Apocolyptic Hunger

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  1. The year was 2033. On October 23 a meteor struck the Earths surface on the outskirts of a small town. Shortly after the towns inhabitants began to show strange signs of violent and odd behavior towards one another. They became the first to be infected, becoming cannibalistic towards everyone, and no one could explain why. The government had tried to step in and cover up the infection and the small town, but it had already begun spreading like wildfire, first through the country and then the world. People panicked and turned on one another, killing for something as simple as an energy drink. Entire nations were thrown into chaos, soon becoming nothing but shells of what they once were, rubble and dust of a world once full of life and love. Scientists had banded together to stop the alien disease but when they had started working with a stable sample of the infection, they themselves became infected, and the world was lost in a dark future. In an Apocalyptic Hunger.

    The year is now 2036, three years after Lucifer's Shard - the meteor - had entered the Earth's atmosphere. People had come to call that day October's calling, a time a pain and sorrow. The Starved - those infected by Lucifer's Shard - have grown immensely in numbers, far beyond the pure - people who are not infected - and are roaming through cities freely, looking for flesh. Though infected, The Starved have not lost their will to think, in fact they are as smart as they were before being infected, or even more so. They have grown even more ravenous for the taste of human flesh, and will stop at nothing to acquire it.

    Your job. Survive at all costs.
  2. (Reference to Metro 2033?)

    Nikolai rubbed his face and stared into the barrel of burning wood. He knelt down and shook in the cold. Wearing a black toboggan, gray linen fingerless gloves, a thick black wool coat, a tattered brown t-shirt, worn and rugged blue jeans, and heavy working boots, he sat alone, a Mosin-nagant bolt rifle slung over his shoulder, a Tokarev pistol holstered on his hip, and a military knife in his left boot. He had just finished a meal of cold canned pinto beans and was exhausted after an extremely long day of failed hunting.
  3. ((Well you could say that or Fallout, either works I guess...And some of the blame for this RP is from Annihilation by Perfect Circle))


    Saya leaned against a cool cement wall, her breathing harsh but quiet. One of the Starved was not but only five feet away from where she was hidden. It's twitchy movements and sharp, hungry cries made Saya wince. The Starved liked dark, and cold places, which is why Saya had been forced to follow this one deep into a subway tunnel just to kill it. She was wearing an odd looking gas mask with a set of black goggles that always reminded her of Riddick, her shirt has ripped just above her belly button, but only because one of The Starved had gotten a hold of her the day before, and the material had been ripped when she was trying to escape. She was wearing a pair of black sweat pants, she had quickly come to the realization of comfort over fashion. She wore the gas mask because it was unknown how the disease was actually spread, no one knew if it was spread through saliva, blood, or if it was airborne as well.

    Saya took one deep breath before diving out from cover. She preferred to burn the Infected above all else, but sometimes she settled for the array of knives she wore around her waist, as well the two pistols she wore holstered under her arms like she was some kind of apocalyptic cop. She also had an entire shelf of weapons at the bunker she used as a hideout fifteen miles from the tunnel she was currently in. She wore a large, very dangerous looking flamethrower on her back, which served as her main weapon against the starved, as well as the bastards out there who attacked anything that moved. People were not sane in this place, not anymore.

    The Starved turned to look at Saya with a grin of sharp, wolf like teeth, than it charged at her with a shriek. Saya held her ground and flicked the switch on the flamethrower, releasing a sea of flames on the creature. It was smart enough to dodge behind one of the broken cement pillars, laughing childishly. Saya swore and rolled back behind her cover. Now it was a waiting game. She didn't know how long she sat against the cement wall, waiting. Suddenly, Saya felt warm breath on her shoulder, and heard ragged breathing.

    She spun looking strait into the dead eyes of The Starved. It looked like a sickly twelve year old girl, her eyes a dead blue, and her cheeks hollow, skin bone tight. It grinned at her maliciously, and moved to bite into Saya's shoulder, but she was faster. Saya snatched one of her many knives from around her waist, swung, and slit the Starved's throat easily. It choked than fell backwards convulsing mechanically.

    Saya stood and wiped some sweat from her forehead. Without another looked at the Starved, Saya spun on her heel and headed back the way she had come. She had about ten minutes before the blood attracted more of them and she would be surrounded. Saya made it back to her bunker after a long walk, her feet hurting from the walk. She opened the bunker door, walked inside, than bolted a number of locks behind her.
  4. Nikolai heard loud shrieks of the Starved and upon instinct, stood up and grabbed his rifle off of his back. They were nearby. He estimated a quarter of a mile away from him, judging by the pitch of the howls. Someone was in danger. He sighed and marched toward the direction of the noises. He knew that he could very easily get killed going after people that would probably be dead or infected by the time he arrived there, but his conscience would not allow him to sit idly by. His rifle under his arm, he opened his pack of cigarettes which he kept in his wool-jacket pocket, and then lit it with an old lighter he found in the trash.

