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  1. Aralyn is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay. The forum is quite new, so we don't have very many members, but are always looking for new people and wolves alike. Our word count is only 150, which makes it a bit easier for anyone who might be new to the world of wolf rp.
    There are no currently established packs, because of the lack of members, but there is an option for creating a pack. Our staff and other members are very friendly, so stop on by and check us out!

    Main Plot:

    Aralyn is a large peninsula that consists of many miles of terrain. Due to the thick fog that surrounds the lands; it has escaped human notice. Most of the peninsula is covered in lush green grass that supports the many herds of grazing animals that are native to the land. Trees loom tall and proud; providing a source of shade in the summer months, and shelter during the some-what harsh winter. Many natural rivers and lakes cover the lands and provide a source of clean drinking water. Fish are quite abundant in the water sources, and many of them do their part in keeping the water clean. Aralyn is a haven of sorts; with no current natural predators.

    That is; until recently. Wolves; animals that have been hunted by humans for many a year, have recently discovered this peninsular haven. They have not seen much of the land, but what they have seen has made them think this would be a good place to call home. As such; word has begun to spread in the outside world. Word that there is a place; free from the two-leggeds, and abundant in prey. This is glorious news to wolves who have dealt with the two-leggeds and scarce food for far too long. Packs in the outside world are splitting up as those who aren't too set in their ways are eager to get to such a place. Lone wolves; who have nothing to hold them back, are setting out on the journey with little to no hesitation. Aralyn; for the time being, has a slow trickle of wolves entering its lands.

    But what happens when the wolf population grows larger and packs begin to form? Can the haven of Aralyn continue to be a peaceful place, or will the chaos of wolves battling disrupt the peace?