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    Welcome to Apocalyptica, a roleplay about the struggles of survival in a harsh world full of the undead. This roleplay follows a group of survivors trying to make it in the world; but will they survive, or will they drop dead like the millions before them.
    It began on September 18th, 2015; In a small town just outside of Columbus. A young man and his family were on their way to Florida when they stopped at a "Mom and Pops" burger joint. little did the man know that his food was infected. A mutation of the mad cow disease had tainted the meat. Little did he know, or anyone know, that the mutation would soon turn the man into a blood-thirsty, undead killing machine in a matter of minutes. Not only did he then infect everyone in the restaurant, but indirectly infected 7/8 of the worlds population.
    2 weeks after the first case, the Military and Government in the United States fell.
    Major cities were pillaged, and left in fiery ruins of death. Other cities were filled with the undead, and only a few Safehavens remained. A few survivors formed up small villages and tried to fight the undead. Most failed. Others tried to be nomadic, fighting and running. And others, they took the easier path, the path of evil. Bandits and Tribes filled the wholes that the Zombies didn't.
    You are your own person, but instead of fighting for a village, you fight for a caravan, a group of inland folk hoping to reach the ocean, where they think they can begin to rebuild.
    • I see that there is a bit of content to read, but the reading all of it will better you in the long run.
    • By joining you are expected to lead the RP, not jump on the bandwagon and follow. Do take initiative and use creativity to help bring the RP somewhere. We’re not seeking players that just want to hop in and join this thread. We’re seeking players that want to grow and add onto our world. We’ve made a playground and your imagination is the limit (within reason.) More often than not, we’ll give you a bare bones environment; ADD ONTO IT! Make the (post-apocalyptic) world your own! Contribute and give me your input and ideas, I’d be more than thrilled to have it!
    • This roleplay is rated M for Blood, gore, violence, and strong language.
    • Romance will be allowed, but remember, love doesn't happen overnight. Things can get lovey, but anything too steam should FADE TO BLACK. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be kicked from the roleplay and will be reported to the staff.
    Outer Personality:​
    Inner Personality:​
    Arsenal: (Weapons, be realistic)​
    History (Before Apocalypse):​
    History (After Apocalypse):​
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  2. Name: Alan McKelvy
    Age: 26
    Gender: male
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 148 lbs.
    Show Spoiler

    Outer Personality: Friendly, helpful, willing to fight for the needs of the group
    Inner Personality: Dark, sadistic, slightly psychotic though he doesn't show it
    Strengths: Very intelligent, cunning, sneaky, fast runner, great with numbers
    Weaknesses: physically weak, nearsighted, mentally unstable, not very athletic
    Arsenal: three hunting knives and a lead pipe
    History (Before Apocalypse): Before the apocalypse, Alan was an accountant with a wife and child. He lived a happy life, with enough money to get by and afford some modest luxury. He had thought life was great, and then his son died, murdered on the steps of his friends church, located in a shady district pocked with gangs. Devastated at his son's death, Alan became obsessed with tearing the gang down from the bottom. Needing to hide his plans, he became rather reclusive and drawn from everyone. Scared for her husband's impending mental breakdown, she left him. In his quest for revenge he became extremely good at planning executions in multiple ways, factoring in every possibility and re-designing to make sure is operation went as smoothly as possible. He killed every member of that gang, from the bottom up, tortured every soul, shredded every body, destroyed any evidence. With his goal completed, he returned to his shattered life, though his unstable psyche remained.
    History (After Apocalypse): He refers to the apocalypse as 'When shit hit the fan'. Still extremely disturbed from the loss of his family, his mental condition only deteriorated more when the only friends he had left tried to eat him. His survival instincts kicked in and combined with his repressed psychotic urges. Using these mindsets, he survived on his own for a good month or two before the group found him starving to death in a basement. He returned to his normal mental state and has thus far managed to keep his 'dark side' under wraps, but he still occasionally sneaks off at night to capture a zombie and torture it to see if it feels pain. Around people, however, he seems like your average, timid person.

    How's that work?
  3. I really like Alan. His story scares the shit out of me, he scares the shit out me. ACCEPTED
  4. Yay! I was really going for the 'Secret Psychopath' feel with him. I think I did a pretty good job.
  5. WIP
    Name: Eric O'Hearn
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 176 LBS


    Outer Personality: Eric is stubborn in his ways. He can be a snob, and like other younger people, thinks that he is always right. He doesn't like to listen to advice and would rather go his own way.
    Inner Personality: Not much to say, other than he is actually scared of the Apocalypse. He's scared of dying, really.
    Arsenal: (Weapons, be realistic)
    History (Before Apocalypse):
    History (After Apocalypse):
  6. I like the pic.
  7. Name: (Formal)--Cpt. Briggs (Non-Formal)--Kevin A. Briggs

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6 feet, 0 inches

    Weight: 189 lbs


    Outer Personality: Enthusiastic, Optimistic, tranquil.

