Aranea Mission 1: Corkscrew Ballad

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Musical Score: Contracter - Lamb of God

The Gigantic steel door looming over him, the stench of feces and death filling his nostrils and the sounds of battle raging above him, Winchest struggled to hear the Commander's words, but he understood what he had to do.

"Roger Command, WilCo" Winchester said, grabbing an RPG from his pack and attaching it to the door support with a roll of adhesive tape from his medkit, he moved to the other side of the doo, and attached another anti tank rocket to the other support, before moving well back and loading a thrid rocket into its launcher

Whilst he did all this, Nicholas was careful to look around him, so far no more demons had come for him, though with the explosion that fact was sure to change.

Raising the RPG 7 to his shoulder and lloking down the sight, Nicholas Opened his mouth and fired, sending a wave of heat and backblast out behind him, the heat scorching the trench and knocking the top layers of filth and putridescence backwards in semi dried clumps.

to his front, the Rocket screamed as it crossed the distance to the Steel door, slamming into it and exploding with a deafening roar, which was followed in a heartbeat by two almost simultanious blasts as the other two rockets exploded, and when the smoke cleared, the door had been ripped from it's hinges, the third rocket having hit the door tip first rather than side on had punched a fist sized hole in the tick steel with the superheated metal normally employed to kill tank crews and melt the armor of a battle tank.

"Command, this is Winchester, Door breached, moving in solo, No Reinforcements have reached my position nor informed me of their intent to do so, Winchester out" Nicholas said, slinging the RPG launcher and grabbing his rifle as he ran forwards, his intention to get inside the tunell before any more demons showed up.

Though as a parting gift, Nicholas Placed a Fragmentation grenade next to the door, pulling the pin and rigging it so that when someone crossed the tripwire, the grenade exploded.

ooc: Winchester blows the door with his RPG-7, using three of his five rockets, he also uses a frag grenade to create a trip wire booby trap t catch any demons that come behind him.

present inventory
grenades remaining: 4
RPG rounds remaining: 2
"Are you sure you're going to be okay, Ray?" Anna asked, looking at his leg.

"I'll be fine! Go!" He yelled, sending Anna running. She frowned. She was just concerned. Anna felt that Ray took up too much slack of the Angel's missions anyway. He needed to relax a bit, even if he was the commander.

She soon came to a room that looked pretty vacant and had a faint glow to it. On the opposite wall of the door, there was what looked like a fuse box. She walked over and opened it, and a smoke cloud puffed out. "Plesant," she commented, getting to work on the box. She hummed and old Lantanese diddy as she worked and soon, the power was restored.

Anna dusted off her hands and smiled, turning to walk back out. She was met at gunpoint by another Arilian. "Er...hello, lizard man..." She said, backing up a bit. He spoke in some sort of dialect that she didn't understand. Anna hit the back of her left boot, and a small blade came out of the toe. The lizard guy kept speaking and as soon as he was done, he still looked very indignant on shooting her. "Well...fine then." She ducked and kicked the Arilian in the side, forcing the thing down and making it bleed profusely. It soon keeled over, dead and Anna looked at her feet. "Aww...These were brand new too..." She complained, wiping off the green liquid that covered her boots.

She left to room and headed back towards where Ray was.
[bg=#003399]Ray was masking his pain as he looked for a Terminal. Luckily there was one in the lobby, the screen was cracked, but it still worked. The last thing on the screen was the emergency SOS call from the base. Ray proceeded to shut that down first. A red light flashed off as he was successful. He moved onto looking into the files. The most peculiar thing that came to his attention was the location of the first SOS came from the same location as their high priority experiments. “Location Seven Alpha.” Ray muttered.
“What was that?” Anna asked coming around the corner. Ray quickly turned his head to her slightly caught off guard.
“Seems the answers we are looking for are in Seven Alpha.” Ray replied. He was going to look further into the area but the terminal finally died on him. “Damn it. Alright let’s-“ A twinge of pain caught Ray as he put all his weight on his shot up leg. He quickly grabbed the bar he was using before and lifted himself up. “Perhaps you can do the shooting when we get out of here.”

