[Apr 5, 2014] The Keepers ChaRP Series: Session II (Roleplay City)

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    Genre/Mood: Space SciFi Thriller & Socializing. Character development and potential intense scary stuff!
    Location: The S.T.A.R.S. (Survival Transfer And Relocation Station) Colonizer
    WHEN: Saturday, April 5th @ 12 NOON US Central Time
    WHERE Roleplay City Chat

    A colonizer ship has set out from Earth to find a new habitable planet. Because space travel has yet to be perfected by humans, it still takes hundreds of years before reaching new systems and galaxies. The majority of the occupants on board must be kept in a cryogenic sleep, only to be awakened when they reach a new world. These colonists are cared for by a small team of people that live out their lives simply for the sake of keeping the colonizer ship functional. Occasionally new people are awakened from the cryo-chambers to take over, while others go back to sleep. Some live out their entire life doing their job.

    It's been centuries since the colonizer has left Earth and it's coming in to the territory of inhabited space. A planet with the perfect conditions for human life is drawing closer. Yet, something is going wrong.

    Recently an unknown lifeform got on to the ship and began taking over and eating the crew. These strange psychic-parasites were killed. But there is now a lot of damages to clean up, and the possibility that more are on board.

    The Keepers must do their job. Making sure the station is safe and operable.

    You will be one of the Keepers. A part of the skeleton crew that has been helping to manage this ship while the rest of humanity is cryo-sleeping. You can choose how long you have been awake, what your job is, your connection to other players, etc. Yes, more than one person can have the same sort of job. It's a BIG DAMNED STATION. The only thing set in stone is that you are a human, and that there are very very few people awake to run things.

    Bios are NOT required, but I love seeing them, so feel free to post/repost one if you're thinking about showing up!

    My charps are designed to be easy and fun! Perfect for charp newbies, roleplay newbies, or players who just wanna relax and play. If you have ANY questions about how to play in a charp, the plot, etc, ASK AWAY! I always make sure my charps nights have a "stand alone" story, so there is always room for new characters to show up, or past characters to be absent. Plots are designed on the fly based on who shows up to play. >:3

    This charp is a second session. Former characters are welcome to rejoin, and new characters too!

  2. Im playing victoria again~
  3. Miles A. Dyson

    Appearance: Mile's looks a lot different than what he did when he was a boy on board the vessel that was for all intents and purposes--home. Having sustained catastrophic damage at the creatures hands. Once exuberant eyes had been plucked and are now synthetic optics often shielded by reflexive 'shades' that cover them. His body was torn and lacerated meaning that most of his organs are now synthetic as well. His arms couldn't be spared, fighting even as the monstrosities were attempting to devour him they too suffered heavy damage and so had to be replaced with a durable, light alloy. This provides maneuverability while not much hindering the impressive feats in close-quarters combat. But it also allows him to displace heavy objects, punch through 'light' walls, carry heavier loads without being hindered and also compensate for recoil from guns.

    His arms are augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize myomers -- bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyber-limbs are capable of far exceeding human physical abilities.

    Cybernetics have also replaced his legs from the knees down with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. These allow him to run faster, jump further, and move about without making a noise. The leg Prosthesis is an augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize 'myomers'-bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyberlimbs are capable of far exceeding human physical attributes.

    Though he does have something similar to 'skin' but its in actuality a fabricated thread mesh with fake skin composite melded to it to give it the appearance of skin. When he's on duty or called out, he normally is normally wearing his armored chassis or a long black trench coat.

    Position: Security Chief

    Rank: Command Sergeant Major (E-9 Army, Enlisted.)


    1. Infolink:

    • The Infolink Telecommunications Package enables users to receive and transmit messages without generating audible sounds through implanted cochlear and vibration detection devices. Video signals accompanying incoming transmissions are projected directly onto the user's retina, provided an Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis is also implanted. At its most basic level, the package uses tight-band microwave signals.


    Implanted in the cranium, the MHD-995 Hacking Device is a dedicated microcomputer module featuring a series of processors and databases, programmed with multiple code-breaking and counter-cryptography subroutines. When deployed, the hacking device provides immediate assistance to any user attempting to bypass, shut down or otherwise override electronic systems via a standard terminal interface. The unit is capable of identifying and providing I-War intrusion solutions for over fifteen million discrete software barriers.
    1. MHD-995 Hacking Device gifts users with a mastery over all foreign electronic systems, thus enabling them to navigate and control pathways and nodes with ease of a network administrator.
    2. The MHD-995 Hacking Device has a powerful suite of enhanced functionality that, in addition to the penetration of firewalls for clandestine data retrieval, can also enable an experienced hacker to co-opt and take control of deeper subsystems, such as those used by security cameras.
    3. MHD-995 users will be able to co-opt automatic weapon turrets and turn them against friendly forces or shut them down completely.

    Hacking (Analyze):
    Use of the Network Scout Electronic Systems Analysis Augmentation in conjunction with a hacking augmentation device provides the user with important information during a hacking scenario, including the percentage likelihood of detection, content of APIs, and/or content of datastores.

    Compatible with all top-line hacking augmentations, the Network Scout is a cranial implantation that provides instantaneous feedback on every aspect of an electronic intrusion. Upon access, highly specialized scripts issue forth to relay data back to the parent hacking augmentation, efficiently employing its inherent functionality to present crucial real-time status.

