Aranor--The Hunters

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  1. Aranor--The Hunters

    The Departure.

    Everyone on the continent could see it, all of Aranor. It marked the end of nearly three decades of war. One day, with their greatest weapon defeated, the dragons simply left.
    All of Aranor had been fighting them, their number estimated at around a hundred, but on that day, their numbers were enough to block out the sun. It seemed that many had chosen not to fight, but now all understood that they were no longer wanted.

    Some went toward the sunrise, and some toward the sunset; the important thing was that they were gone. The oppression of the dragons had ended, and everyone rejoiced.

    Their homes of old, in the south of the continent, were now desolate, destroyed by dragons' breath, and the north remained a much-untamed land. The hero of the war, the Neshobe Rithara, set about forming a new country in the north, where the many kinds could live in peace. A human king was chosen, the White Dragoon—one of her lieutenants and closest friends, though not without the approval of the old order—the Council. Each kind was offered a place, a region they favored in the northern lands—for dwarves, the mountains, for elves, a great forest—but the Ekim declined, preferring a life of solitude among their own, and the nomadic Neshoba as well, wishing to roam freely as always. For three years Rithara set about building a new nation out of the scattered peoples, the coalition that had fought the war. Then, one day, she disappeared entirely, and the new king named the country after her.

    Seven more years later..
    It is a bright future that the people look ahead to. But the fledgling country is not without its problems. Monsters—hostile creatures which existed long before the war—now multiply without the dragons to control their number, and some who served the dragons, though offered acquittance, refuse to believe they have left for good and still fight on their behalf. The king of Aranor, as some have taken to calling him, looks for willing warriors, veterans of the war with no other place, to help stabilize the country.

    A small band forms in Arganthra, a thriving city near the center of Rithara, to answer this call...

    (Now Accepting Characters!!)
  2. Character Sheet & Listing

    Character Sheet & Listing

    Read, apply, then delete what is in parentheses:

    [noparse]Name: (if it means something, place the meaning in parentheses following it)
    Gender: (I do hope you can figure this one out...)
    Race: (Refer to races & magic section below for descriptions.)
    Appearance: (if it's a picture, please use a URL or a spoiler so it doesn't stretch the page any.)
    Weapon: (what your character tends to fight with)
    Magic: (the form(s) or spell(s) of magic, if any, that (s)he has or is proficient with)
    Defect: (DELETE this field if your character is not a cross of two or more races. If (s)he is, please refer to the race section on crossbreeding for details.)
    Personality: (general behavioral patterns of your character...)
    Motivation: (why your character intends to join the group of hunters.)
    History: (make it brief and general, please, leaving some things to be discovered in-character)[/noparse]

    Existing Characters:
    (Click link on character name to read full bio)

    Naieda-Blue Tail woman; organizer and leader of the group. Generally seems cold and unfeeling, but capable of logical persuasion of others all the same. [Xindaris]

    Kozche-Young half-Ekim, half-elf who has been told he is half-dragon and treated as a slave through much of his life. Despite this, he is a bit of a crack shot with his Soulforge bow. [TZS]

    Osiris Feleek-Half-elfin veteran of the recent war; skilled and experienced fighter despite his blindness. Capable of sound magic; a polite and calming influence, generally. [Quiet One]

    Garreth Raund-Hunter and cruel keeper of Kozche. Has great hatred for dragons in general; a master with sword and bow. Lives for nothing but drinks and the thrill of the hunt. [TZS]

    Salya Dergrimst-Mostly-human thief with some fire magic. Pulled in by Osiris, in an effort to turn her skills of agility and stealth to more productive use. Moderate amounts of defiant, impulsive, and greedy. [Quiet One]

    (Characters who are not playable, and in some cases no longer around, but influence present events.)

    Rithara-Deceased(?) general-in-chief of the recent war. Organized the new country in the north, which was named after her disappearance in honor of her.

    The King of Aranor-Also known as the White Dragoon. Of the six Dragoon, he was undoubtedly the leader, and when Rithara set up a constitutional monarchy in place of the old system of government, he was named king and the others important nobles. He is well-known for his courage and honesty, and can be spotted in a crowd by his white hair and eyes.

    The Dragoons-Six individuals, each of which was given special powers by one Clan of the Neshoba, appointed specifically as dragon-killers. All were important lieutenants during the war and all were appointed to important positions in the new government afterward.

    The Cat King-Leader of the Fylenis who is said to enforce their ethical and moral code. Declared himself and thus nearly all of his kind an ally of Rithara by proxy during the war, and evidently never showed himself in person.

    Bernard & Gretchen-A mysterious young man...and his cat. (More to be added as events progress)

    Savar-Shadow Fang Neshobe; general during the war. Lost his life, and saved that of all in his division, in the killing of a black dragon, turning what had been a deadly trap into a decisive victory. Naieda's deceased mate.
  3. Some Arography, History/Government

    Arography (Aranor geography)
    This is a general idea of the shape of Aranor, graciously provided by megane-kun, and many thanks to him. Some of the geography is also evident, but it may not be entirely accurate on this map.
    The story begins in Arganthra, a city a little bit northwest of the desert (the section with squiggly lines in the north). The capital city is farther north.

