothes.

    A scream ripped from the maidens throat and lightening struck her, a defense mechanism of her people, so to speak. Instead of burning the offending cards in her hands, as she had wanted, the lightening only seemed to add fuel to the power, the cards glowed, the winds become an insatiable force, no human could have kept their feet amongst the gale, even Elysia was having a hard time and she used to play among tornado gusts. Again, lightening struck, but this one wasn't called by her, it was a different color and it had the same wrong feel as the winds. The world disappeared around her and all that existed was the roaring force in her head and darkness. For several moments, her breaths came in painful gasps as she tried to keep from hyperventilating. Finally, she blinked and when she opened her eyes, the winds where gone, the roaring in her head ceased and everything seemed to calm, nearly to the point of holding its breath.

    The woman looked around her. Her surroundings where foreign to her. The air smelled wrong. Her hands, finally hers again, dropped the cards. Before they touched the ground they floated away. Her gaze snapped to follow them, they floated over to a man, who was holding more cards in both of his hands. Something about the man kept her eyes fastened to him. Her voice slipped from her lips, words that weren't hers echoed around the room.

    "You have called and I have come, what is it you wish of me?" Elysia was frozen to the spot, nearly entranced by the man as she waited for him to speak. Nothing else in the room mattered at the moment.
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  4. Adam had not been paying attention, rather focused on the spell book he had brought with him, trying to learn some way to make his magic more powerful. Looking up from his studies he saw he had missed his chance to go first. "Vardas." he cursed under his breath in a necromantic tongue his grandfather taught him. No matter. He would go second. He walked sort of timidly up to the summoning circle as the runes the first student had away like dust in the wind. "Excuse me." he muttered quietly, signaling the young man and his new familiar to leave the circles.

    After they had left, he pulled a red stick of chalk from his bag. It was an alchemical item, he called Bloodchalk. It was basically blood in the form of a solid, powdery stick with which he could write. He kneeled down and began writing the runes. They were modern symbols, but instead of writing them clockwise around the circle he wrote them counter-clockwise, a method often seen as taboo but used frequently by his family. It worked thus far, why change now?

    With the runes finished, He prepared himself to begin the summoning. Removing his Puppetry Cross from his bag, he began the spell. "Turam mortia andalira doman." The runes he had drawn began to glow bright red, opening the door to wherever his new Familiar came from. "Estra lai hekh gormanatuastey. Ravii meldansaskai, estromnal." One final phrase, and the spell would be complete. "Lingra Mortali." As he uttered the end of the summoning, white strings of light darted out from the puppetry cross, attaching to certain places I the circle of red light. Adam jerked the instrument back, wan action that would draw out his companion from whatever realm she inhabited. The strings broke and disappeared as the figure crawled from the glowing portal and, the stench of death and rot filled the room momentarily, reminding him of home.
  5. It was messy. Ren didn't want to make the mess, but she did as she was told. Perhaps if she had a choice the room would be slightly cleaner. The order was clear however. Systematic slaughter in an extravagant manner. Painting the walls with the family's blood and gore was certainly extravagant, but still too messy for her taste. Her white dress was also ruined. She noted how her master meticulously chose this dress. He was an odd one, an eccentric really. Ren surveyed the room once more. The mother and father were easy. Their backs were turned when she came in. The children however had been difficult. They yelled a lot and ran around. But they were slow. Too slow. She actually liked children quite a lot. She wondered if she ever had a childhood. Perhaps her face, her hands, her legs, or her body belonged to women who had once had childhoods. But she was an monster. A amalgam of flesh and metal. It was a sobering thought. But she didn't mind. There was no real feeling. No real curiosity in her thought. She just had them. Strange she was a killing doll yet she thought quite a bit. There was no time to think.

