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Certainly there are a great many people that deserve an apology from me for the months long hiatus I seemed to take from Iwaku. The new layout and getting used to it certainly hasn't helped much in that regard.

@Adelaide I know giving a like to a message signaling the end of a roleplay was rude of me to do rather than give a response. It just came on a day where not long after a big bombshell was dropped on the family.

@Cerulean Never did get back to you for a reply or even a heads up when I felt everything going south. I'm really sorry for up and leaving in the manner I did. The roleplay was going splendidly and hadn't hit a hitch yet until that news got dropped on me the same day I meant to reply to it.

There are probably more that I'm forgetting at this time like always. Not asking for forgiveness for what I did, but it helps knowing I finally did it.

Pretty sure that's all that I wanted to say. Will probably add more if it comes to me during the day.


But does he know about second breakfast?
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It is more important that you are taking care of yourself than forcing yourself to reply when you are going through something real.

After all, we can always get an rp from the graveyard. We can't get a Windsong from the graveyard. At least, not without some necromancy. ;D
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I forgive you.
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