"App thumbnail?" Not sure how to call it.

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  1. So I just noticed that there were a few browsers (right now, most notably Opera and Chrome) which use some sort of image thumbnail instead of a screenshot of the website or the website icon - Reddit, for instance, has Snoo with a radiant blue background, and Google services each have a high-quality version of their icons. IwakuRoleplay's icon is still the default xenForo splash. I'm sure Iwaku could profit from having an actual picture there.
  2. I have absolutely no idea how to do that or even see that. O_O But I will look in to it later.
  3. Right now, I'm not sure how to see it in Chrome, but it's definitely in the latest version of Opera. Want a screenshot to have an idea?
  4. That would be helpful, yes! :D Then I should be able to figure out what creates the images for apps.
  5. There it is (in order: Google, Reddit, Iwaku, Carribean Blue (a webcomic), Blaster Nation (another webcomic), Menage a 3 (yet another webcomic), another much smaller XenForo-based forums, Youtube, GMail, Facepunch and Imgur). Something to be noted is that it is also possible to pin extensions on there:


  6. I THINK I found it and updated it! O_O You must tell me if it worked!
  7. It worked! Too cool!
  8. For some reason, it hasn't for me despite removing the shortcut, clearing the cache and reinstating the shortcut. Strange.
  9. Might be the browser, I'm using Safari. Try restarting the phone?
  10. Not on my phone - Opera Desktop.