*appears in a puff of sparkles* ... hi. o^o

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  1. I go by Marionette on most forums, but you can call me Pixie, too. Though I'm new here, I've been RPing... over a decade now. Goodness. :boggled:

    I'm still getting my RP Resume fully filled out, but I love fantasy, be it set in modern Earth or non-modern original worlds. I mostly do group freeform, although I enjoy tabletop too. I'm full of ideas and willing to GM, too. Characters of all genders and orientations appeal to me, and romance, while welcome in any of my games, isn't usually the focus of my plots. I do my very best to employ proper grammar and spelling. I have an English degree, after all... I should at least try, right? :P However, I don't do word or paragraph quotas. I write as much or as little as I think is required to move the story forward.

    I'm excited to be here. <3 I haven't had an "RP home" in a long time. Since the RP trends changed at the places I used to play, I just haven't been able to find somewhere I felt I fit in. There seem to be a lot of different types of games to play here, though, so here's hoping. :D

    Other than RP, I love books, music, video games, doll collecting, animation (especially anime), and SPARKLY THINGS. Emoticons are the only language I speak. Bats are my favorite animal, except for cats. Also, magical girls forever. :goodwitch:
  2. Hi there Marionette! Welcome to the community! :D
  3. Sparkly things~ WOO *HIGH FIVE* *DOWN LOW* *TOO SLOW~*

    WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY~ hope this will be your new "home~"