Arcadia: Rise of the Soul Spires

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  1. Hello! This will be the first roleplay I put up on this website and this is one I always have wanted to do. Fully piecing it together I have put the thread in the misc. category in roleplays as it has many genres. The start post shows you interacting with a strange... person. He gives you a credit card with a strange design on it and says to put it under your pillow as you sleep to get the money you want. But he doesn't tell you everything. And I'll be explaining it in here.

    When you put the Arcadian Card under your pillow and fall asleep you "wake" up in a different world. This world is purely run on the gambling of its residents. Everyone there has their own goals and desires but they all come down to money. The main attraction there is a one on one arena called the Soul Spires. The Soul Spire Arena is an ever changing area that mimics different locations. But the rules are always the same. Each gambler has a spire, or statue of sort. Very simple to learn, very hard to play. The spire contains your ability to be in this world. And all you have to do to stay here and gain money is to keep your spire standing. Deal damage or even destroy your opponent's spire to get money. An additional rule is that either player may forfeit whenever they please. They do not lose much but their currency. The decision is your though, you can play to the death or till one of you forfeits keeping you both in Arcadia a bit longer. You can use the money in Arcadia to power up your attacks, fortify your spire, or transfer it to the real world.

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  2. Character Form- Please remove everything in parenthesis when submitting. There will be two sections for this, one much smaller than the other. When you are in Arcadia you will have a different appearance and abilities to help you in gambling. The first part of the form is who you are in the normal world and the second in Arcadia.

    Appearance: (Picture)
    Age: (At least sixteen)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Bio: (Okay to have it revealed throughout the roleplay)

    Power: ( At the start of the roleplay you may only have one power and it will not be a game changing power. Don't make it over powered :) )
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