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  1. Welcome to Merriam Boarding School, located in the small town of Venice, Maine. Merriam is a school well-known for its academics as well as its athletics and arts. In general, Merriam is rated as one of the top schools in the country. Although the majority of the school's populace is in the upper class, there are many scholarship students, with scholarships for academics, the arts, and athletics.
    Like many boarding schools, Merriam is divided into separate houses. These houses are well-known for their rivalries against each other. Each of the houses are given Points based off of the residents' achievements throughout the year. The house with the most Points at the end of the year is given an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas as well as guaranteed the best dorms the next year, complete with everything a teenager could want.
    However, there is one house that hasn't ever won the Point Game. The house's official name is the Applegate House, but it is often called the Outcast House. Who knows, though? This might be the year they win the Point Game.
    Girls (open)

    Nobel Graceland
    Reserved Female I

    Boys (open)

    Paxton Sebastian

    Applegate House (open)

    Like all houses, Applegate House consists of ten dorms, containing a total of twenty students: ten females and ten males. It is the farthest house from the school's main building, making it difficult for students to make it on time. Many residents own bicycles or skateboards to help them get to the school faster.

    Dorm Rooms (open)

    Each dorm room has two beds, two wardrobes, and two desks. Students may decorate their rooms as they wish, including painting the walls and putting down rugs. Students are not permitted to use wallpaper or carpet unless they remove it by the end of their senior year. Cleanliness Checks are conducted in a biweekly basis and without warning. The house with the cleanest building is given 45 extra points. Each house that is up to code is given 20 points. Any houses under code will lose 10 points.

    School Uniforms (open)

    The school uniforms are required. Previous winning houses are allowed to alter their uniforms. Any other house resident found with an altered uniform will be reprimanded and told to change, as well as cost their house 5 points. Any socks, stockings, or tights are allowed as long as they do not contain holes or vulgarity, this applies to ties and bow ties as well. Black, brown, or white shoes are required, but it doesn't not matter what style of shoe they are. Boys may have one button undone on their shirt, but girls must be buttoned up all the way. Girls are required to wear skirts at all times, with the exception of any physical activity. During Physical Education, any PE activity, or sport, students are required to wear the school-issued clothing.

    Academic Information (open)

    Merriam Boarding School prides itself in its vast and diverse academics. The school provides all basic needs as well as in-depth needs, which can be considered college level courses. Students pick one from each of the required courses and there is a total of seven classes each day, not including Zero Hour, which is held one hour before school starts. All scholarship students are required to take at least one AP or advanced course each year and all students are required to take a foreign language in either their Freshman or Sophomore years and all students are required to take one PE class.

    Academic Courses for Freshmen (open)

    9th Grade//Freshmen
    Consumer Math
    Algebra I
    Algebra II {Advanced}
    Language Arts:
    English I
    AP English I
    Physics I
    Earth Science
    AP Physics I
    AP Earth Science
    Social Studies:
    World History
    AP Geography
    AP World History
    AP Government
    Foreign Language:
    Spanish I
    Japanese I
    French I
    Italian I
    Mandarin Chinese I
    Greek I

    Academic Course for Sophomores (open)

    10th Grade//Sophomore
    Algebra II
    Pre-Calculus {Advanced}
    Language Arts:
    English II
    AP English II
    Biology I
    AP Biology I
    Physics II
    AP Physics II
    Social Studies:
    World History II
    AP World History II
    Government II
    AP Government II
    Foreign Language:
    Spanish I//Spanish II
    Japanese I//Japanese II
    French I//French II
    Italian I//Italian II
    Mandarin Chinese I//Mandarin Chinese II
    Greek I//Greek II

    Academic Courses for Juniors (open)

    11th Grade//Juniors
    Pre Calculus
    Business Math
    Language Arts:
    American Literature and Advanced Composition {Advanced}
    Basic English III
    AP Chemistry
    Biology II
    AP Biology II
    Social Studies:
    U.S. History I
    AP U.S. History I
    Foreign Language: {Optional}
    Spanish II//Advanced Spanish
    Japanese II//Advanced Japanese
    French II//Advanced French
    Italian II//Advanced Italian
    Mandarin Chinese II//Advanced Mandarin Chinese
    Greek II//Advanced Greek

    Academic Courses for Seniors (open)

    12th Grade//Seniors
    AP Calculus
    Trigonometry {Advanced}
    Language Arts:
    English IV
    AP English IV
    Science: {Optional}
    Chemistry II
    AP Chemistry II
    Social Studies:
    AP Economics
    AP Sociology
    AP Psychology
    Foreign Language: {Optional}
    Advanced Spanish
    Advanced Japanese
    Advanced French
    Advanced Italian
    Advanced Mandarin Chinese
    Advanced Greek

    Electives (open)

