Arcadia: Rise of the Soul Spires

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You hear a strange knock at the door. The hour is unknown because you are to unwilling to check the clock after the chills travel down your back; the fear choking your neck becomes more and more until you inch towards the noise. Flashes of your wild imagination and horrid curiosity dominate your mind. Nothing will satisfy the hunger of what you seek unless what you fear most will align.

The lights outside your building screech due to age. They play games with victims in the hall, going off and on at random times. Your feet finally reach the door; air greeting your toes due to the rushed job making these buildings. The small glass hole granted your wishes. You could see who the hell was at the door without having them see you, well at least you thought it did. As you hesitantly creep up the silhouette aches still.

You retrace the locks with your hand, gently gliding across the metal to make sure you are safe. The figure outside moans with anticipation and knocks again. Right when you thought you reassured your sanity reality shattered everything you built up. Your hands shake as they try to find grip on the knob. As you twisted the handle nothing seemed to go by slower. When you opened the door the only thing to greet you was the aching movement of the hinges.

Your heartbeat rises as you wonder where the figure went, but then settles back down when you realize that you don't have to talk to said figure. You close the door drastically and now concern yourself with locking everything back up. As you do so your hands begin to settle with security. A sigh of relief begins to dawn as you prop yourself up against the wall. You are safe... now.

"Now now this must be your way of greeting the door but it's not where I come from."

The twisted joyous voice pierced the silent air behind you. You slam your back against the door and see the light from a passing train invade your apartment. Revealing the intruder.


"Who the hell are you?! What do you want!?"

"Such a normal thing to say. Let's just cut to the chase."

A pale smile light up his face. Silent laughter erupted from his body.

"I'm here because I love to.. What should I say?... Gamble. I know you don't have the funds to live this life for much longer."

"What the hell do you mean?!"

" Please do be quiet it would make things such easier.. You need money right? I have a solution.."

Another grin stretched from ear to ear. His hand slithered from his pocket and flicked towards you. His hand adorned with a snow white glove held a card of some sort. Like an everyday credit card.

" Take this.. Just put it under your pillow and you'll have sweet dreams..."


" And you'll have all the money you desire."


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