Appears like the mist

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  1. The temperature shifts as a cool dampness fills the air
    Your back gets cold as if eyes are upon you
    Cautiously you turn to confront an uncertain fear
    You are struck with the feeling of familiarity
    A long, lost friend
    Your brother
    Your father
    Your soulmate
    A faintly, echoing whisper surrounds you,
    as clear as a tolling bell in the distance,
    on a gloomy October midnight,
    "You don't know me.
    I already miss you."


    Hello out there!

    My name is Charley, but you can call me Dig. I am 20 years old, fluidmale, earth sign, animal. I consider myself introverted, intuitive, spiritual, and artistic. Although, my friends would describe me as goofy, impulsive, and probably vain. As far as my introduction goes, I felt the urge to write something that sums up my style. I am constantly writing. Mostly in verse style. Poetry, lyrics, (very) short stories.

    I have been roleplaying on-and-off for approximately six years. I have outlined my experiences in my profile - if you're curious. Most of my experience was with speed rp, but I've grown since then. When I found iwaku, having both forum & chat, I felt I finally found my safe haven.

    I'm a very honest person, especially when I'm behind the keyboard. I'll address the on-and-off "issue" while I have your attention. Life happens. I go to school, I work at the school, I have a social life, family obligations - as we all do. I find roleplay to be a wonderful creative outlet for me, as it keeps my writing "updated" and allows me to keep my characters malleable and three-dimensional.

    What will keep my current with roleplaying is an engaging plot and interesting characters (including their creators) to make friends, allies, and enemies with. I like variety in my life - having a diverse writing career is important to me. I'm very mellow, open, and always happy to be of service to others. Let's get playing!

    I am here for writing and I am here for friends!

    Come say helloooo!

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  2. Nice to meet you, Dig! If you want to roleplay, shoot me a PM :)
  3. Hallo Charley Dig, welcome to the community. :3
  4. Thank you both for the welcome!

    Happy to be here.