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    A few hundred years after the zombie apocalypse hit and the nuclear bombs to destroy the zombies. However it didn't destroy all of them and messed up there world. Most humans had gotten off and on to a space ship. Now they have sent a team back to investigate the land to see if it is able to live on again. What they don't know is that it has been able to live on for years. Back on the planet is green an lush and full of odd animals new species. Also humans they had sent ten years earlier well criminals they thought to be dead.

    What they don't know is a group of rogues/ criminals had snuck on the landing air craft and now are trying to make it in the new world. The criminals escape and run into a few criminals who had been sent earlier to die.

    They seemed like they did die, but they we're still alive just decommissioned there trackers. Now the new group must survive the new world and the Rogues that know the forest like the back of there hand.


    The Crew was landing and the put on their air masks. They had been sent from The Basic or the mother ship which held the rest of the world's population. For the world had been in habitable after the nuclear bombs destroyed everything and everyone. They had gone into space and sent their criminals to be floated and or down to the world below. However none made it as far as they know. Now they wish to try with guinea pigs.

    Those in the Ship had been carefully selected for their jobs and to go make sure the coast is clear. However now their are criminals aboard following their leaders orders to come down. The ship had finally entered the atmosphere and bumped along as the made its way to the ground.

    Those that had been living on earth saw the ship coming down. Olivia the head of the Grounders looked at it."Heir coming, make sure to greet them with a warm welcome we have men on board so don't kill any one just scares them and do not show your faces. they must know they are not alone on this planet which is now ours." She said to her second in command (@Gorgeous♠Chaos ). Olivia however didn't know her brother was on the ship.

    Zack sat in his seat as the aircraft bumped around him. He could feel them reentering earth's atmosphere. He was curious to see what it looked like back on his home world he hoped it was okay.

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  2. (The 100. Nice touch)

    Marcus sat in his seat, strapped in securely as the ship bounced and lurched as it entered the atmosphere. He clung tight to his M4 as the ship jerks. Knowing how blinding the light outside would be, he keeps his eyes down. No way was he going to look at the fire raging outside the windows as the ablative coating on the nose of the ship burned up on reentry. Hopefully the guys on the Ground don't mistake for one of the "colonists" and shoot my ass on sight. That would be a shitty way to go.

    He looks at the people around him, and makes eye contact with the other Rogues on the ship. They were all "undercover", and all armed to the teeth. He nods to them, and waits for the ship to slam down.

    This is not going to be an easy landing. Pretty sure we lost our stabilizers in our descent.
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  3. Focusing on the controls Igraine set the craft down gently, despite the hic-ups made earlier upon entry to the atmosphere. So she was nervous this was her first time landing on a planet that they knew they didn't have to wear suits on. Quickly composing herself she looked over at the crew and smiled as she unstrapped. She stood up and waited for everyone's attention and said "Welcome to Earth. Why don't we see what we have waiting for us? Get your gear and meet at the bay door in 5." She went off to her cabin and grabbed her pack with all her gear in it and headed to the meeting place. Seeing Zack she stopped "You okay? I know this is a big deal for you. Let me know if you need anything. Okay?"
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  4. Skylar

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    "So anyway!", continued Skylar after a round of a laughter. "She totally bought it and went for it! Just ridiculous!" The male that sat close to her on the rock, bit into the fruit he obtained. "I believe ya. I just don't believe the amount of stupidity that is involved." Skylar wiped sweat off her forehead and took the wrench, swaying it toward the guy. "Oh then you have seen and heard nothing yet! Gotta shit ton of those." She chuckled and turned the screw more to make sure it is firmly in it's place. Even though she haven't been using it for days, she never missed out on taking care of the motorcycle simply out of boredom. In the periods of calm there was not much to do anyway. "There we go." She tapped the wheel. "All set!" She got up and slapped the dirt of her worn out jeans. "Just to cover it up again eh?" The guy asked and Skylar shrugged. "Eh well, would love to ride it a bit, but I can't really hope to find any oil around here and we might as well need it for something smarter than that." He nodded.

    Spending a lot of time on the Earth didn't necessarily mean she was the one to hop into the first capable survival group and not worrying about a thing. The group wasn't as bad, they were taking things more than seriously and the leader was on the spot she should have been. But before she was able to swallow the group life, she preferred figuring out how to manage things on her own, in order to be a functional part of the team. Even though that owning a bike sounded like a ridiculous idea, her mechanical skills worked out in making it a useful addition, mainly for scouting, hunting or distraction. Not to mention she was in love with it more than it was healthy and, you could say, a little bit overprotective. As she flipped the military cover over it, the male got up and threw the remains of fruit aside. "Well! I will leave you two alone. Do behave." Skylar chuckled. "And where the hell are you going?" In a response, she received a simple wave and she shook her head before shouting out. "Don't let the bugs bite... I'm serious! They are god damn pests! Eh..." She sat back to the ground, spreading her tools around like a kid completing the puzzle. She whistled as she cleaned each of them. She listened voices from the rest of the group that was nearby, though she hardly paid any attention to the topic itself.​
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  5. Samuel had already been abandoned to this land a good time ago, those whom were expendable or a waste of space abandoned by those he had hoped for support his mind far more frayed from the terrors of battle than what once was, he had been abandoned by those he believed bretherin and had fallen in under a new strong leader, Samuel was just a petty soldier with a large amount of experience with creating explosives, with the time he had been here he had begun improvising explosives from what he could scavenge and salvage from what remained in this world after it had been reduced to nothing but ash and returned to the state it was now in.

    The commander said they would soon have more comrades and that would mean they would have a stronger more coherent unit, for now he would watch and wait as the glow of a craft burning into atmosphere simmered its way through the sky, such a thing carried significant risk should any of the plating fail those inside would be cooked alive though for now he wondered if those that were not those selected to become their bretherin would even be worth surviving touch down with the terrors they would face in the forests of this new land.

    Samuel awaited his leaders orders, he would follow unto death like a soldier should...

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  6. Marcus jolts as the ship lands, none too gently. At least we didn't roll. The drop ramp lowers, and he rushes out, his M4 up and ready to fire. What he sees takes his breath away.

    He turns around and around, looking up at the clearing in awe. The sky is a perfect azure blue. White clouds race across the sky. The trees tower above him, their trunks as wide as the drop ship is around. The leaves on the trees rustle in a slight breeze, green-tinted light from the sun above filtering down through the tree tops.

    Small animals scamper from branch to branch, while larger ones stalk the Earth.

    It's beautiful.