Apps that ruin your productivity

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  1. Fantasy Forest man...

    Why the hell do I seem to continue checking in every hour when I know I have better shit to do <.< I could do Chemistry, draw my still unfinished Valentine's present, clean my room...


    What are some apps you have that seem to suck you in, draining you of your productivity for even 30 seconds at a time? Maybe even hours?
  2. *insert ANY Mobage, ever.* Like, seriously, those games are so fucking dumb all they have going for them is art.
  3. The Twitch app.
  4. Probably Messenger, IPhone Texting and Crossy Road. XD
  5. Iwaku is my app.
  6. Iwaku and Twitter xD. Lol

    Then the BBC news to >.>
  7. Everybody knows Iwaku ruins their productivity.
  8. Iwaku, Skype and Steam :T
  9. Candy Crush and Doodle God....I have a big small problem.
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  10. Mm, Chrome, Iwaku and the Sudoku game I have? I don't like Candy Crush or Temple Run...
  11. Internet as a whole. I can't focus on what I want to do and easely "go check something there because it'll be quick". I hate my weak will...
  12. Besides Iwaku and skype, One Finger Death Punch.

    Can't stop until I reach Godlike and become master of stick figure martial arts!

    That and to continuously beat my brothers with that game n.n
  13. 2048; uninstall the game from your life or the game uninstalls your life from you.
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