    Inner Personality: Ruthless, Cold and calculating, and doubtful.

    1. Technologically Adept
    2. Quick to react
    3. Weapons expert
    4. Physically fit
    5. Critical Thinker

    1. Mental Condition: Moderate
    2. Anemic
    3. Extremely imperious

    1. Baretta M9--16 Round clip, carries zero magazines
    2. Flashlight
    3. Hunting Knife

    History (Before Apocalypse): Kevin was a military man with a stellar service record among the U.S. Army. Back at home he was a father of a single daughter, and a husband to a gorgeous bride. While he was over seas, his daughter ran through college, as his wife supported him over a computer screen. Life was well, friends were close, and nothing posed a threat. After completing a vital operation, Briggs earned himself a week of shore leave. Little did he know that week would be Hell for him and his family.

    History (After Apocalypse): After the first month, his wife was the first casualty to his mentality. A week following was his own daughter when she came down with a heavy fever, and she didn't posses the strength to push on with him. She refused to turn, and refused to be a meal; in turn Briggs and her agreed to put her down. He shot her in the head once, then burned the body. The death of his family weighs heavily on Kevin like a cement shoes.

    He spends his time in a warehouse he's emptied out, fortified, and stocked with a small supply of rations and scavenged ammunition. He has a large enough stockpile to last him three months.... that was two and a half months ago.
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  8. Name:Robin Alvarez
    Age: 26
    Weight:145 lbs.
    Outer Personality: Silent as a faint ghost, Robin hardly ever reveals snippets of personal information and is rarely seen chattering to her heart's content. Her response to a group gathering invitation consist of a dry word one answer and a lazy nod. Her impassive personality trait often mislead others into thinking she is either withdrawn or in some occasions, a mute. However, if you're lucky enough, or possibly, if she regards you as a trustworthy ally (which is rare), Robin will eventually express her appreciation with subtle gestures (by opening up little by little). Thus, she carries an air of enigma wherever she'd go whether she intends to or not.
    She also appears as though she no longer cares about how long it'll take until they're finally caught. Heck, she'll even sacrifice herself as bait if needed be. 'I'd rather die in vain than live another gruesome day, killing without progress,' is her depressing mantra.

    Inner Personality: There's not much of a difference between her 'outer' personality and her 'inner' personality, but it's safe to assume some mysteries are better left unsolved. Obviously she's detached to the rest of humanity (or what's left of it) and has yet to learn what it truly means to participate in teamwork. She's a lone-wolf at heart and probably will always be one. Although, there's a slight eerie aura emitting off of her whenever she's deeply preoccupied in her own irrational thoughts. Due to a small voice screaming at the back of her head, Robin is often mentally paranoid and nervous. Over thinking will only lead to horrible panic attacks and in some drastic cases, she could faint. Yet she manages to maintain an inexpressive demeanor on the outside. She may not be aware of the mumblings and sheer gasps, but her companions might catch a few strange phrases coming out of her mouth from time-to-time. Such phrases include; 'Your skin is flawless, I'd like to peel it off.' to a dying civilian.
    Although, if there's something sickeningly off about Robin, it's the fact that she tends to smile subconsciously to herself after seeing death; be it to an undead or a fellow human.
    She's not always confident with the decisions she makes for herself, but like hell she'd let anyone know that.
    - Patience | Focus -
    In spite of encountering bloodbath day in and day out, Robin's willpower is unbreakable, that even after witnessing others getting devoured she can keep her concentration and not react emotionally until she is alone. It's as if she isn't affected by the deaths at all, but in reality, she really just want to bawl her eyes out of their sockets. If it weren't for the thought of enduring emotional and mental pain, Robin might've already snapped. Her calmness can be both scary and reassuring.
    - Invisibility -
    You won't even know she's there unless she speaks. The sound of her breathing is almost too inaudible.

    - Acrobatics | Balance -
    During dire of times and fleeing from attacks, Robin undergo a training session alone and acquired hardcore skills having to do with hand-to-hand combat (although rendered useless when surrounded), jumping across a steep area from a stationary position, walking on a precarious surface quicker than the normal pace, and being precisely quick on her feet.


