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  1. [​IMG]

    Arcana Somnium University

    Dear ___(students name)___,

    Congratulations on being accepted into Arcana Somnium University! Arcana Somnium University, fondly known as ASU, has been around for 500 years. Although small, our university is known for producing the best of the best in many fields. ASU receives thousands of applications, but because of the size of our school we can only accept a small fraction of students at a time. ASU only accepts the best of magi. Whether your strengths lay in magic, combat, political, or any other fields. You may rest assured, because you got this letter, you are, indeed, deserving of this university.

    ASU has a plethora of academic phenomenon, one of the most famous being the familiar summoning. Every new student goes through this ritual as they begin their time at ASU. We make this ritual mandatory for every student attending. For our students, this si the first test in our University. If a student fails to summon an acceptable familiar, they will be sent home. The ritual is advanced, and therefore, when completed successfully, will summon a familiar of human like intelligence. After the contract is formed, the magi student and his/her familiar will be a team for the remainder of their lives. The familiar will support the magi in any way it possibly can. More benefits of having a familiar will be covered in a specific mandatory course.

    Once again, we’d like to offer our congratulations on making it into ASU. Enclosed with this letter, you should find a ticket of transportation to the campus. Of course, the ticket will only get you to the forest, however there will be a staff member waiting for you at the forest entrance to guide you onto the main campus. All of us staff can’t wait to meet you!


    Alexandria Thopkins
    Alexandria Thopkins

    Familiar to the vice Principal

    Alright, everybody grab a partner!
    we need Magi/familiar teams
    if unpartnered, simply type Searching. Ill add you to a special lsit and hopefulyl someon will partner up with you. If not, then, you can have a second character, an NPC can be your partner, or I (or another player) will double up and play your partner as well as our original character. SOMETHING will happen and noone will be left behind!

    Magi (open)

    Elite, advanced or in some way above the norm

    College aged: (18+)

    Very rare to be anything other than human, and even if they aren't they always at least partially human

    All have a specialty form of magic:
    Lighting, Darkness, Fire, Ice, Earth, Plant, Light, Puppetry, Music, Water, Healing, Psionnics, Scrying, Wind/Air, Animation, Transfiguration and Transmutation, illusion

    Have at least one branch of magic they suck at, along with two other weakneses

    Need a personal conductor/enhancer, players choice of object

    Are advanced enough to be able to summon intelligent higher level familiars instead of the normal animal types.

    Character skeleton:
    Appearance: (if using an image place above)
    Weakness: (At least three, one of which is magic related)
    Conductor/Enhancer: (for examples: a wand, or an amulet, perhaps a grimoire, or whatever else)
    Weapon: (is they have one)
    History: (optional)
    Familiar: (your partner's character name)
    Bond Details:
    Tying Object:
    Proof of contract:

    Familiars (open)

    Any race/ creature EXCEPT for human

    Magic is limited to racial normalitys.
    Ex: A dragon familiar can breathe fire, an animal (Neko, Kitsune, werecreature, ect.) can turn into beast forms. A water spirit would have some control over water. Ya'll get it, right?

    Can “learn” some basic magics from their Magi

    They match of compliment their magi in some way. They're chosen as the best support.
    Usally they're the more physical of the two. USUALLY not a necessity.
    Some Magi might view them as servants, it's up tot he familiar how they feel about that.

    All begin in the same alternate dimension
    "waaiiiiitttt a minute....wasn't I JUST in my own bedroom? What the hell, man?!"

    Character skeleton:

    Appearance: (if using an image place above)
    Specialty: (combat? cleaning? reading? whatever, the choice is yours)
    Weakness: (at least three)
    Weapon: (more likely to have one than a Magi)
    History: (optional)
    Magi: (your partner's character name)
    Bond Details:
    Tying Object:
    Proof of contract:

    MnF together (open)

    Have a bond of variant strengths, depending on the individuals, between them

    Are a team

    Are stuck with each other until one of them dies.
    Exception: After a Magi gets to the level where they can handle another, they may have multiple familiars at a time.

    Have a tying item between them
    Ex: a necklace and a bracelet. Acting like a collar and the end of the leash?