-Communications Platform

With the commotion both outside and down in the hangar the platform was left empty. After a quick fight through Fujiko found it easy to access the controls. “This is Ground Unit Icarus reporting from Baal. Come in Heaven.” There was a garbled mess before someone finally came in on the other end.
“This is General Arthur glad to hear you made it. The stand by ships are now closing in on your position. Be sure you got the vital information and get the hell out of there. ETA is ten minutes.”
“Roger that Heaven.” Fujiko said closing the channel so they would not be detected. Now it was up to Ray and Anna.

-Laboratory Seven Alpha

As they walked down the hallway both Anna and Raymond were met with no resistance. There was nobody alive and the carnage kept on getting greater as they kept on getting closer to the laboratory. “First that Arilian on the wall now this.” Ray said seeing several Arilians pinned to the wall by bent iron bars. Several were splattered into tiny bits. The hallways were coated with the green blood from the creatures. Eventually they made it to the hallway right before the last turn. The scene nearly turned Ray’s stomach inside out. Some of the human scientists were ripped to shreds and their limbs stuck to the wall. Some just had a few bits of their rib cage left with their skin and muscle burned away. Finally they entered ground zero, inside the Laboratory Seven Alpha. The room was circular in shape with desks making a rim around the outside. Each desk monitored something else on the central object, a large glass cylinder with orange liquid filling it. Inside was a curled up being attached to several different tubes and sensors. From the looks of it the being was human.
“What the hell is it?” Anna asked. Ray could only wonder as he approached the tank. In front of the tank was a computer, still on and running with files about the lead scientist’s logs. He began to read it out loud.
“Project Seven Alpha, Revivification. The castle Baal was a perfect center point to make final preparations for the revival of the malicious creature from the past. None could surpass our power when this project is complete. May 25th.

No matter what intentions the Arilians have with this creature, this is still our project. We know of its capabilities and we have prepared well for the test runs of the Soul Reclaimer. It is only now a matter of time before we have the first piece. June 10th.

The Soul Reclaimer worked and the first part of the puzzle has been solved. Although the leader of our renegade unit demands faster results we tirelessly work on. Tomorrow we will try another body designed for channeling large amounts of power. This body is the spitting image of the past ruler. It will take about three weeks for the body to adjust. June 18th.

After many days of failure we have finally come up with a fool proof plan. The body has become stable and we are injecting the phantom energy in with the physical body. I will keep typing this log as the experiment takes place. The reaction is extraordinary and the creature is alive. Natural thought patterns are transmitting well over the mechanical nerves. Field Technician Amanda is checking the force field generator right.

It stops there.” Ray commented looking back up at the tube. He extended his hand and reached for the glass. As his hand rubbed against it the glass seemed to crack. The being inside opened its eyes and the room began to shake from the intense power. Ray backed away as the glass tube shattered sending glass everywhere. The being floated in mid air for a second right before descending to the ground. A siren was going off in the facility from the broken tube. Taking in a breath and releasing it the entity looked around the room.
“So I am back once again? No matter how many times I die they just wish to keep bringing me back. I wonder how many years it has been.”
“The year is 2498 S.P.S.” Raymond said coming out from behind the corner. He signaled Anna to stay back hoping that she would not cause herself unnecessary damage.
“Hmm, 2498 huh? Last I remember it was 663 and that bastard destroyed me.” He kept on talking as if all this happened yesterday. “Yes his eyes, they were full of determination. I still won the battle though. His efforts to stop me failed as now I live again.”
“I’m afraid I will have to take you into custody. By the orders of The Angels and the authority given to me by Heaven I place you under arrest.” Raymond said hoping the man would comply.
“Heaven? You mean that old rust bucket has not fallen out of Pseudospace yet? Just the name makes my nerves twitch. You do not know true power, I will show you.” He said powering up like a Class 3 would.
“Stop this or I will shoot!” Raymond said aiming his sights on the entity.
“Come on you bumbling idiot let’s go!” Anna said dragging him by the collar. They did not manage to get a few steps down the hall before the blast was let off. From outside the castle was absorbed in a dark purple light. The bricks flew apart and the machinery around it blew to bits. The sick and injured were claimed by the blast almost immediately. Those that were not wearing any kind of protection were burnt to a crisp. As for The Angels, they were propelled away from Crater Baal protected by their armor. Severe injuries were sustained and the war was quickly ended after the base of operations was vaporized. A briefing of events will be in the next log.

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