Apocalyptic War RP [16+/Advanced]

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  1. Since my last partner for this abandoned me...

    About Me
    I'm dually enrolled in a collegiate high school
    I have high school and college homework every day
    I'm 16 and prefer to roleplay with someone 16 or older
    I write semi-novella paragraphs (Around 4-7)
    Either busy or tired
    I am selective with my partners, therefore, if I state that I don't think our writing styles will clash well, don't get offended. I have writing styles that I enjoy reading and others I don't.

    Be capable of writing three or more full paragraphs with little to no fluff
    Be capable of handling most triggers as my roleplays tend to have most
    Be aggressive, be collaborative, incorporate your ideas into the roleplay and plot discussion
    Be capable of creating and/or controlling NPCs
    Realistic pictures for characters
    Advance the plot forward. Don't be overly passive in playing style!
    Grammar and spelling, as well as proper punctuation are stressed. I don't want to see obvious errors.
    Be capable of carrying out full scenarios. We can discuss further on this through PM, like who ends first scene, etc.

    Roleplay Concept
    Military themed, Post Apocalyptic, Near Future Genre
    Drama, Romance, and Adventure
    Many relationships formed
    Kidnapping and Torture, Deception and Betrayal
    Character Death, Tragic Events
    Dark and Gritty future Earth with Blood and Violence
    A LOT of NPCs and more than one main character (most likely two)
    A LOT of interpersonal conflicts
    Children hospitalized, children suffering
    CSI Agents, Army Peeps
    Men and Women with Tragic Pasts
    Sandbox Style
    Character Driven Story
    Apocalyptic cities we'll travel to
    Story Inspiration
    Al Qaeda, Chinese Diplomats, Russian Government
    Government Controlled Places

    I've given my very vague roleplay concept/idea. This will definitely require ADVANCED level, perhaps someone who can orchestrate subplots as well, but that's not necessary, although the roleplay may feel more alive that way because we're playing more than one "main" character so to speak. Our attention will be around us, not just on our own characters. If you're interested, let me know down below!


    My Characters: Rebecca Clark [Rebel], Jia Li [Assassin], Joseph Peterson [Homicide Detective]
    • My Secondary PCs are Catherine White [CIA], Katia Holmes [Rebel], Luke Porter [Rebel], Nathan Harrison [Army General]
    Good: New York, Singapore, Toronto

    Neutral: Moscow, Taipei

    Bad: Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai

    Out-of-System: Tokyo

    • The Rebels were formed in New York. They have a militaristic style of combat and order.
    • Russia is a dictatorship communist like country
    • Bad and good countries are both fighting to get Russia on their side
    • The story is character driven
    • Main theme is survival, main genres are post-apocalyptic and drama
    • Dubai's set of bad guys are the Al Qaeda- They just want everyone who isn't them dead.
    • Science fiction elements
    • Singapore is with New York, fighting China to help claim Tokyo
    • Bad and good countries are trying to claim Tokyo
    • Radiation plays a part in the plot but not a big one
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  2. Still searching for a partner for this!
  3. Still searching for a partner! Anyone interested? I'd prefer to put the roleplay in email (after having enough threads on here).
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  4. Since this is currently under planning, it is therefore currently not available. Thank you to those who took a look at the concept and found interest! :)
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