Apparently bacon, ham, and sausage can cause cancer

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  1. Isn't pretty much everything found to be "cancer-causing" these days?

    Anyway, Coo-Choo! Let's ride the delicious train!
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  2. It feels like it sometimes, but apparently vegetables are still mostly safe?

    Wait, shit, I forgot about pesticides.

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  3. With all of these things that we've eaten for millennia causing cancer, it's a surprise our ancestors even survived AT ALL! Much less into their thirties and forties.
  4. The only thing I eat from those three is sausages, and that's not very often, so I'm relatively safe :D
  5. I already don't eat any of that.
  6. I thought this was obvious...

    I mean Bacon, Ham and Sausage all used to be animals.
    Meaning they had to be born at some point.
    Which means obviously at least some of them are going to be a Cancer.
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  7. There are worst ways to go.

    except avocado. That's pretty safe
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  9. I saw ZERO SCIENCE in that article! D:< BULLSHIT REPORTING.

    The big thing they mentioned was processed meats, meaning meats that are getting shit added to them for preservation, flavor, etc, etc, etc. Which I can totally see having bad stuff being added in there that wouldn't be good for you.

    But calling it cancer calling... that's just more fearmongering nonsense. D:
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  10. Thank god I eat kosher.

    Thank god I get free veggies from my grandfather's garden. No pesticides.

    Thank god I love avocados.

    Yep. I'm set with a cancer free ~ *Looks at mass produced turkey bacon* ~ FUCK!
  11. It's pre-reporting on a report that the WHO is apparently gonna put out on Monday. Definitely jumping the gun and lacking in science, but presumably the science will come with the actual report.
  12. We'll see. The WHO have a reputation for massively over-blowing potential threats. Still, if they have a concern about something, it's worth listening to.
  13. Honestly I don't care if it's overblown nonsense, I just wanted to be the guy who says bacon > cancer. :D
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  14. Guess I need to avoid these meats like I avoid the sun, since I am so scared of cancer.

    Sarcasm, folks. Bacon could have a 100% chance to cause cancer, and I wouldn't bat an eye at eating it. Because not eating Bacon is like death itself.

    Government used to tell us that eggs were really bad for us.

    They were wrong.

    They also told us about this "good" and "bad" cholesterol.

    Then they said they were wrong on that too.

    Anyway, bacon for dinner....
  15. Actually, anyone remember the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when everybodies skin and muscles and stuff melt?

    I would prefer that over giving up bacon.
  16. My exact thoughts upon reading the thread title. Lol.

    But yeah, 99% of the time, any attempt at anyone shouting "X causes cancer!!" is usually something I tune out. Not just because it's been said about anything and everything and I'd probably be dead by now if any of it were true, but also because just the very act of saying it like that just sounds so fear-mongering and clickbait-y. Pretty difficult to take seriously.


    I admit I don't know the exact names or the exact science behind it, but I'm fairly certain that, yes, that is a thing. Or at least, I've heard it from more sources besides simply clickbait-y articles.

    But yeah, I'm sort of with you about eggs. I've heard just as many people claim that eggs are the best health food ever as I've heard that eggs are one of the worst things to possibly eat. I don't know what to believe. XD Same with whole grains -- I've heard people say they're a million times better than other grains, and then I've heard that they're completely unnecessary and that whole grain is actually best avoided. (Hmm... suddenly this sounds sort of familiar...)

    At any rate, I try not to base too much of my dietary decisions on hearsay, especially when none of it seems to make much of any sense.

    Though I'm fairly certain the thing about cholesterol is true. Same for there being "good" and "bad" types of fat. Pretty sure I've heard that from some reputable sources at some point.
  17. They took it all back some time within the last year. It was pretty big on the Blaze and Fox News.

    I don't watch the other news sources so I wouldn't know if they covered it, but it was pretty big for a bit.

    My own doctors (two, because I spend half my year in two difference countries) have both kind of said they never really believed that themselves.

    I have serious medical issues so I am always conscious of my health.

    My diet has to have little vegetables, and lots of meat. If not, I got issues. xD
  18. I actually don't like pork save for I guess I'm good lol.
  19. I take Fox News about as seriously as clickbaity diet fad sites, if I'm being honest with you. Sorry but I don't feel like that's enough to convince me.

    Either way, I guess that doesn't make the cholesterol thing too different from every other health-related topic that I've heard plenty of conflicting information about.
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