Apocoliptia Terra: Age of Lust(OOC)

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  1. Plot:
    The invention was supposed to change the world for the better. Well it changed the world alright, and in more ways than one. The device was supposed to help heal the planet from global warming and the various ailments caused by this and other human intervention. What happened instead was something that no could predict, It created a new Pangaea and unleashed mutant creatures, ones fueled by a major re-productive drive. They can even spread it through fucking, like a virus even. This combined with the geographic changes that happened to the world caused a majority of civilization to collapse into near nothingness. however some still remained and advanced to the realms of sci-fi. Some just got back to various points of the 21st century, Some medieval and some ancient civilizations, or even before that. Regardless all are seeking a way to stop the raids and shut down the monsters once and for all. So far that mainly consists of every year, or more depending on the creature's activity, rounding up sexually mature members of a settlement, arming and training them and sending them out to face the monsters. There is "magic" in this world aswell but it's more of non-monsterifying mutations with help of mental focus than anything else. Also even stranger is that Time has been very dilated on the planet. Just what the hell was in that Device?!​
    Major Settlements:

    Silicon Ridge: Formerly the area known as Silicon Valley it supriseingly managed to stay mostly intact, despite getting a raise in altitude and being very close to a fault line. The place has architecture similar to what you would find in a prosperous science fiction setting though with plenty of reinforcements. Uses Tech to solve most problems with some human touch. Often wears bodysuit and mostly of a scientific mind. Usually wears bodysuit or something out of a space opera.

    New Riser City: Built from the ruins of Tokyo, the city has been restored to become quite the financial and manufacturing center. Architecture is much the same as was once used in the 21st century. The members are rather hard working and individualistic. Often wear modern style clothing.

    Kaneki Tribe: Found in edge of the former Africa and South America, The Tribe uses a variety of Tents, Huts or even ruins of some small towns that used to be around the area before the Apocalypse went down. The Tribe is the largest around and is semi-nomadic. The people are the type to not get involved with outsiders more than necessary but bond closely with those they consider kin. Usually wears leathers, furs and the like.

    Grecomance: An area spreading from ruins of Rome to Athens. While not exactly using the traditional materials, the style is a combination of Ancient Greece and Rome from their heyday. Attitude is generally one who seeks wisdom and philosophical types though vicious warriors when need be.

    Kingdom of Arnok: A kingdom that held over most of what was formerly northwestern Europe. The place has a mix of renaissance and dark age style architecture. Dress is more to what would be described as fantasy style. The people are varied but tend toward faithfulness and chivalry for combat or follower if not, most seeking to carve their name n the history books.
    1. Be decent OOC.​
    2. No Mary or Gary Sues.​
    3. No God Mod​
    4. Warning there will be dark kinks in here!​
    5. It is possible for characters, especially when turned monster, to die. You can make a new one right away to replace it however. Or get purified, up to you.​
    6. Major Settlements set the overall attitude of the for lack of a better term "era group" So for Si-Fi Silicon Ridge sets their general theme and how it acts. there can be differnces of course but again generally they are all pretty similar overall.​
    7. I can Change rules as needed​
    8. Have Fun!​
    Mutant Name:(Optional)
    Will:(How many loads of the mutant semen they can take before sub-coming. One load and up.)
    Former Job:(Helps give edge as a sacrifice or "Champion as some called them)
    Appearance:(Pure and Mutated)
    Personality:(Pure and Mutated)
    Combat Capability:(Pure and Mutated, what their weapons are and any other abilities)
    History:(Self explanatory.)

  2. Sounds interesting.
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  4. I am interested.
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    I am interested though!
  6. sorry, but no.
  7. I'll say maybe on this one, depending on if my muse cooperates.
  8. Maybe, I shall think about it
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  9. Living life my G livin life. Haven't found many opportunities to get my Css out there. Then again my breed o' characters aren't really popular in the roleplaying community
  10. It's been a while since we've been in the same rp. What kind of characters do you play again?
  11. Usually the anthro type.
  12. *shrug* I don't have any problems with that.
  13. Once again back from the void. I could make something for this I'm sure.
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  14. I think me name is going around XD

    But yeah some folks are alright with 'em others aren't and some plots just have no room for 'em. After all you can't stuff an anthro into a heavily human influenced rp.
  15. interested yez
  16. If my character is from Silicone Ridge, is a bodysuit obligatory, or could a cute trade garb suffice? Not gonna lie bodysuits are my least favorite part of the otherwise fantastic Sci-fi genre.
  17. If it looks sci-fi it's good.
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  18. And lastly, would a mutant from the same place conceivably use guns or are they completely feral?
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