    - Absentminded -

    It isn't because she's easily distracted, but Robin has a tendency to become unaware of her immediate surroundings when deeply in thought; which includes the need to pee, hunger, and 'oh look there's a flower, how rare'.
    - Lack of Ambition -
    Other than struggling to survive and live another day, Robin doesn't work for success - she dives in out of instincts. Nothing more, nothing less. Slicing corpses apart with a clean cut is her speciality~

    - Temperamental -

    If it isn't obvious, Robin is prone to anger and when unable to contain her mixed emotions, all hell breaks loose. Although, it rarely happens so there's nothing to worry about - unless you step on the wrong foot.

    - Small Bladder -
    It runs in the family. Her dead mother suffered with the same fate herself, Robin just so happens to inherit the unlucky trait. Considering this fact, it will certainly not be a surprise to see her squirming uncomfortably with both legs crossed and two hands clutching her groin. It's not a pretty picture to imagine, especially while she's busy fending off the infected.

    Arsenal: She carries a silver pistol she stole from a dead armed man in desperation and a small sharp blade.

    History (Before Apocalypse):

    Born and raised to two overprotective parents, Robin was spoiled down to the core and anything she ever desired to have, was hers to cherish the very next morning. Despite her inability to quickly make friends or having little to no clue on how to comfort others in pain, Robin's life was pure bliss. Thus unlike those who struggled to get by each day, Robin barely lifted a finger or put enough effort in anything she did. Mommy and daddy knew what was best for her anyway, why bother trying?
    She was blinded by love and affection, which led to series of misunderstanding when confronted by others (sometimes out of jealousy). She couldn't - and still cannot, relate to the horrors unfortunate children experienced throughout their lives growing up.
    Long before the apocalypse, she was slightly more. . . vibrant(?) in her teenage years and growing up to become a successful woman never brought so much tears to her mother's eyes. Robin pass through years of high school with flying colors and had yet to decide what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Life was practically planned for her before she was even born. So, she mindlessly followed behind her parents' footsteps and choose to take on their career as a future psychiatrist. The stress, migraines, and work were overwhelming, but Robin never ceased to shine through all the odds. She wanted to do everything in her power to repay her parents for all their hard work sheltering her. However, her lack of interest in the medical fields soon caught up to her. Sure, she had enough experience to convince a passable act and assure her parents that her future wasn't in jeopardy, but she knew the lies will eventually surface.
    History (After Apocalypse):
    Robin can barely remember the happy times shared with her beloved family and trying hard to make out their faces even in her dreams only brought painful headaches. She was on her way back home from medical school when the announcement of some sort of infection spreading like wildfire hit the radio that afternoon. At first she was skeptical, unsure of how to react to such intense words, but what she encountered next changed everything.
    After witnessing a corpse like man devouring her screaming mother's flesh, a paled Robin mourned deeply. Her father's body was nowhere to be found and she couldn't imagine the horrors that happened prior to her arrival. Shocked, Robin couldn't do much but watch dumbfounded by the sidelines.
    Once recovering from the initial shock, Robin finally took action and ran for her life. She bawled, went on a rampage, and before heading out alone in search of other survivors, Robin hastily lit a match, flung it outside her precious home and watched the flames eat all the remaining undead inside. On that day, something in her snapped and things went downhill from there. All she ever had were her parents, now that they were both eatenRobin no longer had a purpose. . . .Gone was the girl who believed life couldn't get anymore predictable.
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  9. Show Spoiler


    Name: Lexi Caine
    Age: 28
    Gender: female
    Height: tall
    Weight: slender side of average
    Appearance: Pic plus below
    Contrary to the image, her brown hair is usually up in a ponytail. However, her bangs usually stay right where they are in the image, covering the left side of her face.
    The left side of her face is scarred up pretty bad. She had someone sew an eye patch over her useless left eye. Catching a glimpse of a scar on her is pretty normal, especially on her left side. Along with the tattoo clearly visible on her arm, she has a few others. A set of black angel wings on her back, a skull and crossbone just barely out of sight on her right hip, the name “Alexa” tattooed on the underside of her right wrist, and a rose vine twisted around her left ankle.
    She wears her red tshirt tucked into her pants, so as not to snag on anything while shes moving. Her pants themselves are black cargos that she keeps the bottom of tucked into a sturdy pair of hiking boots. She has two Desert Eagles holstered at her hips. The scabbard for her sword is on her back. Has a handy dandy backpack she keeps with her. Its black.
    The only thing that really makes them look alike is their faces( minus Lexi’s scarring) and builds, which are are near identical copies of the other, However, they have different heights, weight, and colors of hair and eyes.

