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  1. WELCOME to Castle Frankenstien! XD

    just kidding. Jump in Roleplay.(obviously)


    Amongst the annoying bleeping and ringing of the phone alarm came the occasional "BBRRRR BBRRRR" from the phone vibrating against the wooden bed side table, and that damn chirping bird that seemed to always have something to chirp about EVERY morning. what the hell could a bird be happily chirping about at this ungodly hour of the morning! or.. for this young girl.. evening.

    A heavy sigh muffled through the soft fabrics of her sheets, and an obviously annoyed-toned:

    "Seriously... What the-"

    Her last word was replaced by a loud THUD where her fist had slammed straight down onto the buzzing phone. And there it laid with the wreckage of what HAD been her birthday present which was now broken up into little pieces.

    Another sigh, a heavy sigh.. followed by a yawn as her body rolled over in the tangle of her silky sheets.
    Slowly her eyes blinked and opened, adjusting to the change of light they fixed on the dimming glow of the sun outside, her eyes settling into their usual
    blue haze as a small tired smile pulled at her lips.

    A good start to the "day" for her.

    "This should be fun" She mumbled, pulling herself swiftly out of bed and disappearing off into the small kitchen of her town apartment.

    Okay so whoever joins, remember:
    Its late evening, going into night time! XD
    set in the city. what city? any city. i dont care.. just a normal, city with high rised buildings, dodgy alleys, clubs, restauraunts.. bla bla BLA!


    btw.. sorry about the font sizing and all. O___O'

  2. Aron was sleeping in his bed when he heared the clock next to his bed on the table wringing, he didnt want to get up. Aron fell asleep again the he heared the clock wringing again, he than grabed the clock and trowed it at the wall braking in peaces. 10 minutes latter Aron got up and saw the clock on the ground "Oh no i broke another clock" Aron grabed the broken clock and throwed it in the trashcan, he than entered the bathroom and took a shower.

  3. After gazing blankly into the empty fridge, she began to wonder what was the use of having a kitchen.. When it was empty all the time.

    A few moments later after a shower and getting changed she headed out of the apartment, stopping of course to scan herself over in the reflection of herself in the mirror. She peered at herself, tying her long dark hair back into a loose ponytail and tugging at the bottom of her midnight blue coat, she flipped the collar of the coat up around her neck.
    Her hand smoothed over the sides of her body, double checking she had everything she needed for what the night had to offer.
    A small pleased grin curved her rosy lips as she turned and left, closing the door behind her and joining the crowd that walked the city streets.

  4. After the shower Aron quickly dreesed his clothes and looked into the mirror so he could cmb his brown hair, after the combing he took his cell phone and called (LETMEHEARYOUSAYAH whats your charcters name in this rp cuz im calling you) he waited her to pick up her phone. Aron walked out of his apartment and locked the door behind him waiting for his friend to pick up her phone.
  5. ( LOL! Jade XD )

    Since her phone was now lying in pieces back in her apartment, she had no contact with anyone for the time being. But she still knew who would try to contact her, she grinned to herself as she neared her destination, casually walking with the crowd careful not to make herself noticed.

    She slipped through a couple holding hands, making them lose grip on each other and ignored the annoyed "TSK!" that followed.

    "My bad" she snickered quietly as she now neared behind Aaron, a playful grin playing at her lips. At that moment she wished she had a cream pie, just for a little fun for when he'd turn around. Despite her usual somewhat serious manner, she often found herself giving in to her playful side.

    So to suffice the urge to want to slam pie in his face, she snatched at his phone and twisted his wrist behind his back swiftly and slammed him against the door of his apartment building. Quick enough to make sure she wasnt seen.
    A mighty smirk stretched from ear to ear.

    "Hand over the wallet!" She growled in a playfull tone, making out this was all a public mugging.

  6. No one answerd the phone he though "Where might she be" he puted his phone in his pocket, then someone grabed his wrist from the back and pushed him to the door Aron than heared a voice it sounded like Jade, he than laughed "Jade you are crazy" he turned around making her to let go his wrist and told her "Only you could do such a thing" he said it smileing at her.
  7. Her grin grew as she laughed, letting him break out of her grip and shifting back and straightening up, swiping her fringe out of her eyes with a gentle flick of her head.

    "you know it!"

    Her gaze scanned momentarily over the walking crowd, and ignoring the confused and puzzled glances of those walking by that'd just seen their little scuffle. Their puzzled faces made her giggle before turning her attention back to Aaron.

    "Anyway, you look fresh. Whos the girl?" she teased, pulling him by the sleeve of his jacket to walk with her, strolling along and heading somewhat aimlessly towards the centre of the city.
  8. Aron saw how the other peoples looked at them, Aron looked them strangly and they started walking he than heared what she said "What girl, thers no girl" He looked at her when she grabed him on the jacket and started puling him, Aron started walking with Jade and said to her Where are we going Jade? oh and wheres your phone i called you earlier but you didnt pick up" He said smileing at her.
  9. She let go of the jacket as slid her hands into the "warmth" of her deep coat pockets, scoffing and rolling her eyes with a little chuckle.

    "Suuuuure." still teasing.
    But on a more serious note, she looked ahead of her as she walked, her gaze moving from each of the bright lights of restaraunts, closing cafes, closed clothing stores, bars, the dairy.. the usual stuff. in this city, nothing would have been changed. much.

    To answer his question she merely shrugged. "its a surprise." another small grin.

    And thats all she was going to say about the matter. So to change the subject she let out a soft sigh, her head falling back as an exaggeration, her sigh trailing off into a soft giggle

    "sorry, i need a new phone. the other is... broken." she straightened up looked to him briefly.
  10. Aron though what is she planing now her surprises are ususally good except some of them, he was still walking with Jade wondering where they are going he looked around the city it was a normal day all the peoples walking the trafic as usual everithing was normal he than looked at her and said "Jade rally you broke another phone how many did you broke just this month maybe lets see .... 4 phones" he said to her with a serious voice
  11. TO her it was a good surprise. Maybe because she was probablly the only one keen to rip into the "surprise" since she wasnt so entirely sure what the whole of it was. She was only given an address and time. Thats all she needed to know.

    "Pfft.. Its just a phone.." she mumbled.
    "And its not like you bought them anyway." Her words trailed off into a light chuckle, throwing him a sideways glance briefly before looking ahead.

    Seriously, what was the big deal. thinking over it she questioned whether it was 4 phones. maybe 5? She gave a shrug to herself.
    Oh well..