    {Freshman: 2; Sophomores: 2; Juniors: 3; Seniors: 4}
    Creative Writing
    Advanced Creative Writing
    Advanced Journalism
    Computer Science
    Advanced Computer Science
    Home Economics
    Auto Mechanics
    Horseback Riding
    Advanced Choir
    Marching Band
    Jazz Band
    Music Producing
    Advanced Dance
    Art I
    Sculpting I
    Art II
    Sculpting II
    AP Art
    AP Sculpting
    Physical Education
    Advanced Physical Education
    Electives (open)
    Electives (open)

    Clubs (open)

    Every student is required to join three clubs each year, unless they participate in sports. Each club will have one elected president and one teacher advisor. Clubs will
    receive funding based on how many awards and/or accomplishments they have made throughout the year. Note that all meeting days are subject to change.
    Book Club
    Creative Writing
    Chess Club
    Drill Team
    French Club
    Bible Club {Not Funded By the School}
    School Play

    Gay-Straight Alliance
    Debate Team
    A capella Choir
    Art Club
    Cooking Club
    School Paper

    Computer Club
    All Strings Orchestra
    Show Choir {May Be Subject To Change}
    Pre-Med Training {Actual Pre-Med Training}
    Student Government

    Rock Music Club
    Art Club
    Drill Team
    School Play
    All Brass Band

    Student Government
    School Paper
    Chess Club
    All Strings Orchestra
    School Play

    Saturday: Student Government
    Sunday: Bible Club
    Sunday: On-Campus Church
    Saturday: School Paper
    Saturday: School Play
    Sports (open)

    Merriam has a large variety of competing sports teams with some of the best young athletes in America. We pride ourselves in our athletic achievements and all first place individuals earn 60 points for every gold medal they win.
    Boys' Soccer
    Cross Country

    Girls' Soccer
    Ice Hockey
    Ice Skating

    Track and Field

    Competitive Dance

    Character Submission (open)

    Realistic Picture of Your Character
    Age: {14-18}
    Sexuality: {Anything is allowed}
    Scholarship Student or Not?:
    Mode of Transportation: {How do they get to the main building? Skateboard? Bicycle? Walking? Cars are not allowed on campus}
    Schedule: {Seven Classes}
    Dorm Number: {Don't worry about this, I'll assign it to you}
    Apparel: {What you wear on the weekends or similar to how you personalize your uniform}
    Bio: {One paragraph}
    Other: {Anything else? No animals allowed in the dorms.}

    Rules (open)

