Apples or Oranges?

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if you could only ever have one of these, which would you choose?

  1. Apples

    19 vote(s)
  2. Oranges

    12 vote(s)
  3. I just want to accuse Mini of failing my expectations again

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  1. if you could only eat one for the rest of your life which would you choose?

    You still remember the one you miss out on

    Everyone else can still have it, just not you.

    Things flavoured like the fruit count (eg: creamcicle ice cream and sour apple candies)
  2. Oranges! If I can add chocolate to it then yes lmao
  3. I don't even like oranges.

    This was an easy choice. :D

    EDIT: THEN AGAIN, I forgot about orange juice, which I do like, but... Honestly, I'm super picky about orange juice. It's so rare that I find orange juice that I like and that isn't pulpy. (Which is weird, because you'd think that it should all taste the same... All being juice squeezed from the same fruit and all that... And yet, orange juices are capable of tasting so incredibly different depending on the brand and stuff. O_O )

    AND SO, I still choose apples. I will miss the orange juice that my school's dining halls serve and that I always had with breakfast -- because that was good orange juice -- but, being pretty much the only orange thing that I like? I think it's worth giving it up if I can keep apples. o_o
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  4. Apples. I've never been a big oranges fan as is. Apples on the other hand I've loved since I was a kid. Apple sauce, apple juice, apple pie, apple candies... yeah.
  5. hard...but oranges. I love orange juice and the tiny oranges is refreshing.
  6. Apples are meh, Oranges are good.
    Apple Juice is bleh, Orange Juice is amazing.

    This was an easy decision.

    Minibit failed once more by failing to mention Cranberries.
  7. This all depends on what kind of "only being able to eat one" you mean.

    If you mean there'd be someone or something following me around and going like "No [fruit] for you!", or if eating one would be like some kind of crime, then I'm gonna go with only eating oranges. Apples get stuck in your teeth, and that's way worse when you have cavities, which I am prone to, and unlike other fruit (except pears; I hate pears) that get stuck in your teeth, apples are pretty firm/hard, which sucks when trying to get them out. Oranges are also super tasty, and you sort of expect them to be at least a little sour, unlike Russian Roulette: Sour Fruit Edition (sour apples also taste terrible). Orange juice is the better one, and I could drink grape juice instead of apple juice, so there's no real loss there.

    If you mean that I'd die if I ate one of them, then I'd go with apples, since oranges and apples both show up in those little packs of gummy fruits, and I usually just eat the entire pack at once. Since death by fruit or flavoring would be pretty much guaranteed, I could just binge on caramel apples (pretty much the only non-gummy thing I like that involves apples), and then commit suicide via orange. I could avoid fruit gummies, though, but my choice would be the same, because apples are easier to get and go well with caramel.

    I voted for Mini failing me. <3 ♥ :heart:
  8. Oranges, but I enjoy accusations so that is what you get.
  9. My nickname in Middle school was apple. So Apples will always be my favorite. And AMBROSIA APPLES ARE HEAVENLY
  10. This is harder than it should be. I think I'd go with oranges because I've snacked on them more than apples. I would totally miss apple juice though. Its heavenly.
  11. Oh man, I said I'd keep oranges but I just came back from biking home and bit into an apple and it was the tastiest, juiciest, crisp-but-not-scratching-my-gums thing and now I'm questioning my choice
  12. I almost said oranges, because oranges are better by themselves - HOWEVER, you can do a lot more with apples. Applesauce and a multitude of baked goods for the first 100 examples (yes, you can make orange bread, sure, but you can't make orange pie, so I rest my case), apple cider, hard apple cider, apple butter...

    but no more Blue Moon...that is a shame.
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  13. I said Apples because I see more ways to eat them or use them. Oranges are awesome by themselves or as juice, but not much else.
  14. I choose steak.
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  15. While I love oranges, I know far more recipes that involve apples. o_o
  16. Apples. Because I like them better. Also because I shouldn't/can't eat oranges. They cause my mouth breakout into cankers
  17. Oranges by far. So juicy and sweet <3
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