    • Detection Feedback: Network Scout user can evaluate the likelihood of detection for an attack on any node not currently in range.
    • Analyze Datastores: Network Scout user can determine the content of any data-store within the targeted system, regardless of the linking or degree of control.


    The software defenses provided by the Node Fortifier instantly turn any captured node into an intruder asset against the host system, rendering it both a barrier against detection, and a solid beach-head from which to launch further intrusion. The power of these defenses are variable, determined by the user's skill and preference.


    Given enough time, even the most advanced electronic system can be penetrated. The MHD-995SH Informational Warfare Obfuscation Augmentation provides that mission-critical time with software as sophisticated as that found within any defense grid.

    A natural companion to the MHD-995 Tactical Informational Warfare Augmentation, the MHD-995SH Informational Warfare Obfuscation Augmentation slots neatly beside that device within the cranium. During an intrusion scenario, the Obfuscation Augmentation actively transmits misdirection and noise packets throughout the target system, alternately confusing and confounding active software defenses, decreasing the likelihood of detection by intrusion countermeasures.

    (Will be finished soon.)

    History:This ship had been a home, a sanctuary. Not just for him, but a wide range of others. When the crew had established that there was something on-board, a threat to the people Miles was but a mid ranking enlisted man. Something incredulous. Something dangerous. Something...something not quite human. These creatures were an unknown lifeform on that the ship and its crew fought against like scratching at lice that crawled across the scalp. It itched. It bled. These creatures were so unlike anything humans had faced it was hard to contain them when they were like a plague of locusts, devouring everyone and anyone indiscriminately.

    One such person was Sergeant First Class Miles Alexander Dyson. He'd grown upon board and now served as a soldier to protect it. A young and bold man, he hatched a plan knowing it could very well mean being sucked into the bleak frozen void of darkness.
    Purposefully damaging the ship, he attracted a swarm and proceeded to lure them into one of the hangers where had anchored himself to the lever that would open up into vacuum of space. After a long enduring fight, one of the creatures severed the thin wire. Unfortunately this backed Miles into a corner. The result was them tearing off one leg at the knee, and his arms pierced, pinned down only after he'd expended his ammunition and suffered other serious wounds. But a fellow soldier pulled the lever for miles and the nightmarish creatures were pulled into a black abyss. Ironically, the legs that perforated Mile's arms, pinning them down also kept him from being sucked out as well.

    It was a miracle if there ever was such a thing. He was as shredded as a butchered sow before being cooked. And just as bloody too. The fact he survived was an astonishing thing. The fact he went back to his duty--that was damn near incredible. His body and look had altered so much from before the incident to after. He had been promoted because he saved countless lives. Though he wasn't the only hero. It was a rather massive ship afterall. But for those in his sector they now know him as "Miles "Iron Kross" Dyson" for his tenacity.
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  4. I don't know if that is adequate, I hope so. I am new to this role play. ^^;
  5. Well since Tony is now itty bitty crispy chunks floating around in space, I guess I need a new character, huh? :P
  6. Pssst. is the roleplay going on NOW? Or the 5th?

    Or do you mean...a prior char? @_@
  7. @Immortal Sin This session will be on the 5th! :D It is a chat room roleplay!
  8. Do we need to read the logs of the last one to join? or can we bring in a character that has just been woken up?
  9. You do not need to have read the logs of the last one, and yes you can be someone who has just woken up, or another member of the crew that was in a different part of the station! :D
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  10. Ok, so I did read the logs, and Loved them!
    Here is the character I hope to bring in. Let me know if you need anything else :)

    Name: Adel Banks
    Height: 5'3"
    Build: solid but curvy
    Occupation: Life Support Systems Engineer

    Adel takes shifts between waking and being in cryogenic sleep. There's a running joke among the crew that she only gets woken up when something goes wrong.
    Waking up this time is no different.
  11. Name: Fabian Sliverstone

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Cryogenic Engineer

    Build: Soild and Slender.

    Highet: 5'11

    Bio: Fabian have never once went into cryogenic sleep, due to fear of the machine Malfunctioning. In order to stay awake among the ship he became a keeper, studying and fixing the machines he fears most.

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  12. Hurray! 8D

    This Charp is TOMORROW! I hope to see all the peeps! >:3
  13. Name: Niera
    Age: 12!!!!
    Personality: MATURE (very) - doesn't act like a child at all, because of her genius she has always been surrounded by adults and has learnt to copy their mannerisms. Without much interaction with her peer group, Niera finds it very difficult to relate or talk to anybody her age.
    Stuff she likes: Strawberry Milkshakes and Teddy Bears
    Dislikes: Lazy people, People ignoring her, Idiots, Other children, Aliens.
    Occupation: Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
  14. I am gonna have to cancel today's session and reschedule! ;__; My body is no cooperating with me today and I am not gonna have the sense to GM for hours.

    I will post up the new schedule date, laters!
  15. Ok, feel better soon :)
  16. Feel better Dana!

    Where do I go to post for this? I really have been meaning to.
  17. You can go ahead and post up a bio in this thread! :D When I reschedule I'll still be using this one.
  18. Was Miles canceled out?