    Marching onward, gun out and scope attached, Nikolai scanned the area. He kept low and stayed slow. He spotted the several Starved off in the distance, standing idly in the wastleland, but they were not the ones he heard. They were too close. Stealthily moving by them, he walked for another several minutes before spotting a large consortium of Starved. They looked bitter and angry, and some had begun to fight one another. He peered through his scope, scouting. He spotted a Starved corpse and knew immediately someone was near. Remaining cautious, he looked about his area for tracks that headed in a direction he could follow. Someone had escaped.
  5. Saya unhooked the gas mask and set it down, but her attention was caught on a figure heading straight for her bunker, from here she couldn't tell if they were pure of one of the Starved, and she wasn't going to take a chance. She narrowed her jade eyes and snatched a sniper rifle from a trunk that she stored every weapon she collected in. She unbolted the door, opened it enough to get the barrel and scope of the gun outside, knelt down and took aim, pulling the trigger. The bullet whizzed right over the shoulder of a man and into the skull of a Starved that had been about to attack the man. Saya sighed and stood up, putting the strap of the sniper rifle over her shoulder, and closing the bunker door behind her. Now she was going to have to move the body before it attracted others so close to her hideout. She slouched remembering she needed her mask. When she had gotten it and pulled it back on, she walked slowly towards the man and the body which were about twenty feet from the bunker.
  6. Nikolai ducked immediately as he heard the rifle's crack. He turned as he heard a terrible death screech, only to see the head of the Starved behind him explode in a puff of gore and brains. He wasn't sure if that bullet was meant for him or not. The Survivor-Hunter turned to see someone approach. He aimed his rifle momentarily, finger on the trigger. After a moment though, he realized that she was not going to shoot him... yet, anyway. He lowered his Mosin-Nagant bolt rifle in a display of diplomacy, and then took the cigarette out of his mouth and tossed it onto the arid wasteland ground.

    "Not sure if that was meant for me or not, comrade," he said with a grin. A dark sense of humor. Nikolai spoke in an Eastern European accent and examined the person in front of him. A gas mask on her face and a fuel on her back. A flamethrower. "Interesting. You must be either quite the pyromaniac, or you scrounged that up in a military base," he pointed out, using his rifle to quickly point to her back before lowering it again.
  7. Saya glared at the man when he used his gun to point at her back with his rifle, stepping to the left so the barrel wasn't aimed at her. She looked at him a moment tapping her foot impatiently, than she swerved around him and bent down grabbing the arms of the dead Starved and starting to drag it away from her bunker. This one was heavier than it looked, and if she had to guess it had been a man in his mid-thirties before he had become infected. "Actually if you must know, I pried the flamethrower from the cold dead fingers of a military officer who had turned on me when we had become surrounded by these things," She said using her eyes to point at the body, "I had to shoot him in the head with my pistol, and than I took it...But thanks for bringing it up..." She muttered the last bit sarcastically.
  8. "Dark past, eh? Hah. We all have those. What makes us different is how we deal with it. Some go at it with revenge. Some take to strong Vodka. Others find peace later. And then a few end it all with a gun or a pill."

    He grabbed the legs of the fallen Starved and picked it up on his end, helping her carry the corpse away. "A bunker, eh? You got lucky. A bunker these days is like a damn mansion before all this mess started," he stated, and then laughed heartily. Nikolai appeared to deal with suffering by smiling and humor. A light-hearted soul is what he was, and he was not about to let the evils and sorrows of this world take him down.

    "How long you been out here?" he asked her, as if he had known her ages. "I am Nikolai, by the way!"
  9. Saya rolled her eyes. How could he be so happy when the freaking world had basically ended, and people were dying or becoming horrifying monsters through all the hours of the days. Saya had become a recluse when Lucifer's shard had taken her family away from her three years ago, even her baby sister who she had to watch become one of those things right in front of her eyes. "When I found the place it was basically torn down to pieces, I pretty much built it from the ground up, and I don't intend on giving it up now, so don't try anything." She replied, trying to find a better grip on the body.

    She hesitated a moment, but saw no harm in telling him her name. "I'm Saya."
  10. "Pleasure to meet you, Saya! And you have done an exceptional job in repairing this concrete bunker. It looks quite homely from the outside!" As he spoke, he pulled the body towards him and slung the corpse over his shoulder, taking the entire weight upon him. "Tell me where to drop this sorry bastard off, and it shall be done!" He grinned at her, standing there, corpse on his back. How strange...