    Ren heard the footsteps of the last target. There was no malice or ill will. It was her orders and it fulfilled something deep. Something that could be called emotion. A killing urge. It was not violent. In fact, it was a cold urge like a little nudge. It only said one thing to her. Kill. Following orders fulfilled this and she didn't mind. She walked slowly and carefully. There was no need to make more of a mess. Blood was dripping from blades jutting out from her hands. The target was just sitting there backed up to the walls. Ren saw tears in the woman's eyes. She was also bloody. Most likely from the other ones. Blood certainly has a way of getting everywhere. The woman stared at the doll and cried out, "Please just kill me. You've murdered my father and mother. My... brothers. Just kill me and end this misery." Ren didn't know what to think of this. A target telling her to kill. It fit her current orders and her hunger. Ren swung her hand back and began to move it towards the woman's face. Then something strange happened. The air visibly changed. She felt a strange pressure. Ren looked up to see strings made of a white light coming from nowhere in particular. They attached to her all over her body. She felt a surge of energy as she was yanked into nothing. The woman's eyes was wide and fear gripped her voice.

    Ren crawled out of the circle. The strings of light dissipating. She looked up to see a young man. She felt surprise and maybe a bit of pride. It was strange. Why would she feel surprise or even anything at all. Certainly she had known of these things called emotions. But how did she even know what they were if she never felt them. The man stared at her and she returned the gaze. Her eyes were like ice, blue and entirely chilling. She felt a searing pain on her her back. Her hands reached for it and touched a sewn wound. She never had something like this. Her masters would never let any visible marks go unfixed. She had to be the perfect doll. Ren knew she had a new master. It was not said, but she just knew. This man would be her new master then. She didn't complain. It was inevitable. Masters change as time passes. The only thing that doesn't is her, the killing doll. She bowed to realize there was still blood dripping. The blades retracted immediately and small bloody slits appeared. "You are my new Master. I shall serve," Renee said with no tone or feeling. It was just a fact. She felt amusement and it bothered her.
  6. Walking up to the circle after gathering her supplies she needed Nina watched as the students who one by one called there familiars, she gave a soft sigh relaxing her nerves and clearing her mind as she set cream colored candles around the circle and placed the mortar and pestle on the ground and began to spread her ingredients inside using Aconitum, Artemisia absinthium L, Marrubium vulgare, Aristolochia rotunda and Taraxacum officinale. Once all were inside the bowl she began to grind them into a very fine mash. Satisfied she smiled grabbing her dagger, she punctured the tip of her finger squeezing it until a drop of blood fell into the mash. She then began to light the candles the flames growing slightly bigger as she set the mash on fire she grinned enjoying the flames and began to utter the spell.
    Reus ut meus animus, Reus ut meus pectus pectoris, Per vox EGO dico vos ut meus pars! She stood back and watched as the candle flames grew giving off and abnormally strong heat, once the mash was completely burned the candles went out and with that the smoke from the candles began to swirl into the center of the circle. A dark figure started to take form hidden inside the smoke the only thing you could tell was it was a muscular form, with that she stood patiently as she could waiting for the smoke to clear.
  7. While the others worked their summonings, Requiem led his partner away to a more secluded section and gave her a slight smile. She was cute, albeit she definitely carried a certain fae aspect about her. He shook his head, examining her more closely. She looked young, and not particularly powerful, standing shorter than himself. She looked like the wind would carry her away if it had the inclination. Her eyes however spoke an entirely different story. The breathed and cracked with energy. Not a bad summon, but he would have preferred something more iconic. Something people would hear about and turn on their heels, but that wasn't an option now. Of course, he didn't even know what she was to begin with. Arcane Magick was incredibly unpredictable, and so whatever it was he had summoned would be likely just as wild. "I am Requiem." He said after he had looked her over. "What is your name and what are you?"
  8. Noticing another student come to take their turn at summoning, he nodded off to the area the teachers indicated to go after you had summoned your familiar. "Hello." he said to it. He looked the creature from head to toe and back up, taking note of the blade slits and blood-soaked dress, the emotionless face, the undead nature of the thing herself. "I," he began, "Am Adam Krimm, your new Master. You may call me Adam. While it is quite plain what you are, an alchemical mecha-necromantic creation made to serve your master, it is who you are that interest me. What is your name?" he asked the girl he summoned only moments ago. Being both of mechanical and of necromantic origin, she seemed the perfect familiar, now he just had to learn her, how she operated so they could best work together.