    Outer Personality:
    Very much a believer of actions speaking louder than words. Not exactly the most friendly, but won’t go for your throat unless its, in her own opinion, necessary. But at the same time, she’s willing to do just about anything for she and her sisters survival. Replies to betrayal with a bullet to where the sun don’t shine, gender be damned. Can be ruthless. Doesn't do the mushy gushy crap. She started hiding her innermost feelings a long time ago. Dosn’t sleep well. Dosn’t let anyone or anything bother her. Is massively protective of Alexa.

    Inner Personality:
    She believes that they are honest to god, screwed. But she doesn't want to stop at least trying. Hates killing, but realizes that if she doesn't do it, then her sister has to and she doesn't want to put Alexa through it. She thinks she’s less than a human being. Gets depressed but covers it up with anger. Has nightmares from her time as a prostitute.

    Aim, but only if the gun is in her right hand, she cant aim with the left worth crap.
    She can fight, one way or another, and she aint afraid of fighting dirty-> Fights really well with sister, they coordinate near mutely.
    Will kill someone, with or without a pulse, without a pause.
    Thinks on her feet.

    Blind in her left eye
    Can be a little reckless.
    Only has up to an eighth grade education
    Not all that great with people
    Flinches when guys try to touch her, even if it’s just a friendly pat on the back
    Her sister

    Arsenal: Two Desert Eagle handguns and the sword from the image (part of a pair)

    History (Before Apocalypse):
    Lexi grew up in the slums of society. At first, this was okay, because she had loving parents and the sweetest little sister. So she couldn’t have an ipod, big whoop! They all lived through the drive by shooting on their street that morning. They continued that happy enough existence for a while. Then one of those drive by shootings hit someone important, her mother. Lexi and Alexa, her younger twin sister, were 14 at the time.

    After the funeral, her dad started to fall apart. That poor but happy home life she’d had up to that point crumbled. She began to skip school, looking for work that’d hire a 14 year old girl. Needless to say, the only luck she had was not wanted. She kept looking, but about six months later, her dad lost his job. In fear of the threat of starvation, Lexi did what she had to for her family. It was surprising how much business a 14 year old could get for hiring her body out. Lexi took to learning other ways of making money, mainly pickpocketing, which eventually graduated up to full on theft. As soon as she thought she could make enough, she gave in to her sisters pleas and quit selling herself and switched over to thievery full time.

    This approach worked for a couple of years, and in those couple of years, she learned the streets and how to start running them better than she ever had before. But at the end of those couple of years, her dad had a bad run in with the wrong guy at the wrong time. The next morning he was found dead in a ditch. A week later, Lexi got her first arrest. She spent six months in juvy before she was let back out.

    While she was in, her sister had taken up her bad habits of breaking and entering, stealing, and the like. After that, the two sisters ran the streets together, All they had where their backpacks and thats all they kept on them. With both of them working on it, their acts started to develop even further.

    At 18, they found themselves in a gang. They ran with the gang for a while, said gangs activities. Things were good for about four years. Lexi lost her eye in that period of time. After those four years, the gang started to get even more violent. Lexi killed her first man at 25. After that, Lexi pulled Alexa away in the middle of the night and they ran.

    They couldn't get away from the state, they didn't have enough money. But they tried to avoid run ins with the gangs as much as possible. They both even managed to get a job, until Lexi punched the manager in the nose and tried to bash his brains out against his desk after walking in and finding a drugged Alexa being fondled by said manager. The manager called the cops and Lexi found herself behind bars with three years worth of time from some of ehr recorded charged and the assault on the manager. She got out a week before the infection reached their knick of the woods.

    History (After Apocalypse):
    When everything first started, Lexi had just gotten out of prison the week before. Well, when people started trying to eat her, she figured something was up, and so she found herself up front of a gun store at 2 o’clock the next morning instead of getting food like ALexa told her to.. She wasn’t the only one with the idea of getting armed. A crowd of would be thieves where there, fights broke out, Blood was spilled, people died. The undead were attracted. Needless to say, not many survived the night. Lexi herself just barely survived enough to get in, grab a couple of guns for her and sister,and some of the correlating amo, and get out. She got a nifty new scar down her arm from the experience.

