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  1. If you want a world building master to help you out a bit with your world building, please sign up here with the area(s) you would like to concentrate on. So far, we have four Masters:

    Revision will help you with general world building. If you are just getting started, she will help you find your way.

    GMK is the Culture and Politics Master. He'll help you with those pesky people interacting in the now of your world.

    Grumpy is the History and Religion Master. He will help you find a way to spice up your world's past and show you how having an established past adds depth to your world.

    Malkuthe is the Fantasy Master and will give you advice on magic and maps for fantasy realms!

    Lstorm is the Science and Sci fi master and will help you with all things tech and alien.

    Do NOT select a master when you put your name down. Just put down the areas you want to work on, be they listed or not. Your master will choose you. Do not be discouraged if you don't get a master right away; it may simply be we don't have someone in the right area of expertise at the moment.
  2. We're waiting on people to sign up for masters to pick apprentices. Don't be afraid!
  3. Hey, I'm interested in this. Is there something I need to fill out?
  4. Just put what areas of world building you are most interested in and anything else you think should be known.
  5. (Geez, forgot I worked up the nerve to post here).

    I don't really know anything about world building. Never done it, never even seen it. I mean, I'm assuming it's just when you make your own setting, but you make it seem like more than that. I just want to learn more about the whole thing, so I can know if I am interested and maybe even try it myself.

    I hope this is enough.
  6. Quite frankly, and I do not mean to offend in any way, but world-building is so much more than just creating a setting. You'll realize this once you've gone and invested 40+ hours on a world. It's both fun and a lot of hard work, but in my opinion, it's all worth it.
  7. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I was belittling the whole thing. I meant that as in it's the backdrop of the whole story (Or rp).

    I understand now after reading through a few things here that it's something like what the developers of the oblivion games had to do (using as an example because the fiance' is playing it now :P) or that Tolkien developed. Creating species, naming continents, trying to make a history that characters can refer back to that gives clarity on how and why things are as they are in the present. Language, politics, lore, what species are racist against what species. WAR.

    I was belittling it by calling it "Making a setting". I was only trying to express how little I knew on the subject, and that I had no experience.
  8. It's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. It's a learning experience and, at first, it seems really simple. Then tasks spawn. That's why many worlds are built by teams. Tell me a bit more about what sort of worlds and settings (because settings are still a component of world building) you would like to make.
  9. Well, I named two medievally (Not a word, I know) type examples, because those are my favorite. I know they all share similarities such as magic, elves, orcs and the like. Each one tends to have unique aspects as well. I love fantasy, and the lack of technology makes it easier to focus on the nature aspect. That I could create.

    And monsters. Lots of monsters. I tell everyone I love monsters and creatures and animals. If I made a world, it would be over run with plants and critters :). Hell, I'd even make my own bestiary and plant guide for others to read.
  10. Eolande, you will be apprenticing to Malkuthe, our fantasy worlds master.
  11. I want to learn more about making a solid geography and expend my worlds to more than a single room, that is making it "live" even when the focus is not on that particular area. I tend to only make a single place and go with it, a more diverse setting would be fun.
  12. I have a world I spent the better part of a year researching for and working on. Some areas are a bit rough on it though, mainly history, religion and probably culture as well. If I could get a little help or information on how to improve these points, I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Artsydaze, would you be willing to work with me until we have a geography master? I may not know a ton about geography, but I am good at making expansive worlds and doing stuff to do with detail levels.

    redwolf, I will find you a master ASAP. I have someone in mind for you.
  14. Ok thanks :)
  15. I'd like to be an apprentice. I'm interested in working on all of the areas listed, in any order that is convenient. This would be for a specific world/universe in a fantasy story I will begin to write once I am satisfied with my world and characters. I have begun jotting down basic ideas of races, Realms, magic, etc. that I can share with whoever I work with in order to develop and improve them.
  16. I'll be glad to, Revision! I actually got the spark of creation of my newest world from your oasis exercise :)!
  17. Artsydaze, can you send me a PM with all the things you would like to work on?

  18. My, this topic doesn't seem so busy. But on a more serious note, I need help with my yet-to-be-born planet's history.
    Thing is, I am attempting to incorporate loose representations of various historical events in it, ones that occurred throughout the twentieth century. As insensitive as it may sound, I would like to try and represent conflicts in this world as what war really is - not the glorious bloodbath that seems to be in every ten-a-penny fantasy story, but the kind of bitter reality portrayed in 'All Quiet On the Western Front.' Outside of wartime, I'd like for there to be the constant tension between superpowers, and the problems faced by the smaller countries caught in between them.
  19. I will see what I can do for you, then, on the matter of finding a master to give you a hand!
  20. If i cannot be a master forthright ill apprentice for language and culture.