[Apr 3, 2014] Midnight Plot Challenge Game (Conference Box)

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  1. On April 3nd, at Midnight Central time, I will be hosting a PLOT CHALLENGE GAME in the Conference Box!

    The Plot Challenge game is really simple.

    Me, (the host), will shout a random word or phrase. Everyone participating will have a few minutes to THINK FAST and try to blurt out a PLOT inspired by it.

    In each round I'll pick a favorite. At the end of the night whomever has the most favor points WINS the right to be prideful about their awesome improv plotting skills!

    Depending on the amount of people there, we usually go for about 5 to 10 rounds.

    Super fun, right? >:3 I hope to see you there on the 2nd!

    NOTE: This will be WEDNESDAY APRIL 2ND 10PM for you WEST COASTERS. Just to clear up any confusion about the date and time. O_O
  2. Just favor those americans won't you? :p
    We europeans have sleep and school to attend! :p
  3. Well, I am not sure what Americans will be awake at Midnight when they have daytime school and work! XD

    I favor Thailand. >:3
  4. Haha, I'm just joking :p
    I think that the europeans are just barely waking up at this sort of time :p
  5. If this one goes well, later I will be able to schedule for different timezones! 8D
  6. I hate to be that person, but this banner also has "challenge" spelled wrong >_>

    Sorry, Diana. D:
  7. I want to join, I do. I dont work tomorrow so I hope to stop by for a bit. Now if I can stay awake is another matter. I've become this day person... ack... I know. But I will try to stay up.
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  8. The night has BEGUN!
  9. The game is now over for tonight! :D We had 8 rounds of cool plot ideas! Our winners of the evening were @Violon 'Cello' and @Vay !

    We are definitely going to do this again. <3 Stay tuned to the calendar for future game night events.
  10. Damn it... Should've copied/pasted my posts somewhere to use them... Ah well, I hope good ol' memory serves me well.
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