    He would do that now, then go to his assigned dorm and clean the new wound he acquired from the summoning, which had apparently sewn itself shut as well. Must be the proof of contract, he thought.
  9. Renee stared at her master as he examined her closely. It was completely normal for her masters to prod and check every inch of her body. She had no shyness or modesty. She only had orders to follow. The only odd part was she felt something a shifting of several emotions. This was completely unnatural to her. She didn't know if it was caused by her coming here or something else entirely. When he asked for her name, she responded coldly and curtly, "Renee" She often tried to remember who first gave her that name. Ren had difficulty remembering her beginnings. She had no idea who her first master was or even when she was created. But the one thing she knew was to kill and her name. It was embedded within her. Sure her other masters called her much more such as slave, girl, or one odd one called her princess. She continued to follow her new master, Adam. He was certainly unlike her other master. Everyone here was different. She felt they were all very powerful. Ren wondered where she was and why she was here. Then she felt again the same couple emotions from earlier. She wanted it to stop. It was too foreign. Is my master the cause of this?
  10. Elysia followed after the man mutely as he led her away from the center of the room. Her eyes darted around the structure as the spell over her body seemed to break. Her heart started hammering. Where was she? A small pink tongue slid out to lick at her lips as nervousness dried the inside fo her mouth out. The Maiden gulped lightly and her hands began to fidget some. Her eyes shot over to the man as he spoke, she blinked at him owlishly. A few minutes passed by before his words made it through the haze of nervousness and shock that was spearing through her.
    "Wh-where am I?" She stuttered quietly. Her hands fisted the bottom of her skirt to stop their trembling. She knew she was on the ground, that and itself made her leery, but there was something about the air that was wrong. She bit into her bottom lip, ignoring his questions and waiting for hers to be answered.
  11. "Ah, forgive me, this must be quite odd for you. You are presently in ASU, Arcana Somnium University. It's in a plane separate from the one you originate from. I, like most of the people you see around here are called Magi, or singularly, a Magus. I brought you here. Or rather, I created a doorway and the Arcane energies brought you here. I don't really have all that much control over it." He told her with a slightly embarrassed smile. Just because he was a Prodigy of Arcane Magyck didn't mean that he was all that great with it. Being a Prodigy in the Arcane meant as much as being able to do Arcane Magyck.
  12. Elysia kept her eyes fastened on 'Requiem' as he explained what had supposedly happened. She felt one of her eyebrows shoot up as he spoke. Magi's didn't exist, they where right along with humans and fairy tales. They just didn't exist. The maiden turned her face lightly, bringing her fingers to her lips in an attempt to hide the skepticism from the man. You where supposed to play along with crazy people, right?
    "Why did you, the arcane energies, bring me here?" She asked the next question, glancing up from beneath her lashes in time to catch his embarrassed smile. She blinked before she looked away. Bad, Elysia, you do not admire the cray kidnappers smile!
  13. Requiem turned in a circle with his arms outstretched, gesturing to the people around him. "Every one of the Magi here has a partner, a Familiar. I guess The Arcane forces decided you would be mine." He explained, gesturing to where the others were doing their summonings. "Why they drew you I cannot say. I don't even know what you are. For all intensive purposes, you appear human, but there's something decidedly not about you. All I do know is that we're stuck with eachother until one of us or both of us are dead."
  14. Elysia stared at him for a few minutes, unblinking.
    "...A-are y-you b-being serious?" She stuttered some. Did this guy really believe what he was saying? She glanced around them again. Well, it seemed like he wasnt the only one she supposed as she watched a girl in a circle on the floor going about some kind of ritual. Her lips fell apart slightly as she watched the magic going on. "Humans don't exit." She accidentally muttered aloud her thought. Her eyes snapped back to Requiem and she frowned. "Then what happens now?" She asked him, still avoiding answering his questions. Her fingers started to tremble some as she looked back at the circles in the center of the room. She tried to pinch herself discreetly. As the tinge of pain registered she gulped. okay, so maybe this was real. She mumbled a dirty word in a language only known by those of her kind. This wasn't fair, shouldn't she be asked before she got tied to someone for the rest of her life? She blinked. Wait, what if this Requiem guy was lying. She looked up at him and placed her hands on her hips. "Whats k-keeping me here?" She asked, even as she congratulated herself on keeping a nearly firm tone. "Wh-wheres your proof that I can't just l-leave?" She asked.
  15. Thanatos was out walking the streets, death scythe in hand hanging over his shoulder of his dark black long sleeve shirt. His black hair in his regular messy style. He had on a devilish smile before he realized it smoke surrounded him. He didn't like this at all. He stood there in the smoke until it cleared out, showing off his muscular body in the shirt and his tall frame. He glanced around the room, red eyes sparkling with excitement at spotting all the humans. He enjoyed playing with the fragile things called humans, his smile turning even bigger. He glanced around until his eyes landed on the redish haired girl standing in the circle with him, "Well... Hello, beautiful. Where am I and how'd I get here?" He asks taking a step towards her, scythe still over his shoulder.
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  16. "Well, you could always try. I remember something about boundaries though. Nothing stopping you from trying, just don't know what the results would be." He told her. He understood her confusion. He expected that if he was suddenly yanked from his dimension to serve with someone else for the rest of his life, he'd be rather apprehensive about the situation too. "Really though, I wouldn't suggest it. We're linked now, so what you feel, I'll feel, probably anyway, and I'd rather that not be a problem."
  17. "Renee..." Adam repeated, the syllables rolling off his tongue. "Pretty name. Well, Renee, for your first task, I want an explanation. Not that I mind that you do, why is it you are wearing a white dress, turned crimson by blood?" he inquired. He was rather curious about her now. It seemed obvious that she was most likely just following orders, but it still intrigued the young necromancer.
  18. Listening to music on his head phones, Bertram was too busy conducting it to really notice that those around him were giving him looks or that people were already summoning their familiars. On the ground next to his feet was his violin, sitting in its case. The case had a magically placed locked that only reacted to Bertram's touch. It was a gift of sorts from his family as he was accepted into the prestigious Arcana Somnium University.