    On her run away from the blood fest of the gun store, she ducked into another store without thinking, hiding in the storage room in the back from the mass of chaos on the streets. That’s where she found her sword, it was one of a pair, the other blade she gave to her twin sister.

    When she finally drug herself home, she found Alexa waiting with a thrown together med kit. It wasn't hard to see the disappointment in the younger girls eyes when she noticed the lack of food. However, Lexis sister didn't complain. As they were getting ready to leave, Lexi saw the man driving the truck full of food. Without a thought, she took aim and fired. Her mind was settling back into survival mode. She pulled the man from the truck and shot him again, the second time killing him. Without another word, she took the truck, full tank of gas and the large quantity of food and all before taking her and her sister the hell out of dodge.
  10. Name: Alexa
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 160
    Show Spoiler
    Outer Personality: Friendly, Confidant, Tough
    Inner Personality: Not much difference other then she sometimes overly thinks things.
    Strengths: street fighting, stealth, Charisma, Partner fighting (with sister)
    Weaknesses: Shoot to kill, Worrying over her sister, Hesitation
    Arsenal(Weapons, be realistic): Sword and two handguns given to her from her sister.
    History (Before Apocalypse):
    Alexa grew up in the slums of society. At first, this was okay, because she had loving parents and the coolest older sister. So she couldn’t have a cell phone, big whoop! They all lived through the drive by shooting on their street that morning. They continued that happy enough existence for a while. Then one of those drive by shootings hit someone important, her mother. Alexa and Lexi, her older twin sister, were 14 at the time. After the funeral, her dad started to fall apart. While her sister disappeared during the day, ALex went to school and took care of things at home. Sometime she wondered where her sister went, but when the other girl started to bring money home, she stopped asking questions, figuring her sister had gotten a job.
    It wasn't until a year later, when she found out Lexi had been working as a prostitute. After finding out, Alexa immediately began to find reasons to keep her sister home
    Often times, failing more than succeeding. Three months later, her pleas finally worked after she caught Lexi cutting her wrist in the bathroom. Lexi started to steal instead of sell sex. Life seemed to get better, until that stealing landed her sister in juvy and she was stuck on her own for six months. During those six months, ALexa began to resort to the same measures as Lexi did. She began to pickpocket and steal of course being careful not to get caught like her sister, she waited and went for the more easier of people to steal from. After Lexi got out, the girls ditched their house and ran from the authorities as they began to work the streets as a team. They didn't have a permanent residence, often they found themselves under bridges, or hitting up abandoned buildings or parks to stay the night. Things stayed like this until they were 18, after which, Alexa met some friends and her and her sister joined the same gang as her new friends. Things were great for awhile. Well, until Lexi lost her eyes at 18. It was at that moment that Alexa decided that no one else in the world mattered. She began to put all of her effort into keeping her sister OUT of trouble. She gave up on the idea of love, at least for awhile. The only thing she wanted was her and her sister to become safe. She began to bug her sister about quitting the gang. It wasn’t until Lexi killed someone that she finally caved and listened to Alexa’s wishes. They ran that night.
    Alexa eventually managed to get both she and her sister a job and things again began to look up. Until one day she went back to have a drink with the manager and the creep drugged her. Things went from terrible to worse when her sister got put away in the big house for three years.
    During those three years, Alexa managed to find another job. While she had that job, she worked the streets at night, rising gang territory every now and then, but slipping away undetected. Two and a years passed with her collecting as much money as she could. Finally, she was able to hire a lawyer and sue the man who’d drugged her. Her sister was finally let out of jail two months before the last of the money was to be given to Alexa. But of course, she never saw the ten thousand left from the twenty thousand.
    History (After Apocalypse):
    After watching, then beating someone, who tries to eat Lexi. The two girls made a plan. They split up and started to set out to find supplies. Alexa, was supposed to be in charge of medical supplies while Lexi was supposed to bring home food. Alexa did manage to get a sort of med kit together, but Lexi brought home weapons instead of food. Or so ALexa thought until both sisters left the house. They started to walk down the road when Lexi spotted a truck, the bed piled high with food. Alexa turned and was about to point it out when a shot rang through the air. The man behind the wheel swerved as he slumped against the seat of the vehicle. Alexa watched, nearly open mouthed as her sister pulled the bleeding, but still alive man from the wheel and shot him again in the head before she tossed the body aside. After that, they took the truck and left town, trying to get as far away from the infected people as possible. Neither sister brought it up. It was the second man Lexi killed, but the first time Alexa had seen her do it. They’ve been surviving since.
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  11. All of the Characters are Accepted.
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