    Have proof of contract
    Can take on different forms such as: tattoos, an actual piece of papers, ect.

    Relation ships are a taboo, not unheard of, but greatly looked down on.

    University Notes (open)
    University Notes (open)

      • Name: Arcana Somnium University (ASU)
      • Remote Location
      • Dorm Suites- Shared between Magi and Familiar
        • The building itself is co-ed
      • Small campus
      • Very selective in students and staff
      • Representation:
        • Colors: Black, red and silver
        • Mascot: Dragon
        • Crest: the image at the top of the acceptance letter. Its etched into EVERYTHING
      • Staffing:
        • 1 Headmaster team
        • 5 Professors teams
        • An army of magical cleaning utensils
      • Curriculum
        • Combat
        • Social
        • Political
        • History
        • Culture
        • Teamwork
        • Control/meditation
        • Advanced:
          • Spell work
          • Potions
          • Divinity
          • Other magical fields
        • Work Experience/ missions/ volunteer work
        • Non magic studies
        • Any suggestions for curricular or extra curricular?

    The setting is an alternate world where magic is abundant, but magical creatures themselves are rare. Era wise is close to current. Technology is around.

    Have fun with this guys, if you have any suggestions, say something. We'll be more than happy to hear ya'll out.

    Some events will be placed on a list in case the roleplay slows down. In which case, one will be picked at random and introduced into the story to liven it up. If anyone has any suggestions for such an event, again, say something.

    James Marlowe (magus in need of a familiar)
    Established Teams:
    Requiem & Elysia
    Adam & Renee
    Nina & Thanatos
    Bertram & Grimmerly​
    Avanion & Hideki
    Elliot & Vesper
    Arcantos & Volt​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Adam Krimm
    Age: 19
    Specialty: Necro-puppetry
    Weakness: Can only hold the puppets in the realm of the living for 24 hours, is easily distracted, is all but unable to perform fire magic
    Aspirations: To master his puppetry, and at least one other art
    Conductor/Enhancer: puppetry control cross
    Weapon: small dagger
    History: From a young age, Adam has been able to re-animate the corpses of dead animals and play with them like puppets. Graduated top of his class, applied for the university to better his skills even further.
    Personality: Serious, compassionate, can't take a joke, hates killing but loves manipulating the dead
    Familiar: Renee (Ren)
    Bond Details: Adam, who normally feels emotions, now feels Ren's emotionlessness underlying that, whereas Ren feels his emotions underlying her stoic nature.
    Tying Object: Bone key with a metal tip, used to wind up the doll. It hangs on a necklace around his neck
    Proof of contract: A sewn wound on his back
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  3. So, Familiars have their own lives going on prior to the contract and then get sucked away to a different location once the Magi casts the spell? I'm a bit confused on that part.
  4. [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION]
    Bond Details: When the familiar is summoned a small bond is formed between the magus and the familiar. It dosnt have to be much. Maybe just sort of a sense that the other person is alive. OR it can be extravagant like sharing thought or communicating telepathically.

    Tying Object: They work as just that, for example: like a collar and a leash with a dog and human. Its just something that ties them together.

    Proof of Contract: The second a familiar appears before the magus, its like they've both signed a contract. So, a physical piece of proof will appear at that time. Sometimes it's a tattoo, or you could use a card (for those who have seen/ read Negima, they'll understand that), maybe it's literally a piece of paper that appears.

    [MENTION=5241]Harper[/MENTION] Yea, that's exactly the case, they're just going about their lives normally and then all of a sudden poof. "Hey you're my familiar welcome to my world!" Familiars live in a parallel dimension from the Magi's world. (I'll get more into that later as a history lesson)
  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis
    Age: 20
    Specialty: Arcane Magick
    Weakness: Scrying, Has a tendency towards gambling and drinking
    Aspirations: To buy a country of his own to just live in and relax.
    Conductor/Enhancer: A Deck of Cards
    Weapon: His Cards and his Gauntlets

    History: Requiem is the first in his family to have magickal talents, and everyone was surprised to findout that what he was best at was the arcane forces themselves. Arcane magick being an old world magick, one that is rare, volatile, and quite powerful. His family continuously lectured him on the proper use of his magick, reminding him of the Arcane Purges that had occured in the past, when people, afraid that Arcanists were getting too powerful, decided to hunt down and kill them all, including any children who had any sort of talent for it.