    As the song ended, Bertram took a look around and hit pause on his mp3 player. There was a girl around his age who was standing the circle in the middle of her summoning ritual. A dark figure with a scythe had began to appear. Unpausing his mp3 player, Bertram began to listen to the music as the girl summoned her familiar. The particular song that was playing was short and finished quickly as the two walked out of the circle. Seeing no one moving to the circle once the girl and her familiar left it alone, he grabbed his violin, pulled a piece of white chalk for his pocket and headed towards the circle. As he walked, there was a noticeable limp in his left leg. It was odd since most of modern medicine or magic could heal most wounds unless caused by dark magic. Once he reached the circle, Bertram placed his violin case on the ground and used the chalk to make marks around the summoning circle. Anyone close enough to look would notice that he was not writing runes. Instead, he was writing several measures of music around the circle.

    Once finished with writing around the circle, Bertram took his place and opened his violin. Taking the usual stance of violin players, he took a large breath and exhaled before he began to play. If anyone knew anything about classical or any sort of violin music, they would immediately notice that what Bertram was playing was not a composed song. It was something completely of his own making. Furthermore, music notes around the began to glow with power. Not once did Bertram say a word. He was completely focused on his music and every noted that he played. The song was building as the circle began to glow. As he reached the climax of the song, a figure began to appear.
  19. Renee wondered if her master has never seen blood. She responded quickly in the same toneless voice, "I killed and my dress got dirty." It was simple. There was nothing else to explain. She looked at her master once more. Curiosity was burning within her chest. It was not her own. She was never curious. Certainly she asked questions, but she had no desire to know the answers. They were just questions. This bothered her longer than she wanted. She looked down and saw the state of her dress. The blood was slowly drying, darkening into stains. If she felt anything it would be getting into new clothes and get clean. There is order in cleanliness. To be white and sterile is to be pure. Its as if she wanted to clean her hands from something other than blood. Her master smelled of death. It soothed her a bit. She knew death. It was an old companion. She wondered if her master will ask her to befriend death once more and aid him in his grim duties.
  20. "Hm..." Adam responded, taking note of her answer. "Who did you kill, and why?" he asked. He hoped it was not people. It smelled like human blood on her, be he hoped it was not. He loved manipulating the dead, but he hated it when things were killed without reason. As he mulled over the thought, a knot of guilt had begun forming in his stomach, telling him to command her not to tell, to disregard his request.

    His curiosity was stronger, though, so he did not withdraw.
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