    "Ah, don't you worry. I am not about to take what is rightfully yours. Besides, I am more of a wanderer. I hunt and scavenge. Sitting in a bunker when I could be out helping others is just not my thing."
  11. Saya crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at him. "You saying I don't try to help people?" She scoffed and took the body back from him, making it flop onto the ground. "Whatever...I'll take care of this and you can be on your way to rescuing the day." She shooed him away with her hand with another roll of her eyes. Saya did try to help the people out there that were dying, but she needed to rest sometime, and she felt much safer in her bunker than she did in the open. Could never be to careful.
  12. He chuckled and stuck another cigarette into his mouth, then lit it. "Ah, that came out wrong. I did not mean to make it sound as if you do not help others. I am sure you do. I am just saying I am a wanderer. I do not sit for long, and I am constantly on the move. Speaking of which, it is time for me to go hunting. Want deer? I can bring you back one if fortune allows me to," he said, offering to hunt her a deer out of sheer generosity. Which was not a safe or easy task, considering the circumstances.

    "And I really doubt you can carry that body. Sure, you can drag it, but it will only hurt your back and take you awhile to move it a safe distance from your home. Please, let me help."
  13. Saya straighten and put her hands on her hips, thinking his offer over a moment, sending out to hunt deer would get him out of her hair, at least for a while. "Fine." When he offered to take the body for her though she refused, seeing as she only had to drag it a few more feet. When she finally got to a safe distance she released the body took a few steps back and aimed the nozzle of her flamethrower at the body, and grin pulling at the corners of her lips, though it was hidden by the mask. "You may want to step back..." She warned Nikolai, before releasing the flames upon the body. It only took a minute for the body to become a scorched hunch of black flesh. Saya nodded and turned around, plucking the cigarette out of his mouth and putting it out underneath her shoe. "You're going to get lung cancer."
  14. Nikolai watched with glee as she used a flamethrower. He loved how the flames shot out and consumed anything they touched. It was horrifying and beautiful simultaneously.

    The survivalist's eyes widened as she plucked the cigarette from his mouth as if she were his girlfriend or mother. He simply took another cigarette from his jacket and lit it. He then held it high above her head so that she could not reach it due to his height. "Alright. Fine by me. Better than being eaten alive by these sick creatures, don't you think?" He chuckled and winked at her. "Alright. Hunting I go. I shall be back by the afternoon!"

    With that, he headed off eastward. Using his trained memory, Nikolai made mental notes and landmarks of his surroundings so that he could find his way back.
  15. Saya glared at Nikolai when he lit another cigarette and crossed her arms. When he had left to go hunting like he said he would, Saya went back to her bunker, bolting the doors behind her. She took off her mask, as well as any weapon she had with her, than sat down on the floor, leaning against one of the cement walls, pulling a thin blanket around her. She was asleep in moments, snoring quietly. Today's events had completely worn her out.
  16. Nikolai's hunt this time went much better. He shot a large buck and had been dragging it inside a makeshift net for half an hour. He was a man of his word, and did indeed return before the sun was in the middle of the sky. He knocked three times on the thick bunker door. "Open up! I have a big buck here, and just looking at him makes me drool! I have not eaten anything but cold canned beans for days!"

    He stuck another cigarette in his mouth and began to smoke it. The hunter peered into the carton and spotted four more. He would have to scavenge for more very soon.
  17. Saya's head drooped forward but at the sound of knocking on her door as well as Nikolai's voice, she stood up and unbolted the door, plugging her nose when she noticed he had another cigarette in his mouth. she grabbed the cigarette and threw it away from them, than she reached into his pocket and took the entire pack throwing that as well. "There, now you wont pollute my bunker with your nasty habits." She said than stepped aside to let him inside, while she offered to skin the buck. She wasn't a huge fan of dead animals, they made her sad, but at the thought of fresh meat she wiped the sadness away and almost drooled herself.
  18. Nikolai did not take what she did offensively. Clearly, she did not want him smoking around her. He shrugged. 'I will just smoke when I am alone,' he thought.

    He set the hunted buck down on a large table in her bunker, then turned to her. "You have a hook and a room in this bunker where I can gut this poor creature so we can eat properly?" Quite the survivalist, it was evident that Nikolai had survived on his own for some time, and knew precisely what to do in many situations. He had also learned how to take the simplest of ingredients to add taste to generally bland meals.
  19. "Does it look like I have a hook in here?" She asked him, shaking her head and pulling her long mousy brown hair up into a messy ponytail. "Just skin it outside on the ground, same difference basically." She said, over her shoulder while she went to keep watch just outside of the bunker, her sniper rifle in hand. Her eyes scanned the wastelands carefully through the scope of the rifle for any signs of movement. She didn't see any of the Starved at the moment, or any signs of the occasional bandit.
  20. He pulled a meathook from his belt. "I am a scavenger, Saya. If you do not have something, then I do. And skinning it outside on the ground? I am beginning to think you want me dead, haha! That would only bring the Starved here. I do not want that and I am sure you do not."

    Nikolai carried the carcass over his strong shoulders into a room in the bunker downstairs. He placed the meathook over an iron bar where weapons used to be stocked, and then forced the deer corpse up and then downward onto the hook, the sharp metal piercing it and holding the soon-to-be-venison in the air. He unsheathed his hunting knife from the left side of his belt and got to work skinning and gutting the buck.