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  1. Two teens (17-20 years of age) kill God. They become gods. Shit hits the fan. In order to play this properly, you will need to forget many of the rules and restrictions placed on you in past RPs. We are going to be gods. OP is literally in our nature, and omnipotent is our middle name. I call the evil god. Raise some hands, and tell me why you would make a good partner (experience in RPs like this, general experience in RPs, writing skill, etc.). I remember getting swamped by PMs the last time I did this, and I had to choose based on who came first, which I hate doing. So, if you get approved here, we continue a conversation in the PMs. If it turns out it won't work out, I return here and advertising begins again. So, hope this hooks someone soon, and that this turns out to be something we both enjoy.
  2. I think I write decently enough, though what I lack is experience in such a RP (given the fact most RPs I've played are typically bound by the standard rules: no God-modding, no power-playing, etc). However, I think what's more important is commitment, and at the moment, I am not participating in any other RPs, nor do I intend to do so in too many. Which pretty much assures my commitment... >.> Guess you can only take my word for it at this point in time.

    <.< Well, though, there's also quite a fair bit I'm not even sure about the RP that you have in mind... Like the settings, how much literacy are you expecting from your partner (like, are you expecting those ultra verbose, purple prose-filled posts just to describe the character drinking water in a room?), the maturity of this RP...

    Regardless, I enjoy RP in general, so I think I'll definitely enjoy this one as well. More so since it's not your typical run-of-the-mill sort.
  3. I don't expect too much, considering my standards are pretty low at this point. It would be nice to see some better writing than what I've seen before though.
  4. "Better writing" than what you've seen before is likely going to be quite a stretch. I doubt I'll be capable of that, unless you haven't been looking around much, but I should probably be capable of at least surpassing your expectations. Easily, I might add, if your standards are truly low. Personally, I would rate myself as at least an average writer/RP-er. My writing ability is not bad per se, but I won't call it stellar. There's improvements to be made, that's for sure, especially with trying to make the text that much more... Artistic? That's a goal I've always tried to work towards but have yet to reach. A sort of writing that just attracts you to it by just the way it reads.

    In any case, I think that's all I have left to say. I am interested in the RP, but if you're looking for someone else, then I guess I'll be moving along~
  5. NO! Don't leave me!
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