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    ~Welcome to the Arabian Nights OOC Thread~

    Make Your Charrie

    With the dawning of the New year and the welcoming of the new moon, a blood curdling scream sounds out in the dead of night. Something has happened at the palace. Riyah Gralan is suddenly alive with guards and torches as they hurry to the screams echoing from the king’s chambers. Oh how misfortune has fallen the kingdom of Jafar ‘Asir. King Sauda has been murdered. A figure stands over him, and by his feet is the shattered remains of the Genie rune. Oh Gods, it is the king’s own Genie...and he has freed himself from his master’s slavery.

    The Guards attack, but the Genie dodges and fights back, his powers suddenly restored. He manages to escape through the window and disappear into the night. How misfortune has fallen the kingdom. Murdered by his own Genie, the Prince shall promise vengeance, enslaving every genie in sight until the beast of burden is captured...The Genie...Nassirath.

    A year passes, and a figure has reappeared on the outskirts of Jafar ‘Asir. The new King has kept his promise, and life is harder on every Genie, now bound in their silver chains and held prisoner behind the city walls. The time has come for freedom, however. Will you choose to fight for justice, or seek to keep the magical creatures down in this amazing fantasy adventure known as “Arabian Nights.”

    • Absolutely NO GODMODDING allowed. I understand that the Genies are very powerful creatures, however, they have limits and drain quickly depending on how large their spell is. When they run out, they RUN OUT, meaning that they will have to recharge. No Gold = No recharge. Sorry dears.
    • I would prefer to get by without those Mary/Gary Sues/Stews.
    • Be reasonable with the characters you make. They should not be good at EVERYTHING. They have weaknesses, so make sure you put them.
    • Treat each other with absolute respect. OOC drama can ruin an RP and it will NOT be tolerated. Whatever problem you have with each other BETTER BE TAKEN TO PC. NO EXCEPTIONS LOVES <3
    • If conflicts do Happen (which they will). Please contact the Mod or the GM immediately, loves.
    • Active Players. I want this RP to go somewhere, so do not join unless you are willing to be active and put forth the effort to post.
    • Correct spelling and Grammar is a must.
    • Each post must be a length of 3 sizable paragraphs or more. Do not think that a single sentence or a single paragraph will get you by in this RP.
    • I, as a GM of this role play, have the right to remove those who do not abide to the rules by this role play. I will also add rules, should the need arise.
    • I do not want to be overrun by one character type. Take the time to read ALL character sheets and keep things spread out and Diverse. Diversity is key to a good RP.
    • It is required that everyone have Fun and use your imagination. GET CREATIVE. THIS IS A DEMAND SO NO EXCEPTIONS!!~

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