    Because of the constant lectures though, Requiem grew tired of being told what to do, and began finding reasons to get away from home. It was there he discovered that due to his Arcane talent, he had a subtle way of getting things to fall his way that was out of control. He began gambling and drinking, and generally wasting his life. It wasn't until he hospitalized someone in an arcane blast that wasn't intended that he truly realised that he had to get more control over his power. From there he took his winnings from his gambling and enrolled in ASU. He still hasn't spoken to his family in years.
    Familiar: Elysia Amaya

    Bond Details: N/A
    Tying Object: Silver Necklace with a Die for the pendant
    Proof of contract: Matching Tattoos. His is on the back of his neck.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Elysia Amaya
    Age: 18 (185 human years)
    Species: Storm Maiden
    Appearance: Her eyes flash when lightening strikes, her nails shift color to match the clouds, her ears have a small point to them and she also has dainty little fangs. She has a wisp form that makes her basically look like a cloudy-ghost like thing. (she can float/fly in that form) She turns a transparent grey color and again, ghost like.
    Specialty: Calling Storms, rain in particular, she's good at cooking, what she calls "sword dancing"
    Weakness: she's not very strong physically( but she's quick), she can't swim, and she gets flustered easily
    Aspirations: To do the best she can in this weird new world
    Weapon: Two light swords that she 'dances' with.
    History: Elysia grew up in a large family in a Storm Master Colony high above the ground, up in the clouds. Just like the rest of her kind, Elysia preferred to stay among the clouds and away from others. Although the only daughter from her family, she wound up being the most potent of her siblings. The storms and their components respond to her emotions with ease. And it was not odd to always see a mini rain above her head.

    As per tradition, she was taught a form of combat in her choice, instead of going with the typical spear or a bow, she chose two swords. While she was trained to use them she spent time on the ground, the only amount ever spent there. While she was taught the art of swords, she also took an interest in dancing. After learning both, she combined them into her own unique way of fighting. Being on ground also taught her why the Storm Masters lived so high in the air. What was normal for her, was apparently potentially dangerous for anyone surrounding her. (Lightening BURNT others? Who knew?) After her time on the ground, she returned back to the colony without delay.
    Magi: Requiem
    Bond Details: It's a devloping bond, but so far the effects are: Elysia can't stray too far from Requiems arm, the bodn tether her to him and he can 'yank' her back to him. They can sense each others lifeforce at the back fo their minds, just enough to know the other is still alive.
    Tying Object: Collar
    Proof of contract: Matching tattoo, hers is on/around her belly button
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  7. Picture (open)

    Name: Thanatos
    Age: 20 (204 human years)
    Species: Death God/Grim Reaper
    Appearance: (if using an image place above)
    Specialty: (combat? cleaning? reading? whatever, the choice is yours) Combat. His scythe can steal souls or cut through a peeson. Also, having a rapid healing ability makes it harder to kill him.
    Weakness: (at least three) Doesn't take anything serious, loves toying with lives, lies. A lot.
    Aspirations: He just want's to have fun.
    Weapon: (more likely to have one than a Magi) A giant scythe, can either be solid to kill someone or not to steal souls with.
    Weapon (open)

