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  1. Okay, so according to someone who won't be mentioned, posting OOC comments in an IC thread Ex. ((Sorry I was off a lot)) & "bumping" an IC thread is a big taboo. I've seen this done in multiple threads and on millions of other sites. Now, the threads this person is speaking of we're private onexone threads in which my partner and I were both okay with doing something like this. What do you think? I personally think this is ridiculous.
  2. The reason OOC posts are not allowed in the IC threads is because they unnecessarily clutter the thread and a thread can quickly descend into not a story, but a collection of chatting posts. These can easily take over a thread and make the story difficult to follow. There are plenty of other ways to discuss a thread other than in the IC. We try to keep them clean to make them easy for you and others to read. For group RPs, it discourages those who may want to join, and for 1x1s, your writing is difficult to follow. You should post your stories with the expectation that others are going to follow along, and it is polite.

    Bumping is definitely NOT allowed in IC because it's OOC. It's not allowed in OOC if it is JUST a bump post because it is spam, and because none of our RP sections move fast enough that bumping is needed. Your thread is going to stay on the first page for weeks. IF it falls off the first page and/or is like a week without posts, a bump is okay, but you definitely don't need to make a bump within a day or two of posting anywhere. And even when you do post, just posting bump instead of taking the time to write a full sentence is going to just make you look bad to potential players who might join your game.
  3. Also bumping threads is completely unnecessary if you are subscribed to them, since you can find then easily though the subscriptions system.
  4. Posting purely OOC posts in IC areas is considered spam. An OOC comment here and there at the beginning or bottom of a post isn't as big of a problem as long as it pertains to the game, but why post there when we have Visitor Messages, PMs, and even chatboxes? Or convenient sections for us to post our own personal OOC threads?

    It's not as big of a deal with one-on-ones, but generally speaking most people around here prefer a separation of IC and OOC so as not to break the flow of their games- and it's definitely considered rude in GROUP games- so it's just a good habit to get into.
  5. Just another way Iwaku is unique. =)
  6. Out of curiosity, with the subscription system conveniently in place, why do you want to bump your threads?
  7. I actually agree with T.O.T.N. about the ooc issue. Bumping, I haven't done, I mean I posted a lot but it has been way more than one sentence.
  8. It's not a big deal if it happens once or twice or if there's a big necessity to do it. But Cammy explained it all perfectly. Too much and it just gets messy, unnecessary and turns people off from the roleplays (for groups) and clutters threads (two-players). Normally it's not something we'll strictly enforce, but when we see it becoming a big trend and getting out of hand, you'll see mods sending out messages to remind people about it.

    Sometimes a policy seems silly, but we have them to help keep some sense of order and organization across all the sections. ;] You're always welcome to question a specific policy though if you need explanations. 8D
  9. Iwaku is cool because it has rules, but those rules are logical and well thought out and the mods are not idiots who just follow blindly to rules. Every rule on Iwaku (and lets be serious their aren't all that many, Iwaku's pretty loosey goosey and has lots of freedom which I love) anyway any rule on Iwaku has a well thought out reason behind it, and if a rule is stupid ask a mod they will tell you the reasoning; like in this thread. If you don't understand the mods will try to help. Now I'm sure if a rule where to be stupid, irrelevant, unnecessary, or illogical I'm absolutely sure the staff would remove it if you ask, but I'm also quite sure most rules have lots of thought behind them. I trust Iwaku's staff and I trust Iwaku's community. I don't follow blindly, but I trust and respect (though I might not always show it :P).