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  1. ~I had a baby turtle,~
    ~Its name was Tiny Tim!~
    ~I sat it in the bathtub to see if it would swim!~
    ~It drank up all the water,~
    ~It ate up all the soap.~
    ~Now its home; sick in bed,~
    ~And with bubbles in its throat,~


    Hi there~

    *tries to think of interesting things to say*

    Why is it whenever someone asks to type or write out a summary about themselves, they go completely brain dead? It would be so nice to be completely narcissistic and ramble mambo jumbo like:

    "Oh hai, I'm Ronald Phizzlebucket the Second. I like pineapples and diaper lasers; but only in the color periwinkle. Oh hey, useless fact #728119 of useless bullshit you don't need to know but will for some reason remember late at night when you're trying to sleep 40 years from now: *deep breath from run on sentence* Did you know that the color blue, since we're talking about Periwinkle and all, was made into a famous pop art by a Yves Klein. Which makes me think of underwear. I don't like underwear. It's a wedgie master of mass destruction. Like Bruce Lee.... without the awesome. Or the bad movie props."

    But nooOOOooo. Not Sable. That would be too easy.

    Speaking of easy... I like lemons. Cause you know, easy-peasy lemon squeezy? I've heard it all my life but it wasn't until Austin Power's dad on Goldmember said it that I was suddenly like... "Do I like lemons? Do I really?"

    Micheal Caine just does that to a person. Makes them question their life. Their motives.

    That's why I want to be Batman.
    Actually, scratch that. I want to the NightWing.

    Screw you Micheal Caine. I do what I want.

    And that includes like lemons.

    And apples.
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  2. *bows* greeting newcomer, welcome to the madness...I hope you enjoy countless adventures.
  3. Hello sable welcome to iwaku. I hope you have a great time on this website.
  4. Greeting Sable, and Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you find everything your RP heart desires here...and more.
  5. Howdy Sable, welcome to US! :3