    The most important bit of history is fairly outlined in the introduction. Ten years before this RP was the end of a great war, between the many humanoid races (listed above) and dragons. The war lasted at least two and a half decades, and just about everyone was involved. Before said war, most humanoid races lived in the southern less-than-half of the continent, but that area was devastated over the course of the war. Thus, much of the northern land that people live in now is still relatively unexplored. The southern half of the continent used to be ruled mostly by a council which had representatives from some of the many kinds, but was led by the overall leader of each of the Neshoban Clans. The new government has the leaders of several races in command, with the king acting as executive and leader of the armies.
  4. All About Monsters

    Monsters are a common and constant threat to life on Aranor, requiring all who travel abroad to have some sort of fighting capability. Though their numbers have been brought down during the war, in which the dragons used them as weapons, more of them are starting to crop up all over.
    So what exactly is a monster on Aranor? Monsters are literally horrendous crosses of the traits of two or more different animals, with a horrid smell and constant aggression toward anything intelligent. Where they came from and what their purpose is remains completely unknown, though the Sins, the creations and servants of the dragons, have been known to control them from time to time.
    Currently 'known' monsters (roleplay out a new kind appearing for me to add it to this list):

    1.Impeth-Humanoid but very thin and animalistic; faces of jackals, oblong ears that stick out from their heads, and short claws from all four limbs as well as sharp teeth. One of the weaker and very common sorts, but when they fight in large packs they are to be feared.
    2.Dog-head-Grizzly bear body with a dog's head; it has a horizontal jaw within the normal vertical one, and can scream very high-pitched like a banshee. Its blood has been known to cause numbness or fatigue in some people.
    3.Daora-Rare creature that has a spider's body, but an elephant's size. Its exoskeleton is so hard that it cannot be cut or pierced, but brittle enough that parts of it will shatter with sudden blunt force.
    4.Monkzon-Gorilla's body, cat claws; its saliva is known to contain weakening diseases, though nobody has died from a disease yet.
    5.Lost Soul-Lost souls are an “exception”, they aren’t exactly monsters but most are just as unfriendly. They can look like anything—a creature, a person, or even an actual monster—but they always look like about half-dead. A lost soul, as the name implies, has at least one soul trapped somewhere in the body, and if that area is sufficiently injured the soul is set free. If all of the souls in a lost soul creature are set free, it disintegrates. Only a Choneiji is capable of “seeing” where the souls are; without one, it is necessary to destroy the entire body to be sure it's dead. Fortunately, their appearance is somewhat rare.
  5. Character Sheet:

    Name:Naieda (n(eye)-ed-ah; "unmoving waters")
    Race:Neshobe-Blue Tail
    Appearance: Naeida looks fairly thin and plain, and she is a little on the short side. She wears loose, faded-brown clothing that covers nearly all of her skin except for hands, feet, and face. Her skin itself is slightly pale, though probably not for lack of sun. Naeida's eyes are an icy, bright blue and rarely express much. Her ears and tail both begin a dark, navy blue and slowly fade to the same color as her eyes near the tips.
    Weapon:Naieda prefers to use other people as her defense and weapon; when necessary, however, she is good at dodging attacks consistently and knows how to do a lot of damage with little effort unarmed.
    Magic: 3 Blue Tail Spells: Healing, Diagnose, and Calm, which calms down another creature by reducing the biological responses to stress, such as adrenaline; requires physical touch to use.
    Personality: Naieda has a kind of cold, calculating calm. She remains almost entirely detached from people around her, and rarely displays much emotion, though those who get to know her well can pick up on the subtle signals. Rather than asserting dominance, she tends to try to win others over to her own point of view. All the same, she generally considers herself intellectually superior to those around her, and will occasionally insult the intelligence of others without directly meaning to. She is not, however, above sarcasm.
    Motivation:She figures that groups which answer the king's request must have leaders and initiators, and has decided to act in this part. Besides this, she had no real reason not to.
    History: Neida's mate (husband, essentially) was killed early in the recent war; at the time she worked mostly behind the scenes--strategizing, organizing or decoding spy reports, but he had been a warrior on the front lines. They had no children.
  6. Name: Andraia

    Gender: Female

    Race: "Mermaid"

    Age: 44

    Appearance: ((because i'm too lazy atm))
    Show Spoiler

    Weapon: Trident-like weapon (see picture)

    Magic: Her people are naturally gifted in all forms of Water magic, but she is also capable of Electricity magic. She tends to use the light water magic and dark electricity magic.

    Personality: Strong willed, gentle yet fierce, yet slightly forlorn. Outward she appears confident to others and often times can be somewhat intimidating, but if you look closely you can see deeper inside who she is. You will see a young female who is just as fragile as any other and seems to hold a deep rooted sadness of some form. She tries to be observant of the world around her and carefully plan out her actions and words, but she can have the tendency to be slightly impulsive at times.