    ~No god-modding
    ~Please, at least three sentences per post.
    ~No *walks to school*. Please have complete sentences.
    ~Cussing is allowed, as long as it isn't done excessively. Anyone caught cussing in class will loose 5 points for their house.
    ~To prove you read these rules, put "Applegate is Truth" somewhere in your CS.
    ~Have fun!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Applegate is Truth
    Name: Nobel Graceland
    Age: 17
    Grade: 12th~Senior
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Scholarship Student or Not?: Scholarship Student
    Mode of Transportation: Bicycle
    Schedule: 1: Orchestra
    2: AP English IV
    3: Advanced Creative Writing
    4: Trigonometry
    5: AP Psychology
    6: AP Chemistry
    7: Advanced Computer Science
    Dorm Number: {Don't worry about this, I'll assign it to you}
    {Will be edited as the story progresses}
    Uniform Alterations
    Weekend Clothing
    Weekend Clothing
    Weekend Clothing
    Creative Writing: Monday
    Computer Club: Wednesday
    A Capella Choir: Tuesday
    In the spring, she plays tennis.
    Crush: None yet...
    Personality: She is a distanced girl that has a hard time paying attention to anything for too long. She is quiet, stating things quite bluntly at times, usually forgetting how it will affect people's emotions. This makes it difficult to make friends along with her inability to fully trust people. She keeps up an emotionless facade, sometimes scaring people away or leading them to believe she thinks she's better than all of them. She is also loyal and trustworthy, never turning her back on those her need her. Because she is quiet and is very observant, noticing things other people brush off. If she puts her mind to something, she is not easily deterred. Sometimes, she can be a bit boring, spending the majority of her time lost in thought, observing, or reading. Because she always has a book on her, she tends to use it as a blunt weapon when people are being idiots or right before a fight gets too physical. She has a certain weakness for helpless animals and often times stops to help them (they always seem to trust her). Nobel is multi-talented, learning quickly. She is an average student, though she could be top in her class if she tried (same with athletics).
    When Nobel was very young, she was abandoned by her parents and taken in by their cousins, Tallia and Nick Graceland. Although they were very loving and cared a great deal about Nobel, they were frequently preoccupied with their jobs in the military. From a young age, Nobel was shown to be intelligent and a quick learner. She fell in love with playing tennis and singing and Tallia and Nick embraced her appreciation for extracurricular activities by placing her in classes. They were not extremely wealthy, but Nobel was their only charge, so they had no problem affording them, along with a nanny for Nobel. Unfortunately, Nobel did not seem to make friends easily. In fact, many of the kids bullied her, taking advantage of her small stature and gentle disposition. Nobel turned to books and animals to shoo away her craving for friends. When she was in eighth grade, Nobel had a discussion with her foster parents about Merriam. They were reluctant at first, but finally agreed. Nobel sent in her scholarship submission and was given a reply four weeks later. To her surprise, she'd been accepted into the school and into Applegate House. She is determined for Applegate to win the Point Game before she graduates.
    Because her foster parents are in the military, Nobel knows basic MMA and karate.
    Applegate is Truth
    Name: Paxton Sebastian
    Nickname: Pax
    Age: 14
    Grade: 9th-Freshman
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Closet Homosexual
    Scholarship Student or Not?: No
    Mode of Transportation: Walking
    1: World History
    2: French I
    3: Physics I
    4: Art I
    5: English I
    6: Advanced Physical Education
    7: Algebra I
    Dorm Number:
    Weekend Clothes
    School Play
    Art Club
    Rock Music Club
    Crush: N/A
    Personality: He's usually a very cheerful and optimistic individual in spite of his past hardships and misgivings. Actually, it is because of his past that he's much more understanding and considerate of others, though he's also grown a protective streak as a result of losing those he loved when he was younger, having grown determined to protect those he loves and cares about even at the expense of his own well-being. Pax usually hopes for the best in a bad situation and has a tendency to make light of serious situations, but he, himself, can admit when things are bad and knows when action needs to be taken. Pax is quite sociable and outgoing, willing to mingle and meet new people, and go to parties or hang out with friends in his freetime. In spite of this, he can be somewhat cold, aloof, and overall indifferent when around people he doesn't like, sometimes giving them the impression that he isn't a very good or bright person; however, his test grades show he is above average in intelligence, but he doesn't think of himself as being smart or superior to others. Pax is very nice, caring, easy-going, and even a bit restless, rarely ever seeming tired or drained unless having exerted a lot of energy. He doesn't like to see other people upset and he will try to cheer them up, unless they are someone he dislikes. Pax doesn't care much for conflict. He prefers to think things through and plan out what to do, being more level-headed than most boys his age.
    Pax was born to an average man and woman by the names of Ken and Mary. The first couple years of his life were happy, normal. Then, Ken got laid off. He started drinking and, being the abusive drunk he is, started abusing Mary, who would only let it happen to make sure he didn't hurt Pax. Those three years were the worst of Pax's life. He was six when his mother met Grayson Sebastian, a wealthy lawyer. She began seeing him despite being married to Ken. Grayson treated Pax like his own son whenever they were together. It took a few years, but Grayson finally got Mary out of her marriage. Two months later, Grayson and Mary tied the knot. Pax was happy. He changed his last name to his step-father's and left behind all thoughts of his biological father. Last year, Grayson brought up Merriam, where he went for high school. To be honest, Paxton was happy to oblige. It was a great opportunity and if it made Grayson and his mom happy, it made him happy
  3. May I reserve a female feshman role?
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  5. [​IMG]

    Applegate is Truth
    Name: Tyler Brendon-Skeie (Shay-uh)
    Nickname(s): Ty, Shay
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11th - Junior
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Scholarship Student Or Not: Yes
    Mode of Transportation: Skateboard or Walking
    Schedule: · Pre Calculus.
    · American Literature and Advanced Composition.
    · AP Biology II
    · Lunch
    · U.S History
    · Advanced Creative Writing
    · Home Economics
    · Journalism
    Dorm Number:
    Apparel: Uniform Alterations
    Weekend Clothes
    Weekend Clothes
    Club/Sports: Soccer, Ice Skating, Swimming
    Crush: N/A
    Personality: Tyler is still some what shy even after being at Merriam's for two years. He tends to be quiet and aloof toward new people. Those whom do know him, know that he is an open minded fun loving individual who is loyal to a fault to those he really cares for. He is very touchy and will use any excuse to make some type of physical contact with friends and family. Tyler is also fiercely protective of those whom are not as comfortable with their sexuality as he is because he was in the exact same position only two and a half years ago.
    Bio: Tyler was born to a family of small town mechanics, Martha and James Brendon. He lived a relatively normal life. It was when he entered his first year of middle school that he realized he was different from the other guys. While they were interested in girls, he was attracted to other guys. He was so startled by this realization that he began closing himself off from other people. In doing so he focused more on his studies, which made him realize his love for writing. Writing stories and poems became his greatest outlet. In his eighth grade year, he finally came to terms with his homosexuality enough to come out to his parents. His father welcomed him with open arms. His mother, on the other hand refused to believe that any child of hers' was gay. This lead to six straight months of fighting between his parents until James finally admitted that he, himself was bisexual. Martha was shocked and disgusted, immediately telling him that they were getting a divorce.

    Two months after the divorce was finalised, James receiving full custody when Martha signed away her rights, James was remarried to an old childhood friend of his named Patrick Skeie. Meanwhile, Tyler was busy submitting his scholarship application to Merriam.
    Other: Has three piercings, his ears, tongue and navel.​
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