    History: Thanatos has always been a grim reaper. If he had life before being a grim reaper he doesn't remember it.
    Personality: He is devilish and enjoys toying with lives, which is easy to do with the ability to steal souls. Thanatos doesn't care who he messes with and tends to get bored from his games fast.
    Magi: Nina
    Bond Details: They can feel each others feelings.
    Tying Object: An earring piercing his left ear.
    Proof of contract: A tattoo on his left shoulder.
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  8. Picture
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Renee (Ren)
    Age: ??
    Species: Undead/Machine
    Appearance: She has a mostly intact form. Long dirty hair, pale skin, and a very cold demeanor. Part of her has the metallic touch of machinery. Her eyes are usually blue but then can slowly fade into white or even bright red.
    Specialty: She specializes in close quarters combat. Ren can rip apart others with ease, using blades hidden within her body. She does have some range weaponry in her but for personal reason she doesn't utilize them much. She is also quite the maid, being able to clean properly despite looking like a bloody monster.
    Weakness: She is dead. Fire is not her friend. She does smell and requires some mechanical maintenance. She can't cook. Poor taste buds.
    Aspirations: She would like to live in a mansion and maintain a large garden.
    Weapon: Hidden blades that comes out of her body. She has one cannon with one shot on her right arm. Her normal hands are quite viscous. And her cold cold stare can be considered quite the weapon.
    History: Ren was created with the purpose to serve. She had gone through many masters and had been locked up by most of them. But every time the masters were killed in horrific displays. Her original purpose was to kill. To eviscerate and slaughter. And that she has done perfectly. Perhaps a bit too much so. Over time her deadly tendencies dulled and she was lost. Her purpose no longer clear she wandered and served doing many strange things. Cleaning at different places, taking care of children, even dancing for some shady clubs. She of course had done this without a single change to her facial expression. The children enjoyed her company though. But she could not throw away her violent tendencies. There would always be random murders. These always end with Ren being chased out and once again repeating the cycle again. But a distant urge grew within her. She wanted a life of her own. To break from the chains of obedience imposed upon her since her creation.
    Personality: Most of the times she is emotionless like a doll. She follows commands to the letter and is extremely devout to her masters. But at times perhaps a clockwork heart turns and she suddenly acts completely warm and friendly. These times are quite rare and triggered by the most random things.
    Magi: Adam Krimm
    Bond Details: To be divulged later.
    Tying Object: A small wind up toy girl.
    Proof of contract: A sewn wound.
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  9. Name: Grimmerly
    Age: 17
    Species: Banshee
    Appearance: In her usual form, she is a petite redhead with mischievous eyes. She can easily look innocent to attract lost souls. In her true form, her tan skin pales, red hair puffs into ghastly blue and violet eyes into thirsty red.
    Specialty: Like all banshees, Grimm uses her voice and looks to lure victims into hopelessness. She also floats. In combat, her high pitch scream can disorient an opponent. She is also very good with her claws.
    Weakness: She has to feed on others' pain to keep her strength. Her banshee powers are useless under sunlight (she can still transform, but only her claws would be available for use). Smoke burns her.
    Aspirations: To be Hell's Girl, carrier of dead souls and maybe even marry Hades, her ultimate crush.
    Weapon: Her claws, songs, and screams.
    Magi: Searching
    Bond Details:
    Tying Object: A golden pin clipped around a streak of hair at the side of her head. It is impossible to take it off.
    Proof of contract: The streak of white hair which her pin is clipped on.
  10. Okay, so we need at least two more Magi to partner up with Neohmi and Phoenix Astin's characters. If no one pops up here in the next couple of days, we can start doubling on characters.
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  11. Also, we need non combat familiars too guys, not everything is about fighting! :P
  12. I guess I could've made a grim reaper that likes cleaning xD but that wouldn't have made sense.
  13. Good thing I've made a zombie girl that is good at cleaning then.
  14. Yes I guess that is good. Zombies should be neat xD
  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Nina
    Age: 21
    Appearance: (if using an image place above)
    Specialty: Fire
    Weakness: (At least three, one of which is magic related) Water Magic, Temper, Shy
    Aspirations: Graduate and become the best fire mage
    Conductor/Enhancer: (for examples: a wand, or an amulet, perhaps a grimoire, or whatever else) Dagger
    Weapon: (if they have one) Metal Claws
    Familiar: (your partner's character name) Thantos
    Bond Details: Can feel one another if one is hurt ect.
    Tying Object: Braclet
    Proof of contract: Tattoo
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  16. Question: does the contract keep the familiars from killing their magi?
  17. Oooo. Nice. I am trying to come up with something so don't mind me too much.
  18. yea, I should have probably mentioned that, they can't kill each other. they can hurt each other, and they can torment each other, but no killing.
  19. yea thatd be bad considering I got the reaper lol
  20. Don't fear the reaper
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