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  1. The year was 2015, the world would change forever. Ongoing clashes between the United States, China, Iran and Russia led to international turmoil. When the first missle was fired by Iran an estimated 2 million Americans lost their lives. Then came the second in retaliation, then came a third.

    Old pacts were set aside and all Nations went into all out isolation in attempt to recover and count their numbers. Then it began to happen, people began experiencing violent seizures followed by slight mutation. Some scientists claimed that it was due to extreme radiation, others were fascinated by how it began to develop.

    So they began taking the people who were believed to be experiencing these effects and experimenting on them to see what it was that caused this. It began to develop, showing quicker and more grotesque attributes. The subjects then began violent outbursts, some cannibalistic, some would grow up to eight feet tall with talons and ghastly features.

    These "mutated" escaped into the world and began a terrifying rampage all around the world. Those who fought back lived and others perished either dying or becoming mutated themselves. Who would ultimately band together to survive this apocolypse? Or will the anarchy continue, leaving those left to fend for themselves?
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  2. Allen creeped up to the end of the dark alley, the cold rain hitting his face refreshed him. At last it was quiet, though allen found this ironic because it was now nightfall. The idea of no more screaming, gunfire and clashing metal set his mind to slight ease.

    But allen knew he had to stay focused, nighttime isnt what it used to be in Las Vegas. There was no more bright lights, happy faces and music, it was dark, grim and dangerous now. If it wasn't the mutated or seemingly "undead" trying to kill him it was the friendly survivors sneaking around.

    As allen reached the end of the alley he raised his 44 magnum, gripping it tightly with both hands. His footsteps were muffled by the rain, but allen still creeped and took every step ever so lightly. Allen first peaked his head quickly, he could make up a shadow lurking on the second floor of the building across the street. "Probably a lurker(undead)." He mumbled humorously.
  3. john had just reached the second floor. looking out the window he saw a person look around the corner. 'is it real ' he thought to himself. he positioned his scope at the target and just watched to see if it were real. He walked close to the window and got in a prone stance. with his left arm he felt around for his weapons. He felt 2 handguns 2 clips each. 2 combat knives 1 dagger and his katana blade. the m6 he was holding was just picked up off of a fallen solider,along with 1 extra clip. He sat waiting for what was yt to come.
  4. Emily closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. That used to maker her and her mother smile. Before the missiles, the mutation, the helplessness, and the hurt blotted out any chance of even the smallest grin.

    It didn't make her smile anymore.

    Emily backed away from the moonlight she had been standing in and back into the shadows. No person with half a will to live would be seen in plain view at nighttime; it was bad enough during the day, but at night, there wasn't any light, you couldn't even fight back. Emily felt something on her neck and automatically spun around while backing up.

    It was only the wind blowing her hair against her. She sighed with relief and slumped down against the tall apartment building that used to be her home. She hadn't strayed very far from it since it all started. It was all she had left; her mother was one of the first to mutate. Her last memory of her mother was of herself backed against the bedroom wall as her mother transformed into something too horrible for words. Her mother had turned toward her with a smile that could only be described as murderous. Emily had run right past her mother and jabbed the button on the elevator so hard she feared she had broken it.

    She knew she'd have to leave eventually, to find a better place to stay. The mutants' population doubled every week, it seemed. Emily gripped one of the many kunais she'd bought before the mutation really got wild. Her knuckles turned white when she heard it; a noise so faint it barely reached her ears. It was the sound of someone creeping along. The sound of someone mumbling to himself.

    Run? Fight? Or try to team up?

    She slid farther into the shadows to think.