Apostrophe/possessive jokes

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  1. Person A misuses an apostrophe: "My favourite picture's"
    Person B points it out: "Your favourite picture's what? Is your favourite picture missing something?"

    Funny? Not funny? Is person B an asshole?

    I think jokes like these are funny, but I refrain cause some people get offended by them. what do you think?
  2. I like them and I make them when possible. I'm also totally cool with people giving me shit whenever I type something incorrectly, and I do it fairly often in chat settings, so it's all good.
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  3. I took "Possessive" jokes in an entirely different meaning. XD

    To answer the question though, I'm not offended or laughing at it.
    Granted, I don't get offended by anything so that's a bit irrelevant.

    I'm just confused/don't get the joke.
    He said pictures in plural. Implying multiple favourites.
    Does the addition of a ' suddenly imply something more that I'm missing? o.O
  4. Yes. The word pictures would mean more than one picture. The word picture's would either refer to something belonging to the picture (the picture's contents, for example) or possibly a lazy contraction of 'picture is' (the picture's ugly = the picture is ugly). According to grammar rules, adding an apostrophe means the word is now a possessive noun or a contraction, not just plural. That's how apostrophes work.
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  5. Ah.

    Thanks for that.
    Now I can speak Engrish slightly more goodly. :3
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  6. Punctuation is for Stalinists.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. [​IMG]

    Somehow this got into a comma discussion

    I'm ok with it
  9. This thread requires Captain Kirk, the master of commas and pauses.
  10. He was actually instructed to speak that way; supposed to sound more dramatic

    I love ST:TOS, the whole thing is so deliciously cheesy that I don't think his acting really stood out that much to me :P
  11. But, his, constant... pausing, is, so, humorous!
  12. Captain Kirk (open)

    I know it's irrelevant to the thread.

    But I after these post's this was the first thing which came to mind. Its just crazy.
    But I after these posts this was the first thing which came to mind. It's just crazy.
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