    Motivation: She claims her motivation is the simple seeking of an adventure, but it always seems as if there are other motives as well that drive her.

    History: Her people were always a secretive one, keeping out of the affairs of most others around them. Andraia was still young when the war started, and all she knew for a good chunk of her life was the war. She witnessed many horrible things during those times, and even fought some during it. It wasn't until 4 years ago that she left the waters of her home to travel. Through the years she's learned a great tolerance to staying in her "human" form, but she still is more comfortable in her natural form and will revert to it whenever nearby fresh waters.
  7. Alright. It's a good character...It's very well written, and none of it is "wrong", so much as not matching with the setting. That's what I'm here for, since I can't expect you to know every detail of the setting.

    -Merfolk are supposed to be able to simply turn their fins into legs; I can't really think of any reason why one would be able to generate clothing while doing so...
    -Similarly, unless she actually...grafted...poisonous blades..onto her false nails...I don't know of any other way for that to work. It may be easier to remove that, as trident skill and two types of magic should be plenty of battle-power as it is.
    -To be perfectly clear, only Neshoba have actual "spells" that their magic is divided into. Other magic-using races can manipulate their elements with relative freedom, though it does require training to begin using them, and more powerful uses drain one physically. An easier description of what I think you're saying would be that she uses 'Dark Lightening' and 'Light Water' types of magic. (A type is an aspect ("light" or "dark") and an element combined; I have this written in the description of elves, which I suppose is the wrong place, so I'm about to move it to the magic section where it makes more sense)
    -There isn't anywhere called "Ostia" on the present existence of the world only knows one continent and a few islands; merfolk are a fairly commonly known race even before the war, and probably not so late to join it. By her age she wasn't quite an adult at the time the war started (roughly 30 years+ ago by the setting of the RP).
    -It should also be noted, for reference, that merfolk are "freshwater fish", where they are fish. They can swim in salt water, but it isn't really good for them.

    Sorry I'm such a nitpick...
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  13. Hmmmm...

    I'd like to play as a Fylenis; I'd like more information on their race though. Why did the Neshobe hunt them and what part did they play in the Dragon war?
  14. Where it says Neshoba hunted them, it's referring to more ancient times, with less sentience--the simple reason is that they were predatory competition. The importance of this is that their numbers remain fairly few as they don't reproduce quickly, and they remain secretive.

    As to the war, I would imagine Fylenis had many possible occupations during it. Some probably worked gathering information from the best source possible--the heads of enemies--and relaying it; some may have used their abilities to manipulate enemy and friendly morale; or some of the most skilled could fight using illusions placed entirely in the heads of enemies.

    I will also note here that Fylenis have a strong and strictly-enforced code of ethics as to the use of their power. For example, skilled ones are technically capable of "breaking" the minds of other beings, effectively killing them, but the punishment for doing so is bad enough that someone who breaks a mind accidentally often suicides rather than face it.
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  18. This still open? It looks really cool!
    Let me know if there's anything i need to tweak. Each time I make a new character I'm trying to do something wildly different. In this case, a character who is emotionally conflicted, as most of my characters in the past have been at peace with their...whatever. Themselves? Their personal identities.

    Name: Kozche
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hybrid Ekim/Elf
    Age: 14
    He dresses to cover the reptilian traces, keeping his tail coiled close even when he moves, but he is very similar to a mermaid in skeletal structure, lacking legs.
    Why he was born this way is as much a mystery as how he was born in the first place. Unlike merfolk though he is incapable of changing his form and not any kind of swimmer. Any other terrain he's fine on. He's actually rather terrified of water.
    Weapon: Soulforge; a bow. Every arrow weakens him, so he makes them count.
    Magic: Shadow Summoning. Uses shadows as tangible things, but only defensively; to hide, to bind, and in direct application to lower temperature, though this is more a side effect than intentional. Being an absence of light, which is heat, shadow is cold.
    Personality: Angry, defensive. He is young and scared and hurting and knows there is no way out for him. Or believes it.
    Motivation: His keeper has offered the boy's service to the kingdom.
    History: An impossibly rare crossbreed between an Elf and a Ekim, his father was killed in the war before he was born and his mother shortly thereafter; he only has the vaguest memories of her. Raised by a cruel if not corrupt bounty hunter, he has been told his whole life that he is an abomination, that his mother was a human raped by a dragon. He has never seen an Ekim, nor known any Elves well enough to decern the truth.
  19. Kozche is very interesting and good.
    I was going to ask about the soulforge's element, but given his magic it's probably the same...and I'd say the leg-tail thing covers the defect, though it wasn't stated as such.
    ((But his hair looks kinda,

    I'll give it a little longer to see if the other people who said they were interested will respond. The RP needs at least 3 characters (including my own) to get started, I think...

    (I know there's three character sheets up, but 4got10 still hasn't responded to my PM at all, so I'm under the impression she's presently unable or else no longer interested.)