Apple Bennet, Photojournalist

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  1. So, I have this photojournalist...

    Name: Apple Bennet
    Alias: Benny
    Age: 27
    Origin: Wales, UK
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: black
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120

    Description: A fearless and fiery little thing, friendly to abrasive to ball-busting in 10 seconds, often in one sentence. Not usually verbally defiant, but will answer with a smile and sneak off after to do what she wants. Very politely aggressive with other journalists, she does admire other forms of journalism.

    Job in Journalism: Photojournalist, her small size helps her to get into tight places for unique shots, sells her photos to news magazines and London papers.

    Belongings on Person: high-end high resolution film camera with telephoto lens, a matching digital camera, assorted lenses and film, energy bars, bottles of water, hat, shades, swiss army knife, lighter, fleece pullover, small survival/first aid kit, travel documents and extra cash in different currencies all in a backpack. Extra travelling supplies include extra boots, a few changes of clothes, a heavy-duty laptop, a hi-res picture scanner, and a field-size kit of developing solutions and trays so she can develop her photos no matter where she's staying.

    Personal History: Born to Welsh parents, she studied photojournalism in England and remained there after school, working first for a news journal, then freelancing once she was established. She's used to traveling all over the world for the news, living and photographing in some of the harshest environments, and getting herself into danger. She speaks several European languages.

    Looking for somewhere for her to do a story and get into trouble. You can either be a fellow journalist, or someone she's included in her photo essay.


    I'm looking for a daily, or nearly daily poster. You can check my resume for a writing sample.
  2. Interesting, may I inquire as to what sort of trouble? Or specifically what you had in mind for this?
  3. Well, I currently have her off the coast of Africa and about to get attacked by pirates, and on the Mongolian steppes. Maybe the jungles of South America? Basically, she's sort of a Nancy Drew character. She's always going off to research some story and getting herself in some trouble, poking her nose into something she shouldn't.
  4. Alright. If we were to do brazil or likewise the drug trade could play a role in it... That is if you wish to play with me.
  5. Sure. Would you like to play a fellow journalist, or her photo essay subject?
  6. I think I can do a better journalist than a drug lord.. :p
  7. Well, the photo subject would most likely be someone from a native tribe she was researching, and would be on her side. They'll get in/out of trouble together.
  8. I can definitely do that! Would you prefer a more modern tribe or a more ancient seeming tribe.
  9. More modern would be more convenient :) Maybe try to pick the name of a real tribe? I do prefer basing things in realism as much as possible.
  10. I can make that happen. :)
  11. awesome. You can PM or VM me if you have any specific q's. Just post your char here when he's ready.
  12. Name: Bento Alto
    Alias: "Hunter"
    Age: 24
    Origin: Pernambuco, Brazil
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: jet black
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 180

    Description: One of the few youths from his tribe that chose to stay with his ancestors. He learned to assimilate modern culture but still embraces the old. He is a strong man, a life spent running the trails and hunting would build anyone in such a way. He enjoys contact with the 'anglo' and learning about them as well as showing his own knowledge off. A bit arrogant at times he is protective of his family and friends, specifically as more people begin to encroach.

    Belongings on Person: Basic clothing, slightly dirty and dishelveld brown khaki pants and a brown t-shirt. Carries a poncho for colder nights, as well as an old bucket hat from disney land that some tourist lost. An old rusted machete, pocket knife, small bow. A good length of rope, water skin, and a flint for fire starting.