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  1. @Iwaku

    The banner about the downtime, and any banner blaming you for something, is an April Fool's joke.

    Please ignore it.

    I do not know who did it, but I have asked for it to be taken down, so that we can all get back what we are doing.

    Thank you for your patience.
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  2. That actually had my heart beating for a second. "WHAT DID I DOOO?!" Then I turned on my brain and realized what it was. xD Well played there, elusive admin. Well played.
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  3. Oh. I was legitimately thinking I did something wrong.
    Silly me.
  4. I think I chuckled just a little XD
  5. Too late the damage has been done and I'm not happy about it.
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  6. Well played joke.
    A joke so good....

    (Insert some corny punchline here)
  7. *Points at the Server Tech!* The admins were in bed. O_O

    For clarification, the server downtime was real but the message auto-inserting the member name was the joke.
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  8. There was a banner saying that?
    Damn, I always miss out on all the fun.
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  9. Very clever. You got a good laugh out of me.
  10. Well, on to my blog~
  11. Damn son, this was some cruel joke. But I did laugh and then think I was hallucinating when I refreshed the page and it was gone.
  12. Well I missed the whole thing. Oh well.
  13. What did it say lol
  14. I don't remember seeing this at all. o.O
  15. Me either that's why I was curious
  16. It said something along the lines of "There will be some downtime around 1AM CST. This is mostly _____'s fault, so blame them." The blank had your profile name in it, whoever you were that was looking at it.

    I saw my name and was like "WHATHAFUCK DID I DO?" XD
  17. I said partially, not mostly... And to be fair all maintenance is partially everyone's fault :-P
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